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Arousal Based Breast Adjuster for SE (ABBA) 5.4.2

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About This File

A Mod for SSE that changes your character's (and NPC's) Breast shape and other things based on their arousal level.


NB: you will need recent updates for BodySlide and RaceMenu that add support for body morphs. In addition to this you need to tick "build tri morphs" when building outfits/bodys


I wanted to make this mod as I couldn't find one that did this in a simple way without lots of other stuff going on. ABBA now has a lot of stuff going on!


Added a voice pack which works like any other sexlab voice pack and should work in Oldrim too


NB: Needless to say if you have any other mod running that changes your body shape then you might need to use an inflation framework mod like SLIF which this mod supports.


I wouldn't recommend using this mod if you are using an advanced body like "3BA" or "CBBE 3BBB" or any armour/clothing mods that use "3BBB" breast nodes. The reason for this is that when the body is morphed in-game via racemenu with these extra breast nodes SMP physics can get messed up and even lead to the game locking up or CTD.


Regarding physics I recommend using HDT SMP as CBP and CBPC  rely on "body shape specific" config files and any ABBA morphs that deviate significantly from this will make physics look very strange indeed.


Thanks to Kimy for the help getting this off the ground and the folks who made the sexlab/aroused/bodyslide/racemenu mods.



As of ABBA outfit 4.0 depending on what other mods you are running you might need to increase the number of Body overlays in Racemenu's skee64.ini to have the effects work as intended.

Requires running FNIS for users after installing or updating



Racemenu SE

Sexlab SE
Sexlab Aroused Redux SE


For CBBE abba outfit:

Heels Sound (there is now a non heels sound version of the esp in the installer)




Fuz Ro D-oh as of version 1.6+

The Ordinary Women

Fair Skin Complexion





All of the above

The ZAZ guys for some mod assets

Srende (FHU) - For code ideas

Ousnius for looking at my code

All the folks that use my mod and have contributed ideas or spotted bugs, thanks!

Monoman1's "Spank that Ass" for Nioverride code ideas

The Godess Dibella!


Suggestions (My other mods that work with nice synergy):





Known Issues:


There is an issue with "Rigmor of Cyrodil" (ABBA shout sounds & the Rigmor shout voice firing at the same time). I found the cause and the author of ROC will be fixing it in the next update.

PM me if you want details on how to fix it yourself.



One thing I should add about this mod. It checks for a few things before applying any changes: changes to arousal level/whether the character has an armour item removed (if that is enabled) etc. So if you load it up and nothing happened for a while it could be that nothing has changed that deems a morph on your character or npcs. You can test it by setting the increase arousal keybind and spamming it for a while. Enjoy!


Notes on editing the slider profile json files and a slider usage reference:


To use the 3 custom MCM options edit SliderProfile2, 3 or 4 with your desired Slider names etc.
If you edit one of these files while it is selected in the MCM then you will need to change to another Slider Set Type and then change back to see the changes.

Note that in the SliderProfile1.json or "UNP" option there are a few sliders in there that unp doesn't use. I just renamed the ones that have sliders that correspond to the default CBBE SE ones and disabled the unused ones by setting the value to "". You can rename the unused ones to other sliders to suit your taste.

Also note that if you edit these files be sure to back your edits up before updating ABBA in future as they will be overwriten.

Options are:

abbamorphoptiontitle: This is the title that will show in the option select MCM dialogue

abbamorphslider0 - 29: These are the 30 actual slider names defined in the tri files  (NB when changing these look for your options in outfit studio and NOT in BodySlide as those can be renamed and misleading.). Note that if you set any of these values to "" then ABBA will skip this slider, useful if you only want to use a couple sliders or are running Skyrim on a mouldy old Potato!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, be very careful when editing these files as one misplaced or missing comma will break the whole thing. So make sure you keep the formatting. You CANNOT add more strings or integers as ABBA will only use the ones defined here.

A very useful website for checking your formatting: https://jsonlint.com/


Slider usage reference:

################# breasts mcm page ###################
        "abbamorphslider0" : "Breasts",
        "abbamorphslider1" : "BreastsNewSH",
        "abbamorphslider2" : "DoubleMelon",
        "abbamorphslider3" : "BreastsFantasy",
        "abbamorphslider4" : "BreastWidth",
        "abbamorphslider5" : "BreastGravity2",
        "abbamorphslider6" : "PushUp",              ; armor factor
        "abbamorphslider7" : "BreastsTogether",     ; armor factor
        "abbamorphslider8" : "BreastCleavage",      ; armor factor
################## butt mcm page #####################
(these 4 are affected by the Lewd Panties effect from abba outfit)        
        "abbamorphslider9" : "Butt",
        "abbamorphslider10" : "BigButt",
        "abbamorphslider11" : "HipBone",
        "abbamorphslider12" : "Thighs",
################# extra mcm page #####################
        "abbamorphslider13" : "",
        "abbamorphslider14" : "",
        "abbamorphslider15" : "",
        "abbamorphslider16" : "",
        "abbamorphslider17" : "",
        "abbamorphslider18" : "",                    ; extra armor factor
        "abbamorphslider19" : "",                    ; extra armor factor
################# nipples mcm page ###################
(these are affected by the clear nipple morphs armor factor option when enabled)

Note: Any of these with the "AreolaSize" slider name will be ignored by clear nipple morphs. This is because it's a UV morph and won't cause clipping.
        "abbamorphslider20" : "NippleSize",
        "abbamorphslider21" : "NippleLength",
        "abbamorphslider22" : "AreolaSize",          ; ignored by clear nipple morphs due to the name "AreolaSize"
        "abbamorphslider23" : "NipplePerkManga",
        "abbamorphslider24" : "NipplePerkiness",
        "abbamorphslider25" : "NippleManga",
################# pussy mcm page #####################
        "abbamorphslider26" : "Innieoutie",           ; InnieOutie adjust toggle. Note: the toggle is auto disabled in the mcm if using a diferent slider name here.
        "abbamorphslider27" : "OpenPussy",
        "abbamorphslider28" : "LabiaPuffyness",
        "abbamorphslider29" : "Clit"


User submitted Slider Profiles:


@yenomad209's profile for CBBE + TBD in tandom HERE


Notes on translating using the /interface/translations files:


please be aware of the formatting for these files.


