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  1. I am the author of Lintra. Try contacting Gomma Pudding if you have problems with his tool. He is a nice and helpfull person
  2. Or she doesn't want to? Yes, if you haven't set another home location for her with a follower framework mod such as AFT or EFF or any other
  3. I don't know. I have never tested her with ATF.
  4. I am not the author of the animations. So go to the animations original mod page and ask the modder who made the animations.
  5. Unistall Myra, save your game, reinstall Myra
  6. I have never tried merging this mod. I think these errors are not crusial, but can't say for sure. Sure, you can post patches here
  7. I have Nvideo GeForce GTX 970 and it is enough to run the game withmyra smoothly. So the problem is with some other stuff on your end
  8. Choose another partner for her, maybe she just doesn't want the one you offer
  9. На Легендарке мой мод должен работать нормально. Убедись, что у тебя установлена физика HDT PE для женских тел. Мод устанавливай вручную. Просто сбрось в папку Data все файлы из архива.
  10. А у тебя все необходимое для этого мода есть? Физика NiOverride? И еще ты его на какой Скайрим ставишь, на Легендарку или на Спешиал? Какую версию мода ставишь - ванилную или с кастомными анимациями?
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