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Tyq'ra the Xivilai Follower 0.9r01 beta

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About This File

I decided to release the open beta (and quite functional) version of Tyq’ra the Xivilai follower.


I am still looking for a modder who can add a short quest to this mod in order to give Tyq’ra a background story (I have a scenario ready), but also to make things more interesting for the player – to give the player who meets the Xivilai a “Witcher style” choice between a lesser and a greater evil.

If someone is interested, please, send me a message.



Anyway I am going to continue to work on this mod in order to add more unique features. Most probably further updates will require to uninstall this version and make a clean save. So it is unrecommended to merge this beta version into any compilation of follower mods.




For now it is a simple follower mod based on the preset of one my characters.

She is a Xivilai warrior with custom weapon and outfit. Tyq’ra lost her usual Xivilai outfit when she was banned from her daedric realm for disobedience. So he had to find something suitable in Skyrim.

Her combat style is that of the Xivilai warriors. She conjures a clannfear, casts destruction (fire and lightning) spells with the left hand and wields a two-handed sword in the right hand. She has the Xivilai resistances and weaknesses.


Tyq’ra can be found west of Riverwood (not far from the settlement).





1) Ok. First small update. Tyq’ra now is custom Xivilai race. More details in the Version history section. Hopefully the custom race feature will let me attach custom animations for Tyq’ra’s one-handed sword attacks (I would like to give Tyq’ra Witcher style combat animations).


A clean save (without TyqraXivilaiFollower mod installed) is required for the update to work properly. 


2) Second update. Unique combat and idle animations. More details in the Version history.


Just install the new version manually over the old one replace all the old files with the new ones


I want some feedback: bugs, suggestions etc. 


Just an example of Tyq'ra's combat animations

Tyq'ra's combat animations.mp4

Higher resolution here: 





I have found the problem. I contacted GomaPudding who created AddAnimationTool. He says that to make animations work. A person who installs such a mod should intstall and execute his AddAnimationTool with my .lis file. I have not seen this condition when I decded to add custom animations. Sorry :frown:

However AddAnimationTool is very simple to use and very light weight. The main thing is to set your Skyrim data path in the  [Config 01] section of the Config file

Then drop this .lis file in ANIMLIST folder.


Close ALL other open folders and execute AddAnimData as administrator.

If you do not want to bother with all that then just install the previous version and keep it.


3) Third update


Added HDT to Tyq'ra's leather skirts, and navel piercing,

Removed the bug that caused navel piercing disappear.


Two versions are available: with normal animations and with custom animations




HDT Physics Extentions


General information on the Xivilai:


The Xivilai are powerful, highly intelligent daedra who serve Molag Bal or Mehrunes Dagon. They look like tall, muscular warriors with gray or blue-purple skin, with red markings across arms and legs. They have glowing eyes, long ears and mane-like hair with big horns on their forehead. The Xivilai walk around bare shirted; the only protection they have is a slightly armored kilt and a plated necklace. They are similar in many points to the dremora, but do not have a caste system or ranks. The lack of a caste system fits perfectly with their hatred of subordination and tendency for disobedience. They are not to be trusted and often betray mortals who are foolish enough to make deals with the Xivilai. However they have their own code of honor and principles.


The Xivilai are physically the strongest of the daedra, being able to wield two-handed weapons in one hand. They can also cast spells: Heat Blast (Fire Damage 70 pts on Target), Lightning Surge (Shock Damage 80 pts on Target), Lightning Grasp (Shock Damage 45 pts on Touch), Summon Clannfear (for 45 sec), Dispel Other (Dispel 30 pts on Target), Guard (Shield 30 pts for 30 sec on self). A Xivilai will almost always summon a clannfear immediately at the start of a battle.


The Xivilai have the following resistances and weaknesses: 33% resist fire, 20% weakness to shock, 33% Spell Absorption, Stunted Magicka: they rely upon spell absorption to regenerate magicka.




A lot of assets from other mods have been used in order to give Tyq’ra her unique look. Some assets were modified to better suite a Xivilai female warrior (mash ups and retextures). I have asked the authors of all the assets I used for their permissions. However I still have not had replies from several people. So I would like to release the mod without their permissions. If anyone of these modders does not want their assets to be used in this mod, please, let me know. I will remove them from the mod as soon as I can.


I would like to thanks all the people who contributed directly or indirectly to the creation of this mod:


T3alrose – for the Xivilai race mod;


Kalilies – for the famous KS hairdos;


Gomaperopero – for the Tsuntsun armor;


bla08 for the Sexy Tsuns armor mashup;


ReflexShooter – for the UNP UNPB UNPB-BBP CBBEv3 Conversion of the Tsun Female Armor;


Skeuomorph – for the CBBE HDT Piercing Sets (permission asked, no reply yet);


Plooshy – for the claws (nails) that are from Neve mod;


zemaria – for the Greaves and legwraps;


FavoredSoul – for the Ultimate assortment;


jrc0011 – for the JRC’s Witcher style sword pack;


Zadil – for the Devious Devices (Assets);


Wast1980 – for the SevenBase Bombshell body that so perfectly suits a female Xivilai, imho;


myuhinny – for his help, inexhaustible patience and a rare ability to give thorough answers;


realclone – for very realistic physics of Tyq’ra’s earrings;


GomaPudding - for his fantastic Add Animation Data tool;


cyh0405 - for the Witcher style combat animations mod


dint999 - for very realistic physics of Tyq’ra’s leather skirts and for removing the bug that caused Tyq'ra's navel piercing disappear;


Artsick – for support, alfa testing, help and especially for the wonderful dynamic glow that she has managed to attach to the dragon eye on Tyq’ra’s ring and to the crystals on Tyq’ra’s earrings, navel piercing and pommel of the sword;


Ezzar – for support, alfa testing and advice.


If I have forgotten to mention someone, please, let me know.



Version history:


beta 09r01 – Added HDT to Tyq'ra's leather skirts, and navel piercing,

                     Removed the bug that caused navel piercing disappear.



beta 09p03 – Tyq’ra now has unique combat and idle animations. She has now "Witcher combat style" and uses her sword properly - as a bustard (hand-and-a-half) sword.

                      You do not need to run FNIS, just put all the files into your Data folder.


beta 09p01 – Tyq’ra is now custom Xivilai race (non-playable); removed Resist Cold enchantment from the Plated Necklace, now it grants the wearer Immunity to Paralysis; cleaned the .esp.

                      You will need a clean save to update the mod.


beta 09n08 – open beta initial release




There is little in this mod that was made by me except for the head preset. The head mesh is free to use for anyone. For the rest a permission of the authors who own the assets should be asked for.

What's New in Version 0.9r01 beta


Added HDT to Tyq'ra's leather skirts, and navel piercing,

Removed the bug that caused navel piercing disappear.


Two versions of Tyq'ra the Xivilai follower are now available: one is normal, the other is with custom combat and idle animations.


You have to install and run the Add Anim Data Tool to make the custom animations work. Please read the description for details. You do not need to run FNIS.


To update from previous versions 0.9p01 and 0.9p03 just put all the files into your Data folder.


I have left the previous versions here in case someone does not want HDT armor for Tyq'ra in his/her game.


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