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  1. I have started working on a mash up outfit for this follower Need to find a mod with boots like the brown on the left here Mates, let me know if you know such a mod, please
  2. Sursed

    Outfit Studio/Bodyslide 2 CBBE Conversions

    an anyone convert this armor to CBBE Bodyslide, please? http://kartermods.blogspot.com/2015/10/dem-beta.html
  3. Ok, ok, You have convinced me, mates. the first hairstyle will be her basic one, if I do not find another suitable hair
  4. Hey, Ravenous Jaguar, Which one of the free hairstyles you like? Since half of this new preset (and especially the eyeshape) is made by you, I would like to know your opinion...
  5. I guess i will have to release her with several HDT wigs I like this one most
  6. Thanks but most of them are for ECE and I use Racemenu
  7. I like Suri. By the way, does anyone know what is the name of the original character? I heard somewhere her name is Stella but I am not sure...
  8. Well, thanks but I have already released a few original followers made on my concepts. Do you think that they are not original enough? Now I am in the mood to ape a bit another person's work Besides I do have some original ideas that I would like to implement in this mod and a funny background. And thanks for the tip about SG hair 350. I will have a look at them. If anyone has some rare hair mods, please share, I would like to try different variants. I also need advice of someone who knows how to make a book in Skyrim And mates, we have to find a suitable name for the girl.
  9. Ok, here you are and I have found 3 haircuts that seen suitable Which one is better? I haven't yet tried Morten's hair though.
  10. Thanks. And the body is UNP but just slightly modified
  11. Sursed

    Lintra the Spearmaiden

    Thanks! No video for now (I am lazy ) Maybe later... The animations are from this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/89708 there is a video there (pike animations) though the video doesn't give the animations their due and doensn't show all animations (just basic attacks). I thinck the author did great job. the animations are very realistic.
  12. I will post a comparison image of the tree faces with the same background (wall of roses) in a couple of days: the original, the previous and the latest.
  13. Mouth ia always a problem for me Not only on this preset but on all presets. I can't make a nice mouth...
  14. I thought the cheeks here were closer to the original... Aren't they? Ears are absolutely the same as on the previous version. I have just imported them. Eyes are new
  15. Well, I do not even know if these are good or bad news. I have remade the preset.. The eyes seem closer now to the original but I messed up a bit the jaw line and the chin From now on I am going to work on this new preset unless many people think that the previous was better. Let me know, please.