Example line from ABBA_English.txt:
$ABBA_SETTINGS    Settings


the 1st part of the line must not change eg:


the 2nd part of the line which will be translated in the other files must be separated by a single tab (not space) eg:


So for the above example if I want to translate the line to French I would open the ABBA_French.txt file and for this line it would become this:
$ABBA_SETTINGS    réglages


Remember the gap between $ABBA_SETTINGS and réglages must be a single tab and not a space. You also must not use tabs as spaces in the translation text.


There is a tool which you can use to quickly translate the whole file available on nexus.
Bear in mind that this tool is not the simplest and will require a bit of reading to understand. The api that it uses require payment too in some cases and since it is machine translation it can end up being gobbledegook! I would recommend doing it methodically line by line. Slow and tedious but you will end up with a better result.





If you like ABBA and would like to support me and my modding endeavours you can now buy me a coffee!


What's New in Version 5.4.2


Added: Temporary new file "Diva Dress [SMP]" Get it while it's here as it will be removed within the week.

This is an outfit I was thinking of adding to abba outfit but thought I'd upload it as a "standalone" thing for folk to test out. It's basically a "Marilyn Monroe"  '50s style black dress that defies gravity for your enjoyment! Let me know what you think :)

The original mesh and textures are by a daz 3d artist named Amaranth.


New Feature: "Armor Factor Excluded" items will now be added to a formlist which gets exported to file (SKSE\Plugins\ABBA\ABBA_AFRItems.json) when the MCM is closed if the list was changed.

This file will be imported if detected when the mod is installed or updated.

The idea here is that all "Armor Factor Excluded" choices will be persistent when you start a new game or update the mod as long as those items are still present in your load order.

Sadly the items that you made "Armor Factor Excluded" before this update will be ignored. I tried to figure out a way to import these items in a performance friendly way but couldn't so those values will be cleared from your save.



bug fix: fixed a script error, increase/decrease arousal with immediate morphs enabled will now work as intended.



This update is focused on customizability and was a fair amount of work, I hope folk appreciate the effort!


Added: New MCM page "Reverse" which adds toggle options to reverse all sliders. these options will be stored in the profile.json file and defaults are included in the updated abba-defaults.json file. In SE only 2 of these default to true, for LE it's 3 of them. The 3 reverse options in the slider profile json files are now depreciated and won't be used. I removed them from the included default files but it won't hurt if you have custom files that still include them.

Changed: All sliders can now have negative values in the "maximum" column, range for most of them is now (-2.0 to 2,0).


NPC rng has been changed to use percentage values ranging from 0% to 400%


How NPC rng works:

Example: If you have your Maximum breast value set to 0.7 and then set NPC rng to 50% the relevant generated rng values will be a float between 0.35 and 1.05

At 200% the float will be between -0.7 and 2.1

Similarly if you have a negative value set like -0.7 At 50% the relevant generated rng values will be a float between -0.35 and -1.05


At 0% there would be no change and npcs will use the standard slider values.


NB: After changing these % values or any other morph sliders you should click "reset RNG" to regenerate the values when using rng morphs for NPCs.


I'd advise cleaning your save if updating from a version prior to 5.2.2 as some scripts have been removed.

As always, remember to backup your /SKSE/Plugins/ABBA/ json files before updating if you have modified them


Have fun and please do let me know if you find any problems or suggestions for improvements/features. I try to fix bugs when people come across them but please try to make sure it's an issue with this mod before posting. Thanks :)


As of 4.2 ABBA does not include a body.

ABBA body is now an option in ABBA outfit.


NB as of ABBA 4.0 if you have ABBA outfit installed you need to update it to 4.0+ or you will be missing out and earlier versions could cause errors.


Click this spoiler for detailed changes to ABBA:



Sexlab monitoring was improved. I added a hidden script with a single global function. This should help with the following:

SLSO orgasms will trigger adjustments but there will be a 1 second delay to let SLA update arousal first.

Player adjustment is delayed by 4 seconds after animation end to allow for re-equiping armor.


ABBA Outfit Updated to 5.1 (google drive link below the abba details & changelog in the spoiler)



Fixed: Armor factor now recognises body armor that has slot 52 added by SOS (thanks to @Monoman1 for the help)
Bug fix: Dialogue script with guard/jarl after killing the dragon had wrong function parameters
Various small changes/improvements made to the scripts and mcm



Fixed: Edited some of the mcm help text mainly to reflect recent changes.

Fixed: Messagebox about npc rng values being generated was popping up twice on starting a new game, now fixed.

Added MCM option: "Load ABBA Defaults" which loads all mcm settings from "skse/plugins/abba-defaults.json" and then instructs papyrusutil to write these settings to skse/plugins/abba/Profile.json (NB this file will not be changed unless you save your game). I decided to make this option load from json so folk can make custom default settings. The "abba-defaults.json" that comes with the mod uses the settings you would have on 1st install with no "profile.json" in place.



