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This is a compilation of every single successful (Sims 4 gallery) lot I converted into a Ghetto trap house or a fence dealing in stolen goods. All Unethical adult oriented lots. Basically all the lots I wish to save and offer up to the community to download (If you so choose.) Expect updates every now and then as I do this often. This is my thieves trove, My gems, They can be yours too. Enjoy the spoils! <3




CONTENTS: All my custom made adult items merged into 1 store, Supported mods required to function, and Sexual content from various authors around the internet. IE, Sex Toy /shop resource 


DESCRIPTION: BIMBOTECH is a sex shop I use in my game to transform all vanilla sims I deem worthy into cock addicted bimbos (Via Nisa's wicked perversions) as well as purchase sex toys, furnishings and decor of adult nature. The shop also sells Birth control and condoms, you know (For if your sim doesn't want to bear kids with a certain sim.)  This sex shop utilizes both nisa's  ExTra-see nail polish, Bimbo like traits, and wickedwhims, without it it's pretty pointless. Happy Bimbofication! :smile: 


Credits: Various authors from around the internet, Sims 4 community for the Base layout of the lot. NisaK and TURBODRIVER, for the shops functionality.



 West Side Whore House:


Contents: Quite a few build mode items I made for personal use, Cum Bed, Fluid covered sex tarp, A barbie shower, (yes because it's florescent pink inside, so much so your sim could get a tan) Custom flag banners and a door I made for my sim's club. 2 wall pictures, and various CC from respective authors around the internet. and more. 


 The West side Whore House, Where whores get pregnant earning the cash for their next fix, Formerly an apartment complex this place has been taken over by a vicious gang to whence they push drugs and sex on the street.


 The Black Market:


What are Ya Buyin? What are ya Sellin? We got some rare goods for sale here stranger! The Black Market has nothing but the most illegal goods in the world! Need a fix? We got what you need! Are you a vampire? We have everything to sate your needs!  Want to live long but not ruin that nice tan of yours as a mortal? Try our complimentary potions without visiting a plastic surgeon!  Looking for weapons? Come browse our arsenal, The black Market carries  the best survival gear you won't find at your jungle merchant that's for damned sure!  Want to invoke the forces of death and chaos? COME check out our selection of  the most powerful smuggled relics! Maybe you need a new stereo sound system? We have that too! all that and so much more within the black market stranger!


Shady Sands Market Stand:


Everything's for sale, EVERYTHING! if I had a sister I'd sell her in a second!"   -Belethor Skyrim.  Basically I added a small lot that your sims could buy and start selling their stuff. Gradually build upon as you increase sales. or use the funds in your sims's personal life. (your choice I don't care really). The lot is basically a business starter I hastily made for the #RagsToRiches Challenge and as an add on to THE BLACK MARKET, Lot costs about 12k due to the trees and foliage on the lot. so make sure to set that aside before you buy it. I made this because I really hate cheating the game play, and I didn't want to cheat to buy the BLACK MARKET just yet. (See main file) . Should you decide to use this, I hope it serves you well.


Credits and Special Thanks:  


The Sims 4 community for the base layout of the buildings, The author of Basemental Drugs, StudioK, and all other respective authors.





Wicked Whims by TurboDriver. 



Nisak's Wicked Perversions, For the Nail polish sold in the drug store.



What's New in Version 2.4


    Room added to BIMBOTECH sex shop: ALTAR OF BIMBOFICATION: Make your sim a normal sim, Turn them into a ditzy bimbo with this liquid body hormone alteration! Brought to you by Bimbotech sex shop.  plastic surgery in a bottle, Quarter the price, Barbie would approve.  



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