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  1. ya, i think when dom first came out i was able to get some high level characters like that without bugs as well. but since its the type of bug that only shows on a new save for the new version, its hard to track down your slave's double and harder yet to track down when it started
  2. that possibility is why i didn't mention it right away, but there are so many bandit factions that it gets even harder to track the problem if its the player added to the faction, so i'll have to try that utility you've got. when it happened in pahe 6.0 the factions were being saved to the actor base with the outfit so the pah player slave faction sets them friendly to player and allied to other slaves with dialogue as tho they're slaves, but the dialogues don't work on the doubles unless/until you enslave them also, then the dialogues work the same for both actors was that a new save when you started diary 1.6.2 or did you upgrade an older save, like if the bug didn't exist in diary 4.9 when you started the save and it was added later, you could get different results i can change things up to see if the bug still happens then use the utility to check once it does happen. think i'll try updating diary for the chance its fixed, then avoid enslaving "falmer servants" next time cuz they use the bandit lists as a base and disable the cursed loot combat system to remove the chance its messing with factions. worry about narrow down the solution if that fixes it
  3. this would be recurring since 5.0 started or sooner in pahe when we had this, the settings were on the slave aliases in the core quest i recognized it with 1.5.6 and worked my way backwards to 1.5 so far all share it, but more detail below: use the most current pahe with your normal mod setup and the most current aygas/hsh haven't had time to update my installation of dom recently with everything going on since 1.5.6 or i would say for sure to start with the current version. only reason i could think of to start with the old version would be to confirm the behavior on the older version before updating to see if its fixed, but if you've already updated, it might be easier to start where you left off with your most recent save. oh and if you use obis, you'll want to adjust the obis settings with the slider bar so they only spawn upto your level for now old save or new save mostly will depend on how well you can capture slaves and hunt down there doubles at lower levels until you first find the bug. its more likely to spawn your slave's double at lower levels as the leveled lists are smaller. once you do find and recognize the behavior, it will take a new save to erase the bug from your save before you can retest other versions for the same behavior and if you started your save with an older version of diary, we won't know for certain which version was being tested
  4. found a bug i need help from testers to reproduce with regards to long term effects of slavery in skyrim. the usual naked bandit bug has changed to the friendly bandit bug. after taking many slaves thru out skyrim, eventually you run across your slave's double or look-alike. normally in pah(e) they would be naked about this time, but i'm finding for the past couple or few saves with pahe + dom that they're friendly to player now instead, like walking thru a bandit camp getting idle chatter instead of hostilities or you get a radiant bounty quest to kill a bandit leader, but he only attacks your slaves and followers. have you clicked an option in the ck to "stores text" and "uses stored text" don't know if that's the only cause for it but the last time i seen this happen was in pahe6.x when blabla changed the quest alias to store text and use stored text
  5. hmm, is that the bug where you see their name just fine, but when you select them with the activate key, the name just hangs there forever without any dialogue
  6. i think the protected status usually means they can only be killed by the player. i know they can get back up from a fight, but never seen them go flying before the se version of pahe has a (display only) bug in the mcm for resignation, its really showing humiliation stat twice. would have sent out the fix for that, but rl came in and i need to help side my dad's house first. the Le version has the fix in it already, but he updated the core enough that mcm script is incompatible now too (without making the same adjustments to the mcm script he made)
  7. ya, that's why the renamer we use doesn't effect the console name of the slave. once you change that all bandits that look like that will have that new name home sweet home is from musje here:
  8. oh, as you describe it sounds much worse tho if can't select the npc for dialogue
  9. look at the keywords of the items to see which keywords they are then use GetActorRef().WornHasKeyword(zbf_keyword)
  10. first if you still have dd5.0 available to install, try to avoid 5.1 for now. if you don't have dd5.0 available, disable the dwarven suits patch for now. i should have made the 5.0 patch separate from the dwarven suits plugin, but basically there's a problem with the dd straitjackets i had to patch in 5.0 that makes it incompatible with the changes in 5.1. i don't know how bad the conflict effects a running save, so you might need a new save to fix. where to proceed next depends on which of the above options are available to you. if you have dd5.0 available to use the dwarven suits plugin, and you still get the bug exclusive to ingrid on a new save, try removing her gag. if you disable the dwarven suits plugin to use dd5.1, ingrid retains the pahe outfit ungagged. if you still have problems without the gag, then refer to this: are you talking about the name disappear when you goto talk to them, but pressing the dialog key still gives dialog to me its a new bug for this year and i've been with skyrim for years, but i don't remember exactly when it started this year. i might have inadvertantly left a loose script from dd5.1 installed when i switched back to dd5 i never had this problem on Le, but i wasn't using dd5 back then either (or 5.1...)
