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  1. the blog is ok to share with others, but here i atleast need the test reports quoted from the blog or its very difficult to manage combat training is the only training allowed to exceed 100 so that over time they can get to be stronger better fighters since its also been requested by others that they not strip when restrained, i will have to consider this a feature update for now and pahe slaves an additional dialogue in the future for the combined feature of "strip and restrain" interesting hsh response, but good to hear it doesn't carry any bugs over to the new bandit triplet found later that was the post sex response of the slave and why sl didn't redress after sex usually that's a bug encountered with transferring the last slave from pahe out and the system tried to recount the remaining 0 slaves as none
  2. that you have a protected flag on other followers usually shows the additional protected flag on the slaves as coming from the follower management mod, i think aft does that, maybe others too as far as i'm aware the protected flag is hardcoded so i need to write a patch for unprotected slaves for each slave after each update to the esp
  3. as far as i'm aware old saves should be upgradable, but naked bandits seem to be fixed with this release. old slaves already have the naked outfit and thus old saves still suffer the naked bandit bug yes gagged dialogues are still a long work in progress. the extra voice types for nord or condescending or friendly or sultry are coded enough to be functional by sharing dialogues with eventoned when needed, but yes they still need the correct fuz files to speak of the correct voice type it was written that way to prevent the female player from shoving a strap-on into the male slaves cock as it originally did. but why it doesn't use female dom animations when available is something i'm not aware on either, as far as i'm aware sl handles that...or rather should
  4. the original outfit of the slave you captured is still in inventory until you take it out or replace it, but now you can also see the worn outfit of the clone...only the original outfit is shown in inventory until you killed it and saw the clone outfit. the clone outfit is what used to be changed to a naked outfit during the cloning procedure, but the naked outfit placed on the clone is also what transferred to the base and showed itself in the wild as the naked bandit bug. havent seen the slaves with heavy armor and light armor yet, but instead i've seen slaves in rags or beggar clothes with light armor underneath it good to hear it yes, this is good
  5. use stronger restraints to prevent escapes, most trade caravans sell iron cuffs or you can also craft them at the forge in the misc category
  6. on its own pahe works as its intended and those old functions have been phased out. but thank you, i'll put those changes in for better backwords compatibility with aygas
  7. Hey, sorry for bothering you, but it keeps saying that i am a missing master?? Skyrim immersive creature i've download the immersive creature but it keeps saying that i don't have it



    i've even downloaded some from nexus but it keeps telling me missing Master pls help. asap

  8. yes looks like i might need to remove dd from the add Restraints Merchants function
  9. ya, i usually do that as well as included it with starter items in the alt start scenario. try this: it was written for Le, but long as there are no meshes or animations included, it should port to se easy enough
  10. for full details, try the search bar top right corner and be sure to click the option to search this topic. basically i think feeding as a vampire should work the same as feeding as a succubus in psq, but i've never used any vampire mods to compare results so i suggested the search option as i'm sure others have....Many users play here as vamps
  11. racemenu is the only 1 provides the script so if you get the error from racemenu, they need to fix it ahh yes, its generally accepted the chosen body type provides the nude mesh when not using the nudesuit toggle in sl yes, only the strip and set outfit dialogue should be avoided. strip now can still be used and inventory can still be accessed or changed yes, 1 of the code fixes this update is about slave transfer to hsh and/or aygas, so our outfit results may change with new tests be careful or watchful over what you undelete there, uprooted trees get in the way of wooden fences. i could only imagine similar issues with a deleted rock or cloud being restored you showed me that bug with the camp in a previous test result, but i haven't gotten round to fixing that yet. basically its a proprty i need to add to the camp script or remove from the camp esp that's a very old bug since before i started working on the mod, but i haven't found a solution to it and the methods i tried to workaround it with ended up causing other problems. basically its a bug getting array length to count slaves with when you have none to count this was the bug i remembered needed looking into, but forgot what bug it was until after update went out...new fix attempt for this already into next update, basically understanding that we admit slaves can sometimes be detected as none so if none, don't try to equip camp errors again same as the camp errors above already found in previous testing and the other 2 pah errors are still linked to the bug posted above related to counting slaves when you have none to count an old zaz bug sometimes found with slaves wearing zaz restraints, the zaz script needs to be fixed to account for none objects good to hear it slaves euipping jewelry from inventory sounds like normal behavior, its only the jewelry not seen in the inventory that is visible on the slave that gets a bit weird sometimes. i'm only surprised that you're getting that result without using any mods that pretty the bandits up more specifically i think you'll find that in the log each time the slave doesn't re-equip after sex, but hopefully the log won't say it after next update this new: hope that's just a fluke occurrence this part here new too: but again notice its linked to unable to count when there's nothing left to count...lol, you killed them all as i said before, once the log is flooded, the rest of the log following flood spam is contaminated results. like garbage not worth your time or effort
  12. welcome i think the kaajiit trader caravans sell the zaz cuffs and i think the shopkeeper in the slave camp sells the collars. at some point if i get time between fixes, i'd like to go back over the dres trade to see if it had any merchants to update and eventually to see if the slave trader can be updated to current standards ropes or leathers are understandable, but at some point there needs to be cuffs strong enough to hold your slaves so the thug only needs to keep them fed
  13. those don't have lock scripts or sl no strip rules so i didn't put much faith into the zaz devices. but if you have zaz cuffs, there's dialogue available to tie them....see docclox previous post on how dom changed the rules on zaz cuffs now too. dwarven dd suits or dd collars or dd blindfold should each work as leash collars....some of the dd shacles should also, but i can't remember which. only dd shackles are limited to certain types have the correct keyword to prevent escape, the other items like the dd collars or the blindfolds aren't prejudist...all dd collars or all blindfolds each do the job
  14. cool, good to hear it that's not pahe, but a mod attempting to use niOverride that needs to be updated to the current niOverride script that part is a bug getting the array length of none for not having any slaves yet....old bug, not sure how to fix it tho that's usually the bug we see when sex is over and the slave forgets to get dressed afterwords, looking back at it now i might have an idea to fix that for next update oh, clean is good🧐 looks like she kept her boots and underwear as if you have an option set to "use nude suit" ya, that's hide armor, not the same as the underwear shown above only difference is the boots removed...that's still sl choosing to leave boots on during oral sex and strip all during regular sex
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