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  1. I solved, looks llike I was using the wrong bone weights.
  2. Well, the armor originally had HDT physics, but I got rid of them cause it was deforming the armor too much. After that I started to get CTD.
  3. The armor was working just fine a few days ago, I changed the bone weights to fit the new body I gave to the armor (ADEC). Now I get CTD every time I try it on. I forgot to make backups. Can someone check the armor and see if its an easy fix? I don't know what else to do and don't want to do all the work from the start again.
  4. You can also do game characters faces! you are amazing bro
  5. Just a little bump. I still want this armor.
  6. I will try with his method. Thank you for the help bro.
  7. I hope it does not vary too much from your picture. Where can I download the files?
  8. Would I need to have COTR high poly face for it to work?
  9. Aww that's one thing I don't know how to do. I tried to make a follower custom race once but failed miserably. But at least I now know where that option is. Thanks bro.
  10. BRUHH!! THIS IS ITTT!!! @@ YOU HAVE ACHIEVED!! Is there a way I could have the head sculpt? cause I saw you do your stuff for SSE and I use normal. If possible I would like a copy of your Michelle Pfeiffer head while we are at it Congratulations once again bro you got great skills sculpting.
  11. Where is that option, I don't see it. I'm using TES5edit.
  12. I want a follower to float above the ground just like vampire lords and atronach do instead of walking. If you guys know of any guides covering how to do this or if you know a follower that already does it, please leave a link.
  13. Looks like you are getting there. Is a bit hard to tell cause of the textures you are using, but the head sculpt is looking good. These are my recommendations: The space between the brows should be a bit more reduced, brows also could be thinner and the lips a bit less thicker. post pics of more angles if you can. I can see you reduced her jaw in the second pic, her jaw is tricky as hell hehehe
  14. Does someone got the Eisen Platte Armor for ADEC body? I've been looking but can't find anything.
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