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  1. Ezarr

    Help fixing neck seam

    Cause I like how my follower looks with the cbbe body, but I don't like its head textures. Looks weird. This other unp head textures do the job. The video uses photoshop to fix it. I tried it but I couldn't remove it completely, there's still some seam showing at the front of the neck.
  2. Ezarr

    Problems with making a follower mod

    Correct. And is always better to have your mods outside the main folder and it's more easy to manage them that way. Now that is funny xD of all possibilities that one never crossed my mind. Followers have facial animation, even if their mood is neutral they can still make expressions. My advice is to take close attention to her face and see if it changes back to normal at some point. Talking to them normally resets their expression. Glad I could help.
  3. Ezarr

    Problems with making a follower mod

    That is why you don't see it on the left window, because your mod is not installed through MO. It is manually installed in the Skyrim main folder. This is the next step. You just need to collect all of your follower related folders inside of Skyrim main directory and take them out. Make a new folder on your desktop and name it as you follower, then create two new folders inside: 'meshes' and 'textures'. After that just place your followers esp file inside your follower folder and place its meshes inside the meshes folder and its textures inside the textures folder. You'll need to recreate the same path for the files inside those folders, the same way as they are in the Skyrim main folder, example: "meshes\actors\character\myfollower" and don't forget about the 'FaceGenData' and 'FaceTint' folders. Once you have all of your follower's folders in order inside your 'myfollower' folder, make sure to delete any files related to your follower inside Skyrim main directory. Then package your 'myfollower' folder inside a .rar file and install your mod with MO using the .rar
  4. Ezarr

    Problems with making a follower mod

    This is the name of the package: 'DefaultSandboxEditorLocation1024'; You could also add this AI package to be sure it will follow you 'DefaultFollowPlayer'. Remember to uninstall/reinstall and test in a clean save for all the changes to be effective.
  5. Could you guys help me with this neck seam? When I have this problem I normally fix it using the process in this tutorial: I fixed most of the seam by following the tutorial, but there's still some showing on the front of the neck as you can see in the image. Any suggestions?
  6. Sorry for going off your question, but there's something I want to ask you. Is the character in your profile pic from Skyrim? If so, how did you get that white color for the hair?
  7. Ezarr

    Problems with making a follower mod

    Yes, FemaleCommander is a valid follower voice type. I think what you are missing might be the AI package for followers. Go there and make sure you have 'DefaultFollowerDialogue' or something like that, I don't quite remember the name of the package, but that is my guess. Also the AI package should be set as 'follower'.
  8. Ezarr

    Problems with making a follower mod

    From this I assume you are using racemenu 4 or ECE to make your follower appearance. If this is the case then you need to make a .npc file of your follower. This file save the values for the skin tone and other things. Using it, you will get your follower skin tone right. To get the .npc file, go ingame, you need to load your follower appearance on your character. Once you have it on you, open console and type 'spf' and write your follower's name, exmaple: 'spf myfollowername' and hit enter. It will look like nothing happened, but the file was made. To get it, exit the game and go to the Skyrim folder and the file should be there. Then you take that file and upload it in the CreationKit in the 'character gen parts' tab. Then save and export your follower again. The skin tone should be fixed. Sometimes you need to reinstall the mod for the changes in combat and spells can take effect and test it on a clean save. So I recommend you to Uninstall/reinstall. Also check again the relationship tab, sometimes it doesn't save correctly.
  9. Someone recognizes the eyes mod?
  10. Tutorial: Also: https://www.deviantart.com/user619/art/Tutorial-on-adding-worlds-maps-stages-andcharacter-562437223 If you got questions, you can try to contact user619. He mainly do ports of game assets to Skyrim. He has an account here in loverslab by the same name.
  11. Could you guys help me with this one? http://www.9damao.com/thread-71740-1-1.html
  12. Ezarr

    Help with dialogue?

    Try to save/reload in front of him.