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CONTENTS: Tray files, Tray Files and More Tray files for a less pathetic townie generation, Each batch belongs to it's own stereotype of NPC


DESCRIPTION: Do you have Extreme Violence mod? A zombie or other murder mod you kill sims often with? Or maybe you've progressed so far into the game that all the original NPCs died and you got some funky townies as a result of the CC you installed? Well in my case it's BOTH. I batched this together because I wanted more meaningful kills to my sims's names . I tend to cull my game often. And in a variety of ways. Be it Using MCCC or Murder mods. So I decided to batch together tray files so I can respawn the NPCs I murder,..... Eventually.... Maybe after a few generations.  I looked everywhere for something like this and found nothing. So here it is. I may add more groups to this in the future if I deem it plausible.


NOTE: I did not create any of these sims, Credit goes to their creators,  I simply cobbled together sims i found on the gallery to make a manual townie generator. So my own sims can play with them,... Or kill them.... Maybe both :smile: 





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