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About This File

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A simple translation of the RCOTS Mod (the descriptions are in French, I decided to translate them into English.)


If you choose the AltLore version, the races will now have different background stories than the ones originally featured in RCOTS. In this AltLore, Sky Children are immortal beings who do not age. This is so you don't have to feel weird when a 14-year old girl is totally decapitating some bandit chief and celebrating it with a nice Alto Wine.
This version also adds a lengthy book describing the backgrounds of all Sky Child races.


Please note that this does require the original file, these ones simply translate the text provided by Glouf.


(P.S., if it's not too much of a hassle, I'd like to know whether people choose the translation or the AltLore, please leave your choice in the comments.)

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