Note: This is the 1st update since my system had a meltdown a few weeks ago so I might have forgotten some minor changes I made beforehand.

Added an event listener for sexlab animation end: ABBA will now check for adjustments based on arousal/state of dress at this point if "ABBA Sexlab Stages" is enabled in the MCM. This option currently listens for stage start, SLSO orgasm and now the animation end event. I need to update the mcm help text for this at some point.

Added: "Extra Armor Factor" slider toggle. You can now optionaly enable 2 more armor factor sliders in the MCM. These will adjust the last 2 sliders in the "Extra" page (sliders 18 and 19). The idea being that you can add/change them by editing an skse/plugins/abba json file. They will appear if you enable this toggle in the armor factor page.

Fix: removed check for the po3 extender skse plugin as this is no longer required for abba.



Added: New options in the Armor Factor MCM page, Armor items occupying your chosen armor factor slots will be listed for the player and sexlab selected actor (selected using the "n" key by default). When these items are toggled on, ABBA armor factor will be disabled for this item. Bear in mind that if multiple items are listed for a character (for example main armor and a bra) worn items in these slots that are not toggled on will still trigger armor factor even if other items are toggled on.

When you close the MCM after making changes to these items, ABBA will update morphs for these characters.


Note: I've tested this out but would appreciate feedback if there are any issues :)



Added: Multi Language support. Note that the language files are just copies of the ABBA_ENGLISH.txt file allowing for translation of most of the MCM text.



Added: MCM menu select options for number of incrememental sliders.
Removed: toggle for incremental extra sliders as it's included in the above.

Removed: PO3 extender requirement
Moved most nioverride related functions to hidden utility scripts.
The main script now sends a modevent for morphs improving script efficiency (especially when incremental morphs are enabled).
I'd advise cleaning your save after this update as some scripts have been removed.

As always, remember to backup your /SKSE/Plugins/ABBA/ json files before updating if you have modified them



Added MCM option in the Extras page: Incremental morphs for "extra sliders". I added this (defaulting to off) as I noticed pretty noticable frame drops when using some sliders. Effectively, enabling this increases the number of sliders that change in increments from 13 to 20. Note: this is only relevant when using incremental inflation in the main settings (and extra sliders of course) otherwise it won't make a diference. If you use SLIF you can ignore this too.

Bugfix: the tracked stats event wasn't firing for learning words 2 and 3 of the ABBA shout in some circumstances.


28/05/2020: ABBA outfit updated to 5.0.3



Fixed an issue with the player clothing script in 5.1.4

NB: If you are updating from 5.1.4 overwrite the mod in your mod manager (don't merge as a script from 5.1.4 has to be removed).

Either revert to a save from before 5.1.4 or clean your save with falrims tools. If updating from an older version don't worry about this step.



Added: MCM option to clear (ie set to zero) nipple morphs when armor is equiped if armor factor is enabled.

Added: separate reference alias script for player clothing/armor equiping detection.

Some other minor code changes


ABBA Outfit 5.0.2 (see link below)



Various minor changes and bugfixes to the scripts (recommended).

Added ABBA Outfit 5.0 (see link below)



Changed: when manually (or via some other mod) equiping/unequiping armour that triggers the armor factor effect, ONLY those 3 sliders will be affected. I added this as it's daft to itterate through all 30 sliders every time these events fire.


Changed: If player character morphs are disabled but armour factor is enabled, this will still affect the player character when removing or putting on relevant armour (Slot selections chosen in the MCM). All other sliders and arousal will still be ignored, the morph will be 0.0 if armour is removed and the amount set in the MCM for each armour factor slider if worn. Note: this will not be extended to NPCs if you disable NPC morphs at this point.



30/04/20 re-upload: fixed a minor issue with the 5.1 update procedure. It's nothing to worry about but sexlab animation events weren't being re-registered after the update so morphs during sexlab animations would be disabled for the 1st session even if enabled in the MCM. Subsequent game loads would re-enable it anyway but I thought I'd upload a fix regardless. I also swapped a couple sliders in the "CBBE Extra" json file.


Added 7 more sliders to make the total 30.

Updated the json config files to include the new sliders.


NB: any customisations you have made to the json config files since version 5.0 will have to be redone as these include more lines for the extra sliders and renumbering for some of the old ones. I suggest backing up your current json files and then installing 5.1 overwriting the old ones. Then you can compare and make your changes again. Be aware that the slider numbering was changed a bit when making your custom changes. This won't happen again as I think 30 sliders will be more than enough for most people.


New MCM page "Extra" for the new sliders, these have [-2 ~ 2] range instead of [0 ~ 2] so no need for invert booleans. they will all be incremental if that option is enabled. All disabled by default when using the standard CBBE Slider set.

SliderProfile2.json is now titled "CBBE Extra" and has slider names for all 30 sliders as an example of what can be done now.

"Daft Trumpet" sounds when nympho's "graduate" can now be disabled in the "NPC Misc" page, sorry to those of you who were getting sick of it! :P


Enjoy and stay safe! :)



Added: MCM option in the "NPC Misc" page to make ABBA ignore TDF Prostitution dancers (including the PC). They will not be morphed when ABBA polls and the ABBA shout will not interupt the dancing with aroused idles and "other stuff" depending on the words used. Once the dancing finishes they will be affected like any other actors.

This should work with the regular SE version as well as the SLEN integration version of TDF Prostitution.

This only works with the SE SLEN integration version of TDF Prostitution. Sadly I've not been able to find a solution to make it work with other versions.


Note: I added this as it was reported that when ABBA polls it could cause ctd when TDF dancers were active. I've not seen this in my setup and I'm unsure why it happens but adding the option for ABBA to ignore them seemed the most workable solution.




