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Made as a commission for [ANONYMOUS]


Mojave Pimp is here, and now it is up to you to make money off it! What do you have to do? Get a follower and find the right customers!


-Sexout Common Recourses
-Smaller Talk (not a master, but very, very, very highly recommended.)


-A minor prostitution system through which you can have your followers service NPC's and earn some caps along the way. The amount of caps are based on barter skill.
-A very small quest with some outfits to help your pimping career. AND a holotape voiced by yours truly.
-The option to have other random NPC's work for you. That's getting rich the easy way. (You will need to wear Rod's Neat Suit to hire them, though.) Once hired, your new Working Girls and Escorts will wander around close to where you recruited them, and will randomly end up having sex with some people while making a fuckton of cash for you.


>So... is this done? No more extras?
-Who said anything about done? Who knows? Maybe I will, maybe I won't.


>Prostitution, isn't that degrading towards women?
-Normally: maybe. But there is absolutely no restriction in men and women: both genders can be serviced, whored off and hired as prostitutes.


>Hey, Veronica won't sleep with this guy... (or any other combination of followers not being sold off)
-There is a restriction system allowing all followers to only sleep with a select group of clients. See the included Restrictions Sheet, it will tell you exactly which gender/race combinations every follower can sleep with. Also, there is a perk which allows you to circumvent the restrictions system (The Master Pimp Perk), or wear the Pimp Suit.


>Can't you add Willow? (Or some other popular follower mod.)
>Please, just...
-Legal issues.
-That and it's more of a pain in my ass than it's worth.

What's New in Version 1.1.3


  • Hopefully fixed the payment scripts for Working Girls and Escorts. Income seriously reduced.

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