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  1. xp32maximum skeleton extended(xpmse) was originally based on xp32 but has since evolved many times. xpmse is the skeleton required for sluts: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000
  2. ya, we disabled that feature long ago for that very reason. it was experimental when it was added, but after enough testing was found to be too problematic and removed no
  3. unless you have a mod that alters the dead, maybe for necromancy? Never seen or heard that bug before t-pose so far only reported once or twice, mainly Se that i can remember. i can't replicate it and the couple who had it never knew why so it couldn't be fixed....on the other hand if you're finding these bugs while enslaving the dead, could be a havoc or skeleton behavior involved even
  4. might be possible to reward them better armor or pretty clothes, but i doubt they'll understand it was meant as a reward
  5. rename is a windows feature, as suggested above, that would be your best course of action
  6. basically it fixes name loss for pahe(paradise halls) slaves. if you're not using pahe, should have no effect
  7. question came to pahe recently, is the miaslair patch still needed for flower girls and what to do about extra requirements in the patch so after updating the sl sex slaves to 7 i looked at love slaves for flower girls and found the same script functions to update but with enough changes from sexlab to flower girls that i could not advise to use the same patch. behold i bring you a patch for love slaves: above is sexslaveframework, next is VernonSexSlaveScript: MiasLair - Pahe compatibility Patch for FlowerGirl Love Slaves 7.1 SSe.7z
  8. few years ago a patch was donated to pahe to prevent name loss from MaisLair npc scans. sse came about with a port shortly after i was able to point to the patch in Le. 7.0 is no longer a direct port so i had to look at the code for the changes. found that function in SexSlaveFramework fortunately the above function of the script remains intact so my work for an update to the provided patch is merely for the integrity of miaslair functionality with script changes. i also added the following update to the patch to make it possible to integrate the functions to the mod performing th
  9. probably better to download the full package the all-in-1 pack includes optional add-ons for features or bug fixes of other mods. those add-ons require the mods they add features or bug-fixes for. check the page info for details on which add-ons require which additional mods or choose the basic download without the addons
  10. done welcome good to hear it, thanks ya, it seems the cancer's in remission, might have beat it. still working on the psychological damage, trying to get ss disability What's New in Version 7.5.0 wip backport of the new lakeview manor expansion from se fixes the hearthfire wall in lakeview cellar for alternate start scenarios that were previously covered by that weapon rack new button added to debug features to reclone a buggy slaves What's New in Version 7.5.1 wip:
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