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CONTENTS: 1 Sim replacer, Her tray files, Supported mods ported with sims 4 tray importer.


DESCRIPTION: A while back I made a vladislaus replacer, So not to long ago I found it prudent to make a Lilith Vatore Replacer. Mainly because I wanted to. Made her a transsexual/ Futa girl Dominatrix, I mean the vanilla version was nice and all. But I wanted to add moar traps to my game so I converted her with some alterations, If you have road to fame mod she is a model celeberty. If this is your cup of tea then I hope she fits whatever role you have her in your game, If not, please move on.


Installation: Extract tray files to: You>MyDocuments>ElectronicArts>Sims4>Tray folder. Extract Mods to: You>MyDocuments>ElectronicArts>Sims4>Mods folder.  Play game, Wash rinse repeat.



Sstormyy For the futa girl clothes, This would not be possible without it.

NisaK for black widow trait


Nior Darksims for the penis models/textures

All other respective authors to which the trays are supported.

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