Added StripChanceSlider: Similar to orgasm chance/threshold. Characters will strip (or not) based on chance once they reach the arousal threshold for stripping.

Fixed a few minor bugs with the MCM, mainly help text.

"Innieoutie adjust" will be disabled if the Innieoutie slider is set to something else when using the "Slider Set Type" menu.

Re-named the "NPC RNG" page to "NPC Misc" and Moved a few options from the settings page to this one saving space in the settings page.

Armor factor MCM options will be disabled if the corresponding sliders are disabled.

NB: If you have edited any SKSE\Plugins\ABBA json files remember to backup before installing the update



Added Support for diferent Slider Sets: With the advent of many body types and some with lots of diferent names for sliders, I decided to adapt ABBA to a system where you can customise which sliders you want ABBA to have an affect on. For more info please read the PLEASE READ ME FIRST!!! txt document in SKSE\Plugins\ABBA.

With no editing there are 2 options: CBBE (Default) and UNP.


Apart from the obvious this also adds a lot of possibilities for customisation. Any "" entries in the json files will be recognised as "disabled" by ABBA when imported and skipped when applying morphs. I understand that some folk want diferent configurations and therefore were editing the scripts to these wants. I'm hoping that this will mean these folk won't need to edit the scripts each time I do a new update.


Note that when changing this option ABBA will reset all morphed actors to avoid unwanted morphs so don't do it in a busy cell to be safe.


Added Morph Manager: All morph instructions are now sent to a script that manages them in such a way that there "should" never be too many instances of this instruction queued up.

Added Lewd Watch: Characters that are designated Lewd level 7 or "Nymphomaniac" by SexLab can now be recognised by ABBA and will have some new chat for you as well as increasing the libido of those around them.

MCM now shows the actual slider name for the sliders you are adjusting.



Added: You can now select the 2 armour slots (previously set to 45 and 49) that can get stripped other than slot 32 which is a constant (If stripping is enabled).

Added: When you use the RNG immunity Keybind on an npc, if it is toggled on and off the float array for that actor is chosen again at random from the 20 options. This way you don't have to reset the RNG values in the MCM to change a specific character's body morphs.

Improved: If "Use Armor Factor" is toggled on there was a chance that characters would morph twice when being stripped by ABBA, this should (hopefully) be fixed now.

Added: Character names in ABBA notifications will now be shortened to 1st name unless they are a Guard/Soldier etc. (otherwise they would end up being called Solitude/Imperial  :P ).  So for example: Elisif the Fair will now be just Elisif.

Note: I might have missed some other names that shouldn't be shortened, please let me know if you spot any.

Fixes: various other small bugs squashed and some minor code improvements.

Changed: I changed the way the mod detects the InnieOutie Adjust Toggle so if you had this toggled off, you might want to toggle it on and off to make sure you have the right setting.




Added: You can now set 3 Armor types that cause the "Armor Factor" effect based on biped slot (set in the Armor Factor MCM page).

Defaults to just slot 32 (body) as before and the other 2 options are disabled but you can set them to any armor slot you want.

For example: If your character takes off armor but is wearing a slot 56 Bikini top then the effect will remain if you set slot 56 in one of the mcm options.




Fixed: Some MCM descriptions changed and added a state check I'd overlooked when running RNG reset manualy.

Changed: The optional random values generated for npcs now have max/min values based on your current MCM settings for each slider. You can add/subtract from these max/min values using the settings in the NPC RNG page. I decided this was a better solution so as to not morph npcs into freaks unless you want it. Setting the sliders in the NPC RNG page to very high or very low values could still do this. I recommend keeping them below the default 0.5/-0.5. Personally I have them at 0.3/-0.3.


This will still create a nice amount of variety but will avoid high values for unwanted sliders unless you set the RNG page sliders to big +/- numbers.




Removed: "Beta status" this version is good to go!

Introducing optional NPC Randomness.

The new MCM page NPC RNG should explain usage and I've set it to disabled by default but the rng values will be generated on 1st run with a message box to confirm.

I've made a few other small improvements but this is the big change.

Note: You can add RNG "immunity" to targeted npcs with an optional keybind

Note: Pussy sliders (innie outie etc) are not affected and will adhere to the normal MCM settings.

Note: New mod dependency which is a hard requirement: powerofthree's Papyrus Extender

Added a check for PO3 extender (the reason I added this skse plugin as a dependency is for the much faster random number generator which is responsible for the new random floats)




Reworked the armour stripping functionality and optimized the code.

Added: now the stripping/dressing item notifications will use the display name as opposed to the base item name if items have been enchanted/tempered. Thanks to the skse team again for the WornObject script that makes this possible.

Items that can get stripped now occupy the following slots: 32 45 and 49. I changed it from 52 to 49 as I was sick of Schlongs of skyrim issues with slot 52 and reassigned all of the panties, thongs etc in the mods I use to slot 49.

More intense Lewd outfit effect textures. The effect will also now fade over time instead of instantly if the magic effect isn't detected.

ABBA outfit updated to 4.4 (link and description of changes below)




Added a few more sliders (mainly 3BA related but thighs got in there somehow too).

Some more optional toggles in the MCM for ABBA goodness.

Improvements to code.




Tweaked effects (some were happening way to frequently)

Fixed a dialogue not happening sometimes.

Fixed a typo ("BreastsNewSSH" doesn't work too well!) :P

For next update. I'm going to add a collision shape to the new body as fps tanks when "stuff" collides with the vagina mesh.




Further code performance improvements

The original ABBA dress and Thong effects now work when you give them to NPCs as with the new ones.

