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  1. BODY  UNPB with animated vagina.


  2. By experience I can tell you it'll be hard that someone will come help you with that. You'll be better off asking someone directly to help you. Most users don't know about scripting and the few that do know, most of them have stopped playing Skyrim a long time ago.
  3. So I just need nifskope and Outfit studio to convert it?
  4. Hi guys, I just want to know if someone is interested to convert this outfit to Skyrim? https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/9460/
  5. I see, if there's that possibility then I should try it.
  6. They're still too big, but thanks for the help guys.
  7. To clean the black texture on the face you can also use the command disable/enable on the follower.
  8. They're not bad bu still kind of big.
  9. I'm looking for some hoop earrings like this one But I want them to be smaller. Do you know of any earring mods like this?
  10. Awesome tutorial man, thanks!
  11. Ezarr

    Who is this woman?

    LUSY LOGAN http://inklove.caracteres.mx/lusy-logan/
  12. I'm looking for a tutorial that explains how to make a follower that uses the body meshes and textures you already have installed in your game.
  13. Well, the thing is this is a follower that I plan on releasing for people to download it. So, doing all that by console won't really work I guess. I changed the class to "vigilant1hMeleeClass" but that didn't worked either. I give up. I'm gonna release it as it is. Thanks a lot for your help man.
  14. Yes, I'm using CK. 1- I checked the base magic on my follower and it was 50. Then I give it an offset magic of 500 but in game through console, it showed it still was on 50 magic. 2- I used console to give it ward spell but still didn't use it. 3- I attacked it with magic spells but my follower never used ward to protect. Vigilants always use ward as a shield even when I use melee weapons against them.
  15. 1- How do I check this? 2- Ward spell is left handed.