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Sycorax the Sorceress Follower 0.91

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Ok, it is time to release Sycorax, I think.




It is a follower mod based on the preset of one of my old characters. 

Sycorax is a Nord sorceress with a custom body, a unique stuff (has custom effects) and custom outfit and a unique leopard pet Amra.


Amra sometimes behaves in a too independent way. However competent experts who have a rich experience with felines say that it is just cats being cats… :smile:



Better resolution here


When I got first reports from alpha testers I found out that I gave Sycorax vampire teeth. It was not intentional but a few testers liked that. So I included it in the mod as an option.


I had to change Sycorax' boots because I can't get the permission for those on the screenshots.


You can find Sycoracx and her cat South-East of Rorikstead.







A lot of assets from wonderful mods created by talented modders have been used in order to give Sycorax her unique look. Some assets were modified to better suite her hunter (mash ups and retextures). I have asked the authors of all the assets I used for their permissions. However I still have not had replies from several modders. If I has forgotten to ask someone for his permission it was not intentional. If this person does not want his assets to be used in this mod, please, let me know. I will remove them from the mod as soon as I can.


I would like to thank all the people who contributed directly or indirectly to the creation of this mod:


Kalilies – for the famous KS hairdos;


Lind001 – for the Lind’s Human Eyes;


SydneyB – for the Ashara Princess of the Woods;


Fraper – for the Triss Outfit for ES V SKyrim;


exeter - for the UNP Meshes for the Triss Outfit;


newermind43 – for the Light Elven Armor;


AltheaR – for the Breathing Rose;


Dragten – for the Bandolier – Bags and Pouches;


bbdlqek1 – for the Test HDT Earrings (permission asked, no reply yet);


 ?????? – for the Lady Masks (I don’t know who should thank for it or ask for permission);


Onota – for the Dwemer Fairies;


Kearsage – for the Staves of Skyrim;


RonnieMagnum – for the Legendary Rings;


RefurbMadness – for the Barbaric Boob Armor;


Mihail – for the Mountain Lions and Panthers;


crazylion – for his inexhaustible patience, readiness to help, to explain and to give advice; there are great unique models of weapons, shields and other things by crazylion here and here


Artsick – for her help in many aspects, suggestions and alpha testing;


Caliente – for the fantastic Bodyslide Outfit Studio;


bandygirl1 – for alpha testing;


27X – for alpha testing;


LL community – for support and interest in my follower mod.


If I have forgotten to mention someone, please, let me know.


Version history:


0.91 – initial release




The things that I have made myself are free to use for anyone. For the rest permissions of the authors who own the assets should be asked for.

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