  11. thanks decided the leveled actorbase toggle fails enslavement too often on modded npc's to make it worth using and at best it only lowered the odds of the same actor appearance. in an older previous version i tried changing when the naked outfit was applied so that it could be applied to the actor reference instead of the actor base, but this caused the outfit to be buggy and often the slave would stop wearing what you gave them anytime you changed cells so at the time it was considered to be too buggy to keep the changes. lately i've decided to rethink that decision and replace the leveled actorbase toggle of the clone with an actor reference toggle of the naked outfit applied during enslavement. if toggled true, i believe this should eliminate the naked bandit bug and a new system can be setup later for handling the new outfit bugs with slaves that no longer wear what's given to them when the toggle is used during enslavement. also thinking to revamp the wear this and carry this dialogs for refusal with option to persuade, punish, or even threaten. threats can be made to whip or beat the slave or to tie them up, or even to tie and rape the slave. in pahe threatening will behave similar to telling them off after slave misbehaves. but in dom he might want to add confusion if the following punishment doesn't fit the threat. later the strip dialogs and sex dialogs revamped for similar options with new dialog to "wear what you were given" i like the persuade option, remind me in september if its not in yet ya, pretty much. i think normal collar is only used for the recipe to make the magic leash collars similar to pahe, the scared slaves take orders easier without additional training or punishment needed, but not certain if it has any deeper effect in the scripts and i hadn't thought of adding it to the chance to fight or pose as ordered
  12. problem with this is that its hit or miss due to other mods adding filters to it, not for the dialogue. we would need to write the code in a way that breaks other mods to force the act asked for, which i don't think sexlab would allow if we wanted to the punishment code is already written to be ready for the possibility the slave refuses sex, but the dialogue conditions were never written for refusal. i believe that was never added for the fact the sexlab extension was only implemented as a means to have sex with them so much it became a punishment method. ever notice in home sweet home auction slaves there are no anger or fear, she never saw any point to it and from what i'm noticing that's because the anger training is written not as a measure of training but as measure of how likely they are to be angry. highly trained auction slaves are rarely angry in comparison to a regular trained slave, which is also why the slaves who need brute force training are needing additional fixes to prevent a fully trained slave from being an ass all the time. all that covers is why we have it now, but not to say we can't change it so forced sex is only an option if they're tied and all other times its upto the slave. i can take that as a request, but dialogues take longer to add in for each voice type. working on fleshing out the respect issues with the remaining voice types missing those dialogues and i plan to rewrite the core enslavement process. the leveled actorbase enslavement needs to be written out and just flushed away for a change in the outift system instead. we can't force the leveled actorbase of the clone cuz its too unstable. but we can change when the outfit is applied to try to avoid it being applied to the actorbase as an alternative means to eliminate the naked bandit bug. i know it sounds like another hail mary with new outift bugs for those who use the new method, but sexlab already forgets to redress the slaves after sex and diary adds the refusal to strip so a new refusal to wear the clothes or armor bug isn't much different. later we add punishments for not wearing what they're told or showing their inventory when asked, then we can add the chance to reapply outfits at cell change based on their moods...until they're fully trained some day i'd like to get the dialogues to read sexlab genders, but for now i've added the player werewolf to the sex script and more changes to the respect script for next update. helping my brother and dad finish siding dad's house til prolly the end of the month, then i can recompress the bsa and send out the next update. the remaining greetings or goodbyes shouldn't take long to fix respect after that, then the enslavement changes get us into 8.0 and we can start working sex refusals in from there
  13. that was the intention i was planning for, but never decided on how to implement it. think the most favored idea for it would be when combat or respect are trained that it would also sex train for plugs, but i got side-tracked with too much else and i didn't want to tax the system to track when vibrators went off even i'm perplexed on that, most i gather from the code is that anger training effects how likely they get angry, but i didn't realize until recently that it works backwords, that its something to avoid. i noticed this stood out when i bought a trained slave from home sweet home auction, she Rarely gets angry in comparison to other slaves. originally i wondered if home sweet home should add the emotion training, but now that i've seen how they react without it, glad they don't atleast that's what i notice of anger versus anger training. no idea yet how the fear plays in, but could also be why he originally left the fear training hidden to the public that's either home sweet home or aygas if the auctions were at the restless hunter, then its home sweet home: town auctions are with aygas:
  14. file here, i'm seeing data\caliente tools,meshes, textures, and an esp file with a horse placed in whiterun exterior https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/49677?tab=files&file_id=203503
  15. we shorten the spelling of the keywords, but for the most part that's them, included their form numbers if you're interested in tracking the original dd spelling or what items include those keywords complete list of leash collars keywords: zbf keywords are from zaz so those don't lock on and scb is the chain beast item that forces chain beast victims to crawl straitjackets, pet suits, and dwarven suits increase the effect of combat training while worn if the slave is punished for not fighting, these keywords will also increase the effect of combat training, but at a lower rate: dd gags increase the speed of respect training while worn and the remaining unused keywords are saved for later usage
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