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  1. Not sure if this is supposed to be this way, but the "normal" version only contains the esp. So far in a new game it does not function. Trying the WIP version now
  2. I'm suddenly;y getting this AAF error which never happened before "FBG-Standing01-06Climax" is missing. It keeps AAF from functioning. How do I fix it?
  3. Took a while to figure out. This may be helpful to others. The original version (1.0) was deemed mergeable by Wyre Bash and got rolled into the Bashed Patch. No matter how many times in uninstalled and re-installed this mod, SexLab and the Animation Loader, the animation limit stayed 750 -- the original version stayed installed within the Bashed Patch. Once I un-gohsted the original esp, deleted it, and re-built the Bashed Patch in Wyre Bash -- build and clean in SexLab worked again and everything seems to be back to normal.
  4. Everything works fine so long as I dont try to add anims or run clean & rebuild. Its after that that everything disappears from Toggle Animations. This started after adding this mod. It loads to wherever LOOt places it in the load order
  5. Adding anything new or even registering a new animation from existing sets now breaks the Sl animation registry. Even though SL Anim Loader and SL itself say that hundreds of anims are loaded (more than 500 or less than - doesn't matter), "Toggle Animations" in SL shows only missionary and no other animations work
  6. Yes I did and it doesn't change. The issue may be with something else though. Clean/Rebuild in SexLab also removes all animations yet still says they're registered
  7. I dont think it works. As soon as I have more than 500 animations registered via SLAL, "Toggle Animations" in SexLab shows no animations except for 1 instance of missionary. Yet the animation counts under "Clean and Rebuild" show the same number of registered animations as SLAL - but it inst true. I long ago solved the string count issue so that isn't the problem
  8. I rolled back Skyrim SE, SexLab SE and SKSE to the previous state. With Defeat installed everything works except no creature schlongs show up, at least with Draugr since I started a new game and just went through Bleak Falls Barrow
  9. Is there a method to add belly node support to the CBBE meshes?
  10. Everything works EXCEPT schlongs on creatures. The install instructions for Oldrim mod are not relevant to this version. Some people seem to have this working as intended. So what are the exact steps to install? Is the problem a directory issue? There are two directories under meshes with creature assets and most are not meshes: meshes\actors\ and meshes\MoreNastyCritters\
  11. There's already a prostitution mod out there, but it requires another mod consisting of an underground city. .......Fusion City, to be exact. There may be a standalone version available for Hookers of the Commonwealth.........I'll check ........And here it is! http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21463/? All the women you want, without hunting for settlers. I've seen those mods and assumed they would not be compatible with Four-Play mods yet. I'm mainly interested in integration with Sim Settlements, use of Settlers is just something I though of while ty
  12. Is there any interest in a Sim Settlements Brothel incorporating Four-Play Prostitution? Might still have to place the safe in each stage, but the plot would be commercial and the settler assigned becomes the Madame. Each stage could also add a prostitute NPC rather than diverting a Settler
  13. My CTD issue is due to making a 'clean save' and then cleaning the save with Resaver. Installing without cleaning the save works. No CTD. Took a lot of trial and error
  14. Not sure how, but with this installed, all forms of autosave result in CTD. Have to go back to 8.2 Plus for it to be playable
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