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About This File


You are standing around in the dark (thinking to yourself, "damn this enb looks good but I can't see shit right now!") and want to ride somewhere fast on your x200 speed horse but decide to fast travel because you can't see a thing and don't want to accidentally ride off a cliff.

What if... when you get on your horse at night time it's eyes magically become headlights lighting your way?!!


Enter Horse Headlights!





PO3 Papyrus Extender



esl flagged plugin, mcm menu for key settings (light radius, light fade and time of day to use the lights)


Suggestions for improvements or additional functionality welcome. Enjoy :)


Note: if you want lots of light, set the radius and fade values high in the MCM

What's New in Version 1.2


Added: MCM setting to change light color



Changed: Default Lighting settings are brighter.

Changed: The attachment position of the light node is higher.



Added: MCM option, Lighting duration (default 30 mins).

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