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About This File

This mod changes up the Standing Stones to be a bit more... sexy. A long and detailed description below:


Why would you even do this?

Recently, I restarted my game and decided to go fully immersive and not use any clothing or armor I had bought or made myself. Why? Because getting clothes off a corpse is damn near impossible, and it would be an absolute miracle if said corpse's clothes would actually fit you. (Protip: a buff guy's armor probably wouldn't fit a sleek and athletic female warrior.)

As such, I spent the first half hour waltzing across Skyrim mostly naked and thought "why wouldn't this be a viable playstyle?"

Tried finding something, didn't find a nudist mod I liked and then thought "screw this, I'll do it myself."

With help from CPU, this mod was born.


How do I activate the Standing Stones?

Sadly, there are no animations allowing you to do lewd stuff to the Standing Stones. So sadly, you can only activate them in the old, boring way.


What are the exact benifits?

All Stones' powers are unlocked by either by being naked (only torso, you can still wear helmets, gauntlets, boots, shields, capes etc.) or having sex with something specific.

Nudity effects will obviously apply as long as your character is naked. Sex effects are temporary and you will have to have sex again to regain the benifit.


- Apprentice Stone -

Trigger: nudity & Having sex with AOA

Double benifit: Nudity increases magic resistance, having sex with anything or anyone (AOA) boost magic power and decreases spell costs.


- Atronach Stone -

Trigger: having sex with an Atronach

Sort of double benifit: Having sex with an Atronach will greatly increase absorb chance (spells will fill your Magicka pool instead of hurt you). Depending on which Atronach you have just had sex with, you gain an additional benifit: a bonus damage resist to the element corresponsing with the element of the Atronach you have just had sex with. (I couldn't find any Storm Atronach animations, but the effect is included in the mod in case those animations ever do get released.)


- Lady Stone -

Trigger: nudity

A bonus armor rating and a chance to deflect blows.


- Lord Stone -

Trigger: having sex with a humanoid

20% experience bonus.


- Lover Stone -

Trigger: having sex with AOA

20% experience bonus (time duration is half that of the Lord or Steed Stones).


- Mage Stone -

Trigger: nudity

Increased Magicka recovery.


- Ritual Stone -

Trigger: having sex with a summoned or reanimated minion

Summoned minions are more powerful. I couldn't find a way to increase the time they're alive, so you'll have to be quick or you need the perks to keep them around longer.


- Serpent Stone -

Trigger: having sex with AOA

Having sex with something while the spell is active, will kill it after sex. Warning, this can kill people you might not want to see dead.


- Shadow Stone -

Trigger: entering sneak while being naked

You will become invisible for a while, allowing you to sneak closely or get out of a fight.


- Steed Stone -

Trigger: having sex with an animal (e.g. a horse) or beast (e.g. a Chaurus)

20% experience bonus.


- Thief Stone -

Trigger: nudity

Increased Stamina recovery.


- Tower Stone -

Trigger: having sex with a Dragon, Dwarven Centurion, Giant, Mammoth or Lurker (large beast)

Highly increased armor rating.


- Warrior Stone -

Trigger: nudity

Damage bonus with non-magical means of attack (one-handed, two-handed and archery).



How to install:

>Be you.

>Have Skyrim.

>Have SexLab installed.

>Download file.

>Install with Mod Manager or manual install.

>Play game.


Questions you might have:

Q: Is this for female characters only?

A: No, male characters can get the full benifits as well. Although this was designed with HDT butts wiggling about during your adventures, dangling schlongs are welcome as well.


Q: I don't want to constantly go back and forth between the game and this page to see what every stone does. Any way you can add something like a book to the game giving a general description?

A: Already did. It should be scattered throughout the game world, most easily found in the Arcaenum of the College. Otherwise, open up console and type "Help "On Standing Stones" 4", this should bring up the book.


Q: I don't like what this certain Stone does. Can you change it?

A: No. But feel free to try your hand at it, and maybe even release it. The more the merrier. :smile:


Q: This doesn't work! Why?

A: I have no idea. I'm not an expert modder by any means, especially script heavy mods. I'll see what I can do, though.


Q: The Steed Stone requires you to have sex with animals, that's disgusting and depraved! Wait, this has to be a question... uh... how could you?

A: If you know what I've done in Fallout, this shouldn't surprise you one bit ;)



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