Special ABBA Thong (or items with this enchantment) now adds a visual "Steam" effect and limits this effect as well as the arousal increase to characters within a 10' radius.

NB: If you have a follower with an ABBA item equiped you might need them to re-equip it after the update to see the effects immediately.




Fixed a few of the CBBE/3BA morph sliders, for some reason I messed up the naming of a couple of them in one of the scripts at some point in making version 4. Thanks for pointing this out @jclyde6108

Improvements to the code so it makes less calls when doing the morphs, especially when incremental morphs are enabled.

Fixed the ABBA body Special bodyslide files (It was missing the areola slider for some reason).




Fix: LewdAura not updating the effect in some circumstances




fixed a script (please update from 4.0)




Updates to ABBA, ABBA outfit and ABBA voices.


ABBA had a few bugfixes and changes to core features. Gaining the shout is now tied to dialogues and adds more dialogue options in the main quest.

Fixed a couple issues with morphs and made more sliders incremental if that option is enabled

ABBA outfit now applies Nioverride "stuff" (don't want to spoil the fun) which I might expand on in future

Added a new voice (Karen) to ABBA Voices (be sure and reset the sexlab voice registry when updating)

The "increase arousal" key can now decrease arousal if used with left alt

Added a toggle for the "increase arousal" key to apply morphs immediately or not

Probably a few other things I'll add as I remember them




Minor bugfix in the MCM script

Added: MCM "Ooze arousal threshold" slider (defaults to 90% as it was but allows you to change it).




Added: MCM Toggle for 3BA InnieOutie compensation which defaults to on. If you set this slider to 1 (or closed) when building in bodyslide then it's best to toggle this off. If you leave the slider at default 0 then leave this toggled on. Reason for this addition

Added: 3 Butt sliders and MCM page for butt swelling action! If you use the incremental option these sliders are included for smooth swelling.

Edited the notifications to include mention of butt changes. I might add some NPC/follower comments in a future update




Adjusted: incremental slider max value is now 100 instead of 30 (by request) I still recommend keeping this value low.

Added: innieoutie slider support for 3BBB amazing (and new experimental ABBA amazing) body. New MCM slider in the pussy page.

Added: Fomod option for experimental ABBA amazing body which has 2 breast bones and the 3BBB amazing vagina (thanks for the permissions @Acro748) My reasoning for making this body was to keep things good performance wise (3BBB adds a lot of extras) and add a way to easily add a physics enabled vagina and awesome jiggle to the ABBA outfits. ABBA outfit will soon have an "ABBA amazing" option along with a 2nd outfit.




Bugfix: the onobjectequiped() events (for player and npcs) that trigger abba morphs now change a stored value that the main script sends before calculating incremental morphs. This fixes some incremental morphs (if enabled).




Reworked the "Toggle Mod" MCM option to do a better job. In addition to clearing morphs and stopping the main polling script from updating it now disables/enables more mod features including the Comments quests, Increase arousal hotkey, Armor equiping/unequiping morphs, sexlab event listeners and  MCM settings options.




Minor update this time.

The "increase arousal" keymap is now disabled while the game is paused (in console/menus/inventory etc)

The NPC scanner now ignores ElderRace npcs (no more boob swelling for oldies)




Added a CBP/C (or SMP and CBPC in tandem) compatible version of the ABBA Body to the fomod installer. thanks to @Nuchnut009 for pointing out the need for this.

Tweaked the SMP version physics to be more inline with CBBE smp config: reduced the "mass" setting for the breast/butt bones.

Note that the default nifs are built with zeroed sliders so remember to build it in bodyslide to your desired preset.




The ABBA MCM now generates a json file (/SKSE/Plugins/ABBA/Profile.json) that stores all ABBA settings and updates it when a setting is changed. So now you don't have to redo all your sliders every time you start a new game. If you switch to another MO2 profile that has diferent ABBA settings which you want to keep, then simply delete /SKSE/Plugins/ABBA/Profile.json before loading the game and it will be regenerated.

Note that you have to save your game for it to be generated or any changes in the MCM to be written to the file.



Using the "increase arousal" keypress will now "instamorph" the target (or player if no target is in the crosshairs). No more waiting for the polling update.

If you have a dog follower they will no longer make comments!!! (Sorry for the folk who experienced this, I never bothered with dog followers so only just noticed this).

Adds a new MCM page for "Pussy" options

New: Ooze toggle, when female character's arousal reaches 90%  they will start to "Ooze"  (adds a custom vaginal Ooze overlay) if this is enabled.

Notes: CBBE team are fine with me releasing the ABBA CBBE body version with my funky sliders  :)



2.1.5 (Beta)


Added: fomod installer to enable the new features (or not)

Added: ABBA Body (optional, requires CBBE body textures and hand/feet meshes, HDT SMP or CBPC)

Added: new "OpenPussy" slider requiring the ABBA body

Added: new notifications pertaining to the new slider ;)



Minor optimization (equipped/unequiped events ignore male characters)




Added NippleManga Slider ("Defined" CBBE SE only in bodyslide) and set NippleLength slider defaults to 0

Changed a couple events related to Armor factor to better detect when armor is equipped/unequiped as well as a bypass if characters are in the sexlab animating faction.




minor fix to the 2nd word of power

I might have fixed some other bugs but I don't remember!


word 2 adds a timer so that npcs don't get dressed immediately



Armor factor has grown up and has it's own mcm page.

