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  1. You have not yet seen the two other girls yet... No, I am not going to release a separate preset but when the mod is relased you will be able to import the face from the nif.
  2. Thanks for support, The First Lady of Hats I like this hair too
  3. chevalierx, can you make the same trick with a body? For example can you import the shape of Demonica body to a UNP or a CBBE body?
  4. Good news: I have the permissions for all the assets used to make the mashup khopesh sword. Bad news: I have A LOT of real life work this month. I will not be able to work much on this mod till the beggining of december, Sorry
  5. That is what I do, I have sent you the nif
  6. chevalierx, can you convert my Myra's head into a high poly head? When I try your method I fail on importing slider data... I get this after importing Any ideas why does it happen?
  7. As far as I understand from the post on the source tumblr the author ajusts the body in ECE. So there is no particular mesh :(
  8. What is the source of the image? I am interested by the body\bodyslide preset.
  9. PICURES IN THIS POST ARE NOT RELATED TO THE EGYPTIAN FOLLOWERS I have not beed lately to active in this WIP thread because I was busy with retexturing the rapier the Crazylion made for Myra I will soon update the Myra the Taffy Dragon mod
  10. Yes, It's a very nicely done armor. And Goma Pero usually gives his permission to use his assets in mods. However I have already used a loot of assets from this armor in my Lintra the Spearmaiden mod for the outfit of the human avatar of the dragon
  11. Sursed

    Gothic plate armor

    Great work! Please, consider making a lighter version of the armor too, With some leather parts under the steel plates (pants, sleeves etc).