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About This File

File Name: HDT Autopilot Tools for 3ds

File Submitter: necKros

File Submitted: 17 Feb 2014

File Category: HDT Physics Extension

Requires: Havok Content Tools (latest version), 3ds Max



HDT Autopilot

Version 1.0


What is it?

It's a 3ds max script that aims to cut time and pain in the creation of constrained rigidbody systems for the SKSE HDT Plugin. Through its GUI it will help the user create and edit bone and RB chains from sets of default max bones.



It's a modders resource for helping to create dynamic hair and other stuff for Skyrim with the help of the HDT Plugin.


What do I need?

3ds Max and the latest Havok Content tools for max. The script was developed in max 2012 so compatibility with that version is 100% guaranteed. I'm pretty new to Maxscript but I don't think I've used any function that wasn't available in the latest versions or deprecated in the newest ones.



Take a loot at the GUI:






And watch this video demonstration/tutorial (please excuse my awkward and choppy narration and english)




  • Constraint spaces will be aligned with the nub bone pivot in BOTH translation and rotation. This is an issue than I'm still looking at because the way the constraint space object works isn't very intuitive.

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