The 2nd word of the ABBA shout can be discovered after absorbing 10 dragon souls, discover what it does for yourselves! (should auto unlock if you already have 10+ souls when updating or installing this version)

The 3rd word is in place too- after 30 dragon souls enjoy the fun!


if you want to cheat you can use the console to find the codes for God and Cuming then use "player.teachword" and "player.unlockword" to make them available


2.0.3 Beta Testing

New feature: Armor Factor

MCM options to enable and adjust "Armor Factor" which will alter 3 morph values depending on whether body armor is worn (defaults to disabled). The idea being breasts get a bit of lift, more cleavage and push together when armor is  equipped.

Added events to apply abba morphs instantly if main body armor is equipped or unequipped. (applies to the player or actors affected by abba in the loaded cell)

This should work with no save cleaning when updating from any version from 2.0+



ABBA now checks for enchantment effects from ABBA outfit instead of equiped item names (you can now learn the abba dress & abba thong enchantments and use them on other items to get the same effects) My bad for not doing this earlier!



Fixed: sexlab orgasms now trigger abba morphs as intended when the mcm option for sexlab is ticked. I also put the SLSO event hook back (more stable since abba v2.0)


ABBA Voices added

replaces Kelly voice (remove that mod if adding ABBA voices and rebuild voice registry)




If updating to 2.0, follow this procedure to update your save game (unless of course you are starting a new game in which case ignore all of this). This might look daunting at first glance but it's really not that dificult once you've done it a couple times.


Turn on text notifications in abba mcm if you have them switched off

1/ In ABBA MCM untick "Mod Enabled", exit mcm and wait for the "abba <version> was disabled" message

2/ Make a new Save (not a quick save) and exit skyrim

3/ Remove the old ABBA mod from your mod manager

4/ Start Skyrim and load your new save

5/ Wait until ABBA MCM has been removed- can take a minute or 2

6/ Save your game again (you can overwrite the one from step 2  if you wish, again not a quick save)

7/ Shut down Skyrim

8/ Clean your save from step 6 with Falrims tools (available here)

    Use: Clean>Remove unattached instances

            Clean>Remove undefined elements

    Use Save as and give your save a name: eg ABBA2.0

9/ Install ABBA 2.0 with your mod manager of choice (I recommend MO2)

10 Start Skyrim and Load up your new "cleaned" save from step 8, wait for the MCM to be added, configure ABBA to your liking and Enjoy!


Please report any issues as you find them (unless you haven't followed the above steps on an existing save game) and more importantly enjoy!

This will hopefully be the last ABBA update unless bugs are reported so I can move on and work on something new :)

I'm still open to suggestions though and if there is something you'd love to be added do let me know.



NB: definitely not to be upgaded to from 1.xx without the save cleaning procedure detailed above

This version is a major script restructuring and has too many changes to list (some I probably forgot about!) but here are a few:
less external calls

1 "abbaresize" function instead of 3 (reduced script bloat).

Polling is now run on the player alias script.
imagespace modifier at high arousal removed (a novelty at first but can get tiresome)
sexlab stage text notifications removed (there are lots of mods that do this better than ABBA did)

incremental morphs disabled during sexlab scenes, lots of particiapants could really break incremental morphs.

Separate script for sexlab event monitoring.
incremental morph only affects 3 sliders (less papyrus strain meaning you can increase the increments and make it look smoother without compromising performance)



performance fixes- save and reload game after update. You might need to check your settings in the mcm after this update.



minor fixes



added an MCM toggle for UNP bodies, no need for a separate version now. I tested it briefly but would be good to hear feedback from folk that use unp. 



Re-worked the npc interaction, ABBA now runs it's own scanner quest. We are now able to have more control over which npcs are affected.
Added a range slider for npc distance from player (defaults to the same range as the SLA scanner).
In turn this also fixed a bug where disabling the player would disable npcs too (Thanks to kyr2 for reporting this as it was tricky to spot).
The main script polling rate now affect npcs as well as the pc, This will default to 60 seconds on upgrading from earlier versions and I wouldn't recommend lowering this value except for testing.
If you don't use the abba outfit you can now rename any armour (slot 32 and slot 52 items) to have the word "Special" without the quotes (eg. Special Armour of Booby Growing) and the abba outfit effects will work. You still need to have the abba outfit mod installed, just don't need to use the special armour if you don't like it or are bored of it!





Small bug fix: When "ABBA female NPC" was disabled but "ABBA sexlab stages" was enabled, female npcs had ABBA effects during sex. This should now be fixed.




NB due to the script changes in this update it would be advisable to make a backup save before installing and then do a save clean with falrims tools on your new save after installing the update.

Made a few script optimizations which should reduce papyrus load and fix some random issues with boob sizes not working correctly. 

Fixed a couple typos in the json file




Added BreastCleavage slider- dunno why I neglected to add this ages ago!

Some script fixes including a couple slider morph settings

Changed the default slider values to be a bit more subtle




added some follower dialogues

optimized scripting and fixed a couple minor bugs



Added a version for uunp, enjoy!


Moved morphing and notification functions to their own separate scripts

Added some "hello/idle" dialogue topics for npcs and followers (mainly related to the abba outfit but not exclusively) + option in mcm to turn this on or off.

MCM option for the max number of npcs that, if enabled, should be affected by abba each time the sla event fires  (1 - 20) default is 20 as before.



Added a check for ActorTypeNPC keyword so no more messages about Cow or horse boobs!

Added support for ABBA-outfit mod. NB you don't need the outfit for abba to work, if that mod isn't detected it won't add anything.


minor update with a couple fixes:

When npcs auto orgasm they will now stay still properly while the idle animation plays (changed the method to a working one)

Clothes/Armours were occassionally not morphing correctly having being re-quipped automatically, using abba strip functionality. I think I've fixed this but more testing/feedback would be good.

