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  1. [SOLVED]Wierd glitch on body

    I solved.
  2. [SOLVED]Wierd glitch on body

    This started after attempting to install HDT VAG.
  3. Is there a fix to this problem?
  4. For some reason I can't write comments on that page. When I click post a pop up shows white chinese/japanese letters.. I don't know what they mean.
  5. Thanks for this information man! I'm currently trying to contact Mistel on tumblr, he hasn't read my messages yet. I'm gonna try with MisterMane. Thanks again!
  6. Any idea where I can contact either one of them?
  7. Yeah, that's exactly where I'm stuck. I don't know how to get to Lies's author and I have asked Sina's author but is already a year and hasn't replied yet.
  8. Hi guys, I'm trying to contact the authors of 'Lies corset armor' and 'Sina follower' to ask for permission to use some of their mod's assets, but I can't reach them. Do you know the permissions those authors set for their mods? or do you have a link/page/mail for me to ask them directly?
  9. No, I couldn't. I haven't tested her recent release yet to see if it got fix.
  10. lol true xD... no wait, I can't if I want to give credit... I might use it for a follower mod... but thanks.
  11. Can you guys post pics of these shoes? The first link isn't working for me.