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  1. Sursed

    Lintra the Spearmaiden

    Try to uninstall the mod and then to reinstall it manually. Do not forget to put the lis file where it belongs
  2. Sursed

    What follower should I make next?

    Thanks, midgard229. I have sent you my answer in a PM
  3. Sursed

    Lintra the Spearmaiden

    If you install the Add Animation Tool correctly (do not forget to put the right path to your Skyrim Data folder in the Config file), put the .lis file included in the mod in the ANIMLIST folder and run the Add Animation Tool everything should be OK. Check every step please The Add Animation Tool does not conflict with the FNIS. But... FNIS conflicts with it. To cut a long story short every time you run FNIS you should run the Add Animation Tool two times (one time to clear the previous animations and one time to install them again)
  4. Sursed

    Myra the Taffy Dragon

    Open the mesh with the nifscope open the NiTriShape open the BSLightingShaderProperty chose the BSShaderTextureSet open the textures tab in the lower part of the sceen check the path
  5. Sursed

    Myra the Taffy Dragon

    In the pants .nif of course
  6. Sursed

    Myra the Taffy Dragon

    This should be a conflict with some other mod.
  7. Sursed

    Myra the Taffy Dragon

    Check if the texture path for the pant is correct. And if you like Myra, try my other mods Lintra for example is more interesting
  8. Sursed

    Myra the Taffy Dragon

    This mod is for LE. Look here on the LL forums for a SSE version. Two guys have converted the mod to SSE
  9. Sursed

    Myra the Taffy Dragon

    This is beacause you do not have required HTD files for COS body
  10. Sursed

    Myra the Taffy Dragon

    Thanks for the information ;). It's good that people like her. And it is a pity MxR was not able to install correctly the essential custom feature of this mod - Myra's combatstyle,,,
  11. The bodypaint is from this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72091
  12. Sorry I am not planning to make to make a port, but you are welcome to try. P.S. I do not have any issues with the dragon. Do you have dragon overhaul mods?
  13. What is this outfit? Could you provide a download link?