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  1. Artsick

    Show Your Outfit Mash-ups

    Thank you ^^ I'm planning on doing some more texture work to make the skin dirtier.. somehow If you know any unkempt hair though, let me know because I've been searching for some for a while for her and couldn't find anything beyond messy buns.
  2. Artsick

    Show Your Outfit Mash-ups

    An actual mashup this time ^^ It's for a character of mine that I haven't touched in about six months :s looong overdue. I might've gone overboard on the physics and there's a lot of areas to fix weighting-wise but it's mostly done.
  3. They're both part of the Demonica mod. this body is called Eva, the other is called Lilith.
  4. I was working on a Demonica body that works with the vanilla head the other day and there was a bunch of photos I couldn't share elsewhere but I can here. There's still a few seams to work on and issues with weighting but it's pretty good as-is ^^ I'm happy with it, at least but it's not really worth the effort involved.
  5. Artsick

    Show Your Outfit Mash-ups

    It's Resplendent Armour just with a lot of changes and fixes and a few additions. It's not really anything that hasn't been done before but I'm still proud of how mine's turned out since I didn't really know anything when I started. Most of the changes are unnoticeable without direct comparison though, heh which is why I wasn't sure if really qualifies as a mashup. I kind of wanted it to look more like a light armour/heavy armour-hybrid that's visually protective but still looks easy to move around in for a mix of agile and hard-hitting combat.
  6. Artsick

    Show Your Outfit Mash-ups

    I don't really know if it counts as a mashup but it's far from what it used to be. I have a lot of hair mashups though if that counts haha
  7. Artsick

    Freestyle katana MotionPack

    OP's looking for animations, not weapons.
  8. It still persists after moving/removing those faces.
  9. I was trying to make a hairstyle mashup for a character but one of the hair meshes I'm using has some broken tangents/bitangents on it and I can't figure out any way of fixing them. The result is a strange sort of glowing pattern. Does anyone know a way of fixing them?
  10. Artsick

    [WHAT IS?] hairstyle

    The second hairstyle is Python Shock from the Vindictus hair pack.
  11. It looks mostly fine except for a few shader flags which I had to change. See if these work Elys_EditedMesh.nif Elys_EditedMeshHL.nif
  12. It's hard to say because I don't know what you're doing specifically so I can't tell what it is you're missing. Do you mind sending it as-is and I'll see what I can do?
  13. Make sure the Shader Type (at the top of the BSLightingShaderProperty) is set to Hair Tint.
  14. Yep! Wezaleff by Brave Mustaine. http://mod.dysintropi.me/brave-mustaine/
  15. Try this. I've made quick changes to the normals in NifSkope and included separate files for the Hair and HairLine for when you want to turn it into a hairstyle rather than a wig. ElysWig.7z