Removed some unnecessary properties.

Player character and npcs now get morphed immediately after auto orgasm

changed the npc orgasm idle to a ZAZ one which is built in so no need for zaz pack. requires running FNIS for users
changed relevant percentages in mcm to actual morph values.
(NB you will need to change your values from the old percentages to the new values manually in mcm if updating otherwise things will get extremely big!)

removed lots of calculations by adding a few storageutil forms and the above.
added more conditionals to prevent problems
option in mcm for incremental morphs (obviously don't use this if you use SLIF)
changed the keybind so it will now increase crosshair target arousal (or player if no npc is in crosshair)
Added an option to disable ABBA on the player, male characters will not learn the ABBA shout unless they have a sex change! (removes the need for ABBAFM mod)
removed SLSO hook
minor bug fixes and notification edits.



added an mcm menu toggle for the abba reverse scaling for SLIF. NB: this is for use with SLIF if you use that mod, I don't so it may or may not help depending on your setup

improved SLIF integration for a couple functions

added a hook for SLSO orgasm event and a few more notifications



bug fixes

Added a SLIF compatible version (Arousal Based Breast Adjuster (SLIF)

I refuse to pay for mods so haven't tested it with the paywalled version of SLIF which apparently supports CBBE SE. I tested my oldrim version of ABBA with it though and it seemed to work fine.


I wouldn't recommend using SLIF with CBBE SE if you don't have the pay walled version.


All future versions of ABBA (SSE and LE and ABBAFM when I get around to it) will have this built in (by popular demand) and will gracefully fall back to non slif functionality if that mod isn't present.



Fixed the nioverride key so that all ABBA morphs will be removed if you uninstall the mod (no need to use the abba reset in mcm unless you have stripped actors)

Thanks to Ousnius for the advice on this :)

From now on, the upgrade will auto detect if your current version is older than 1.5.3 and remove the old "ABBA" key and morphs on loading your game.

If you were running ABBA older than 1.5.1 then it might not detect all of the affected npcs but it shouldn't cause any harm.


Changed the "abba auto orgasm" idle animation for NPCs to one of the SLA animations.



bugfixes and fixed some typos :P

Changed the scripted ABBA shout so that after it fires, the script will either requip the previously equipped power spell/shout or if it finds none it just unequips the abba shout.



bugfixes including ABBA reset not working- fixed now  (thanks to espio419 for pointing this out)

changes to notifications

ABBA Shout now added automatically when your character gets the 1st word Fus

For this version a new start is fun and recommended

NB: ABBA is now feature complete, only bug fix and feature improvements from now on



Adds notifications for armour stripping


A new shout for the female dohvakiin once she has finished the Dragon Rising quest. Just save and reload the game after this point to gain the shout. If you install the mod after finishing the quest it will enable straight away. This shout is intended as something to ignore in your shouts menu as it is auto activated by abba.


The new shout auto activates and changes abba orgasm  into a booster for the arousal of local npcs,  it also make them react to your shout.


New credits: The Zaz team for a texture and nif file, BeamerMiasma(SLEN) for inspiration for the shout.


I also updated the kelly voice pack (2.1) to behave  with ABBA 1.5



1.4.3 Alpha

Fix: mcm toggle for armour

Fix: No more re-equiping of armour during sex if armour stripping is enabled in mcm

Fix: bug in notifications

NB: if you have ABBA version less than 1.4  you will need to clean your save with falrims tools


Please report any issues in the thread so I can fix them, thanks!


1.4.2 Alpha

Added options to strip player armour at high arousal level

Added options to strip NPC armour at high arousal level

changes to auto orgasm

changes to when morphs are set



changes to notifications

changes to script names for future dev convenience

added option for auto orgasm (disabled by default)




Adds a bunch of new notifications/variants and improves the way they are applied.

The notifications are now read from an external file: /SKSE/Plugins/ABBA/status.json making  it trivial to customise them to your own liking.

NB: this update might require a clean save due to script changes




Added a "Mod Enabled" Toggle in the settings menu (defaults to on)

This, when toggled off, disables updates on the player character and npcs as well as clearing ABBA specific morphs on all affected actors.

NB: This will only clear morphs on NPCs that were set by version 1.3+ as the method of storing them wasn't implemented until 1.3. Although not game breaking it might result in oddities if you have lots of affected actors in your saves from previous versions of ABBA.

If you get things like clothes being morphed and bodies being normal after disabling then re-enabling ABBA some time later, you could try uninstalling ABBA and cleaning your save with falrims tools, then make a new save and reinstall 1.3+


Obviously if you don't click disable it won't affect anything and eventually after enough play time all npcs you encounter will be stored in the "affected" list if they have been morphed.




Changed the MCM to 3 pages: Settings/Breasts/Nipples

Added sliders for nipple perkyness and nipple puffyness

Added a slider to change the max arousal for using the keybind to increase arousal (settings page)


Note: for those worried that I'm over complicatiing the mcm or adding too much stuff to this mod, don't worry I'll keep it at 3 mcm pages max. If I decide to add a bunch more stuff I'll make another mod based on this one. :)




Added "Areola Size" slider.  This requires racemenu 0.2.4+ and bodyslide 4.6.2+ as it is a UV slider in the new CBBE.

Changed the default minimum size to 0 instead of -50%





Added Sexlab stage start integration (disabled by default and configurable in MCM) which may or may not effect performance.

This also disables the normal polling for PC until the sexlab scene finishes.

Added  condition Is3DLoaded() (as in xp32) in the hope that it will fix ctd issues on cell change



Voice pack v2 changed (reduced) the wav format to 22k 16bit



more bug fixes (hopefully not creating more!)






