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  1. hello and sorry i seem to be having an issue down loading from get hub is there a possibility that it can be given a diffrent place to down load it?and im sorry to ask but it kinda seems like here lately people just say down load this and that and use them but it never seems to work.i had it a month ago but an update to windows 10 seems to have screwed some thing on my pc.id verry much apreciate it i have ddx and zaz 8.0 just cant seem to get this one i even tryed the git hub down load with the same issues.

  2. I updated the FAQ part of the mod description with more info for those who might want to use the meshes and textures of DDa in their own works. The short version: Feel free, just don't be greedy and leave some kind of (brief) mention somewhere in the readme or description. Sounds fair?
  3. DDa has been updated (v3.0c) to include a hotfix by Princessity regarding a bug with the UUNP slider groups.
  4. Done. The primary download now points to the fixed version (v3.0b).
  5. Turns out the previous multipart archives weren't feeling the Christmas spirit yet. Please refer to the following link instead (the official link will be updated to match shortly). Edit: The primary link should now be updated.
  6. Nothing like a fresh mod update to get ready for the upcoming Christmas season. With native Bodylide support and focused on some of the hottest bodies around the block, this should be one to keep you warm. Now go grab a cookie and take an arrow to the knee. Changes for v3.0: * Removed: UNP and CBBE Curvy body support. * Added: UUNP and CBBE-HDT Bodyslide slider sets. Bodyslide is now a requirement for this mod.
  7. Not sure what's going on there, but unless others here are experiencing the same it's likely to be a local issue. Especially if the same occurs with other mods as well. Assuming you're looking for a way to insert your own items you'll have to take it up with the author of the mod you're using for equipping the devices to the PC.
  8. This ome came up as having an update today. Just me updating some parts of the main post, sorry 'bout that. Didn't think it would send out update notices as long as the actual file hasn't changed (which it hasn't).
  9. Agreed, so here's version 2.8.3. A fairly minor update, but it should pave the way for new devices coming in the future. Changelog: Fixed: Belt Padded (Open) wold mesh path Fixed: missing Leather Posture Collar scriptInstance armor record Added: a couple of new keywords for modders
  10. Done. Revert to one of the officially supported bodies or look for a suitable conversion mod for your body.
  11. Hopefully this will help, using the latest version of Assets (2.8.2) to find what screens aren't working correctly, what's missing, etc. Perfect, this will make the update and troubleshoot process so much smoother. Thanks for that, infernus.
  12. hi, maybe you didn`t install the texture-file from Zaz Animation Pack. You need the Main-file and the Texture-file. http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/156-zaz-animation-pack-2014-11-02/ All DD:Assets items use original textures and are not dependent on external resource files. Since re-installing the mod didn't do it for you, try installing the texture files manually (located in the '00 Core' folder) and make sure to overwrite any existing files. Also make sure to test the issue without other mods active to exclude the possibility of a mod conflict. Do the items appear when
  13. yeah, try reinstalling. Hm, sounds like your installation is missing something. Try a reinstall according to the instructions of the mods involved and don't forget to run FINIS. Shocky has been maintaining a SevenBase Bombshell version here. it's maintained separately, but seems to be up to date as of version 2.8.2.
  14. True, I've been neglecting this one... Things are going rather slow at the moment, but once the next major core DD update is released I'll have another look at these loading screens. Thanks for hanging in there so far. Updating it will go quicker if I know what to look for, so in the meantime anybody who's currently using this mod is encouraged to list any lading screens that in the current state are known to appear or to not appear at all, but also keep in mind that sometimes no mesh will appear at all if the loading process is quick enough.
  15. Added Devious Traps by aqqh & Deviously Enchanted Chests by Bane_Master to the list.
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