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  1. If you think so, np. But you might have missed the discussions about 4.13
  2. It doesn't matter, it's an unused flag among many others. The problem is not the flag but the users 🙃
  3. One needs to got to know a manager, thats the point. The better the more miracle things can be done. For this reason, stick with one and beware of the debates.
  4. Exactly, MO makes this really easy. Same build but complete different game. Works well on followers. One setup mage, the other melee.
  5. A profile traces the mod, changing this changes for all. You can make mods with the output generated and activate, deactivate. Like "Bodyslide mod for skinny" , "bs mod for curvy" In there would be all clothing stuff and actor builds as well as hdt.xml. This can be activated, deactivated in profiles. There is no need to reinstall.
  6. Bad, missing eyemesh of follower e.g. This things ctd on los. When this reflection stuff starts. Had this once.
  7. She took out the insult to Arthmoor. Glad she did this.
  8. You still can get it. On another place. If the owner of the place decides every ball on my place belongs now to me ! Then it's understandable, if someone decides, not with my ball.
  9. I post vids myself. However, as long as those are in a spoiler, it does not slow down the loading of the page. At least for me. To have people to obey the spoiler usage, just remove the picture walls, as soon as more than one picture has been posted. Another point to mention, ,ots of pics are in png format. Open it in windows paint and save as jpeg. This drastcally reduces the size and loading time.
  10. I could remove the FE flag, form 44 doesn't matter.
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