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  1. Well, the thing is this is a follower that I plan on releasing for people to download it. So, doing all that by console won't really work I guess. I changed the class to "vigilant1hMeleeClass" but that didn't worked either. I give up. I'm gonna release it as it is. Thanks a lot for your help man.
  2. Yes, I'm using CK. 1- I checked the base magic on my follower and it was 50. Then I give it an offset magic of 500 but in game through console, it showed it still was on 50 magic. 2- I used console to give it ward spell but still didn't use it. 3- I attacked it with magic spells but my follower never used ward to protect. Vigilants always use ward as a shield even when I use melee weapons against them.
  3. 1- How do I check this? 2- Ward spell is left handed.
  4. I gave my custom follower a ward spell (greater), but is not using it at all. I tried combat style "spellsword" and "csHumanMagic" and nothing. Please help.
  5. I've noticed that when I give a follower a body with BBP features, it always create a very thin gap in the neck and in the hands and feet too. This doesn't happen when I use normal bodies for my followers. Is there a way to fix this gaps on BBP bodies?
  6. Ezarr

    This spear girl wants...

    I see. With the Spear it looked like it was a pose mod made for that weapon xD
  7. Ezarr

    This spear girl wants...

    Really cool as always bro! Could you tell me the name of the pose mod?
  8. Thanks for taking the time man.
  9. Hi, could you recommend me some teeth textures? (female). Ones that look nice and clean. Thanks.
  10. Ezarr

    All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy

    So any ideas why my character body goes from weight 100 to 0 when nude?? EDIT: she's not weight 0. She still is weight 100, but her body doesn't look right. Her tits get smaller.
  11. I get gaps on the hands, feet and neck when using this mod. Any help?
  12. I made a follower and gave her weight 100, but when she is naked her body looks like it's weight 0. Can someone help me fix this? http://image.ibb.co/fSJWen/enb_2018_04_02_03_59_26_20.jpg This change appeared after I gave her HDT pussy. Please, help me guys. I don't know what to do.
  13. Ezarr

    Is it hard to get into the USA?

    Really? Then how much is it for a small apartment? And are you taking into account cities And the location, crime and stuff?