OK so this is a big change. NB this still needs testing and could mess things up (though I've tried to make sure it doesn't!) so be careful and test it out on non-crucial game saves. Please do message me with any issues as I'm sure I will have missed stuff.


Added a method that hooks to a SLA event which allows ABBA to change nearby aroused NPCs. This can be switched on or off in MCM. I've not noticed any performance hit though so it looks good! This works using the same sliders as your character but on a different polling rate which is controlled by SLA.


Optimized some of my messy code that was repeating certain things needlessly. If you have an earlier version you will need to adjust the sliders as this one works using different calculations  for sizes.





Added a check for skee: mod does nothing if it's not detected.

A couple minor tweaks to notifications



Major rebuild

Added an MCM menu with sliders for everything ABBA changes

Various options:

text notify on/off

sexlab voice on/off

screen warp on/off

polling rate and base arousal level before ABBA kicks in.





Note: Please don't use the "Advanced" variants of these outfits. They are removed in version 5.0 due to issues with SMP and racemenu morphs.

ABBA Outfit 4.3

ABBA Outfit 4.4

ABBA Outfit 5.1



ABBA outfit details spoiler:



Changed the breast physics of all outfits (smp dresses and abba body xml files) to be less symmetrical and more natural.


ABBA2 (Lewd dress) SMP version was redone:

Fixed an annoying little hole that occasionaly appeared on the back left side where the frill meets the dress.

Remade all the skirt bones and it now has better weighting, should be less clipping when the butt is morphed bigger.

While running the PC's whole butt might be exposed!



SMP bones and weighting completely re-done for the ABBA3 dress making it way more realistic in the skirt area.

Removed the boob zap slider as some lighting conditions (eg the candle light spell) make it visible due to transparency.

It might clip a bit when using crazy boob morphs but to mitigate this I've put a bit more of a gap between the dress and the boobs.


5.0.2 fixed a couple errors in the smp physics config files


5.0.1 ABBA3 dress: fixed some minor clipping in the breast area that the zap wasn't mitigating when boobs get a bit large


5.0 *** re-uploaded with fixed fomod descriptions ***




Removed all "Advanced" variants with 6 (3BBB) breast bones.

Added a new "Kinky" dress and outfit (Craftable with Lisbet's special cloth or found in a chest in Misty Grove)

Note the Kinky dress is [SMP] only due to the nature of the dress (you will understand when you see it).

New outfit is a combination of Luxury collection items and a dress I converted from a Daz 3d dress to CBBE SE [SMP].




Fixed some clipping issues with the non-smp versions

Separated the upper section of the new dress into a new shape with no "alpha blending" so that the overlay effect on the boobs works at any angle.

Tweaked the xml and meshes for nicer physics.

remade the dress strap and fixed the normals.

Added a few colour variants for the abba2 outfit




Added ABBA body as an optional component (recommend using with the outfits)

Fixed: no heels sound esp, cleaned masters.

Advanced versions with 3BBB weighting in the boobs.

Hosted on Google drive now as the archive is getting big.


ABBA Outfit 4.2.0


Made some adjustments to the old ABBA dresses based on fixes to the ABBA body. Areola slider morphs should work and be visible through the dress now


ABBA outfit 4.1.2


Fixed: 4.1 had the wrong xml file for the new dress. I forgot to copy it over to my fomod folder, my bad!


ABBA Outfit 4.1.1


Fixed: Ownership of Lisbet's Box is now set to the player after she gives you the key

You can now buy "Special Cloth" from Lisbet which should respawn over time


ABBA Outfit 4.1


Re-skinned the Lewd [SMP] dress with better bone structure and weighting. It should clip less now when Butt morphs are on the large side!



ABBA Outfit 4.0.1


Please update from 4.0 as this fixed a broken issue with bodyslide files


ABBA outfit 4.0


Adds a 2nd outfit and new effects.

a few versions of the dresses depending on your physics flavour. Be sure to build the one you want in bodyslide

Go to Markarth and complete Lisbet's shipment quest, then speak to her again for the reward.

I made sure this doesn't affect other quests/mods. For example SL solutions works fine with this.


ABBA outfit 3.1

Re-Rigged the bones for better outfit placement, less likely to cause clipping now!


ABBA outfit 3.0

Added a full smp collision version of the abba dress requiring HDT SMP

Defaults to the normal version, to make use of the update you need to build it in bodyslide.

To build the new dress and type abba in the "filter by outfit" (top right)

Then choose the versions with [SMP] and enjoy!

NB: due to the limitations of smp and my knowledge the dress might clip through the body, if you manage to edit the xml file to avoid this please let me know!


This CBBE 1.4 outfit mod is a companion to the Arousal Based Breast Adjuster. It can be installed without ABBA but you'd miss out on the following.

You are rewarded "special" gear when you learn fus after your 1st dragon kill if ABBA version or higher is installed. You can also  craft non "special" gear yourself too.
The rewarded gear grants some special powers/enchantments when installed along with ABBA. The dress applies visual effects and the thong raises the arousal of npcs around you.

If you can't be arsed starting a new game for the special gear you can use "add item menu" or console commands: "help special" should find the item codes.


It's a reworking of an NPR/Kurese Oblivion mod found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/23589


He/she states "Please use this mod freely" on the above web page, full credits to them for the original work.


Requirements: CBBE & Bodyslide, HDT SMP or CBP physics, Heels Sound (there's a no heels sound version too if that's your preference)


As this is my first attempt at an outfit mod (I'm still a total beginner with blender but having fun learning) I'd love to know what folk think!



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