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About This File

What it does:

Adds sexlab scenes to relevant moments in the Maids story. If SLEN is installed it could increase your relationships.

This works much like the FG patch but using SexLab Framework.



SexLab Framework (obviously) and all it's requirements.

Maids II (obviously) and all it's requirements.

You absolutely must not have the Maids FG patch installed. (it will conflict with and break this mod)

Replacing the FG patch mid game could be problematic. You could try cleaning your save but probably best to start fresh.



Sexlab Eager NPCS  I always recommend this excellent sexlab mod that has no peers



Enter_77 (the author of Maids II) has given me permission to post this mod here for the LoversLab community.

This mod is only for the LoversLab Community and sharing it (or the code included) elsewhere is prohibited.



Enter_77 for making the Maids II mod which is an example of modding at it's best.

Xiderpunk for the FG patch which inspired this mod.


What's New in Version 1.2


Fixed a lighting issue in both the private dancer quarters ("shadow depth bias" setting was causing a bug), thanks to @Enter_77 for pointing this out.



Added beds, torches, position markers and lighting to private dance rooms in the Euphoria bars for a better experience.
Added exit marker for private dance rooms (player will exit here instead of by the dancer)
Golden Maiden sex dialogues change. Upon becoming employed maids they longer require null euphoria effect (you can ask them for "fun" whenever you want if they are in an interior cell).
Added Sex dialogues the same as the golden maiden ones to post main quest maids (untested).


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