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About This File

Here’s my collection of animations for Skyrim. All my files are packed into 1 fomod package, and you can select which ones to install from there. Refer to the below for the specific contents of each option. If you like my work I'd appreciate your support on patreon.




***New in SLAL_Billyy_Animations v3.01***




S1: https://redgifs.com/watch/generalofficialavians
S2: https://redgifs.com/watch/unrealisticunselfishaustraliansilkyterrier
S3: https://redgifs.com/watch/requiredanchoredindiancow
S4: https://redgifs.com/watch/gratefulthoughtfulcoral
S5: https://redgifs.com/watch/enormousspiffybadger



S1: https://redgifs.com/watch/flashysillyilsamochadegu
S2: https://redgifs.com/watch/imaginarycriminalalleycat
S3: https://redgifs.com/watch/assureddeficientatlanticblackgoby
S4: https://redgifs.com/watch/exemplaryflashyibadanmalimbe
S5: https://redgifs.com/watch/shamefulwickedduckbillplatypus


S1: https://redgifs.com/watch/dimpledpoliticalbabirusa
S2: https://redgifs.com/watch/happyincompletekodiakbear
S3: https://redgifs.com/watch/daringorneryjackrabbit
S4: https://redgifs.com/watch/frailillegalbobwhite
S5: https://redgifs.com/watch/aromaticsneakyarabianhorse


S1: https://redgifs.com/watch/thickglumindianringneckparakeet
S2: https://redgifs.com/watch/cavernoussorrowfulantelopegroundsquirrel
S3: https://redgifs.com/watch/focusedfarhoki
S4: https://redgifs.com/watch/amusedshallowaphid
S5: https://redgifs.com/watch/wellwornlazyannelid



Dragon Priest:

S1: https://redgifs.com/watch/scalydismalghostshrimp
S2: https://redgifs.com/watch/littledisfiguredantelopegroundsquirrel
S3: https://redgifs.com/watch/beautifulpastisabellinewheatear
S4: https://redgifs.com/watch/impurephonyflyingsquirrel
S5: https://redgifs.com/watch/colorfulscalycollardlizard





S1: https://redgifs.com/watch/anyreflectinggalapagostortoise
S2: https://redgifs.com/watch/dampnecessarycony
S3: https://redgifs.com/watch/idolizedunfortunategrouper
S4: https://redgifs.com/watch/shinyweightybrahmanbull
S5: https://redgifs.com/watch/deadtotalindianpalmsquirrel




S1: https://redgifs.com/watch/lawfulamusedhorseshoebat
S2: https://redgifs.com/watch/veneratedboldasianwaterbuffalo
S3: https://redgifs.com/watch/ringedjadedbernesemountaindog
S4: https://redgifs.com/watch/gaseouswaterloggedgalago
S5: https://redgifs.com/watch/verifiablespiffyamericanalligator



Invisible Furniture:

S1: https://redgifs.com/watch/crazydefinitiveanemonecrab
S2: https://redgifs.com/watch/clearmedicalafricanpiedkingfisher
S3: https://redgifs.com/watch/affectionateorneryfugu
S4: https://redgifs.com/watch/fancyannualbarbet
S5: https://redgifs.com/watch/illfateddelightfulanemone


Creature Animations

Contained animations Creature Beasts Pack:

Bear: 3

Boar w/Rider: 10
Canine: 16

Horse: 7

Sabrecat: 1

Seeker: 3

Skeever: 9


Contained animations Creature Constructs Pack:

Atronach Flame: 4

Atronach Frost: 3

Atronach Storm: 5

Dwarven Ballista: 2
Dwarven Centurion: 3
Dwarven Sphere: 5
Dwarven Spider: 3

Spriggan: 4


Contained animations Creature Humanoids Pack:

Draugr: 7

Dragon Priest: 3

Falmer: 9

Gargoyle: 4

Giant: 3

Lurker: 2

Riekling: 9

Troll: 7

Werewolf: 9

Vampire Lord: 2


Contained animations Creature Insects Pack:

Ash Hopper: 7

Chaurus: 6

Chaurus Reaper: 4

Chaurus Hunter: 9

Spider: 6
Spider Large: 3
Spider Giant: 3


Contained animations Creature Misc Pack:

Deer: 2

Dragon: 3

Fox: 2

Goat: 1
Horker: 3

Ice Wraith: 2

Mammoth: 3

Rabbit: 2

Slaughterfish: 2



Blog Post


Contained animations Creature 1 Pack:
Bear: 4
Chaurus: 10
Chaurus Reaper: 4

Dragon Priest: 3
Draugr: 13
Falmer: 20
Gargoyle: 7
Giant: 2
Goat: 2
Horker: 2
Horse: 6
Netch: 3
Sabrecat: 5
Skeever: 16

Troll: 15
Werewolf: 14

Blog Link


Contained animations Creature Furniture Pack:
Chaurus: 4
Draugr: 3
Falmer: 7

Gargoyle: 1
Horse: 2
Sabrecat: 1

Skeever: 1

Blog Link



Human Animations


Contained animations Human Pack:
Solo 1p: 5

Pair 2p: 7

Lesbian 2p: 13

Group 3p: 11

Group FFM: 4

Group 4p: 6

Group 5p: 1


Blog post

Contained animations Human Furniture Pack:

Chair: 1

FuroTub: 2

GloryholeShack: 4

Pillory: 1

Stockade Fuck Machine: 1

Tilted Wheel: 1

X-Cross: 3

Workstations: 2

Blog post


Contained animations Human Invisible Furniture Pack:

Bed: 2

Chair: 1

Table: 1

Wall: 1


Blog post


Contained animations Human Bondage Devices Pack:

Cuffs: 11

Yoke: 8


Blog post


Contained animations Human Futa Pack (futa on futa):

Futa solo 1p: 1

Futa Pair 2p: 5


Sexlab Framework
Sexlab Animation Loader
More Nasty Critters SLAL Edition

Animated Beast's Cocks(ABC) For users

SexLab MatchMaker

FootIK OFF Spell



1. Download and copy files from each individual folder you want into skyrim data, or use a mod manager to tick packs you want.
2. Run FNIS
3. Register animations in SLALs MCM menu


Q: I can’t start 3p+ animations with MatchMaker.
A: You’re probably using MassMatchMaker, which doesn’t support 3p+ with most creatures. Use SexLab MatchMaker instead for on-demand sex.


Q: Some creature’s size increases during sex causing animation to misalign (Chauruses, Frostbite Spiders, Deer, Horker, etc.).
A: Install latest More Nasty Critters SLAL Edition, and also turning on scaling in sexlab mcm might help unless you aren’t using a recent version of MNCSLAL, then scaling will produce bad results.


Q: X creature is missing dick during sex.
A: Install latest More Nasty Critters SLAL Edition, and then re-register mods in creature framework mcm.


Q: X creature's dick isn't animating during sex.

A: You'll need to have Factoryclose's Animated Beast Cocks (ABC) mod for it to work. Make sure to follow install instructions and have it overwrite everything.


Q: Can’t start animation with specific creature (usually newer creatures, Canines, Dwemer bots, Dragon Priest, Chaurus Hunter, specific Spiders).
A: Make sure you have latest More Nasty Critters SLAL Edition installed, and then in the SLAL MCM, disable all animations, then “rebuild sexlab animation registry”, and then enable all your animations again and click “register animations”.


Q: Creatures get stuck in sex animation after it ends (Spiders, Slaughterfish, Rabbit).
A: Some king of bug with custom behaviors perhaps. I believe Ed86 found a solution for at least the spiders, which you can find download and instructions here. For any other creatures you’ll be stuck with the tedious manual work-around: open up console with ~ > select the bugged creature > type “disable” then enter > type “enable” then enter. This more or less re-spawns the creature back in a mobile state.


Q: I CTD on load after installing mod.
A: Most likely case is your save is hitting the string limit. Unfortunately just because FNIS lets you install all those animations, doesn't mean your game can handle them. You can try removing animations, or try installing this mod; Animation Loading Fix.


You can also manually edit the SLAL source files to manually remove animations you don't want.

Sexlab Animation loader Guide


Q: Can you make animations for Mudcrabs?

A: To the extent of my knowledge mudcrabs will frequently break out of their sex animation to play an idle and then never return to the sexing. So mudcrabs are very impractical with all the issues they have.


Q: Can you convert X creature animation to work with Y creature.
A: No. Some creature skeletons may look similar, but often they are shaped differently, so it is by no means an effortless process.


Q: What is the 'Invisible Furniture Pack'?
A: Not to be confused with the regular 'Furniture Pack', it's a seperate pack with different animations that are designed with specific objects in mind (IE a bed, or a wall), but they don't spawn an object. It's up to player to manually chose and align these animations. It's a bit more tedious, but is more flexible in fitting into your scene. Objects can have different collisions, so not all objects will give same mileage, however they're intended to work by directly facing the object and the scene should align itself more or less with the object, assuming you've chosen to use an animation that would match the object (IE a wall animation will not work with a bed).


Q: How do I use Gloryhole animations?
A: They start like any other animation. Fomod has 3 options to use for the gloryhole shack with different door variations. They’re just big animobjects that popup during animations, not a special object to find in sitting around in Skyrim.


Q: Will you make a conversion for SSE?
A: Eventually I may get around to doing it myself (don’t even have a working SSE install). However in the meantime Pfiffy has saved me the trouble and you can find his conversion here:

Billyy's Animations for SE by Pfiffy



Ashal - Sexlab Framework

Factoryclose - Animated Beast Cocks

Orxx - Sexlab Animation Loader
Dentarr - More Nasty Critters
MadMansGun - More Nasty Critters SLAL Edition and assets
Pornphile – Rigs

Powerofthree – Rune Animobjects

Leito – Rigs and Creature assets
AnubiSs2167 – Rigs, 3ds Max Guide
SirNibbles – 3ds Max Guide
Shocky – Bone Table, Chaurus cage, WoodenPony, Creature Dildo Objects

Stroti – Outhouse assets
Xaz, Zaz – Furniture objects

Wenderer – fomod Creation Tool


Changelog 2020-2-1:

SLAL_Billyy_Animations v3.01

Creature Beasts Pack

- Bear Doggy 2

- Canine FFC DoggyCunn

- Canine Cowgirl REDONE

- Canine 3p Sideways Spit REDONE


Creature Humanoids Pack

- DragonPriest Magic Behind Anal


Creature Insects Pack

- Chaurus Boobjob ABC Edit


Human Pack

- Human 4p Gangbang 5


Human Futa Pack

-  Futa Frotting


Human Invisible Furniture Pack

- Bed Sideways



Previous Versions:


Changelog 2020-1-1:

SLAL_Billyy_Animations v2.91

Creature Beasts Pack

- Canine Below Blowjob REDONE
- Canine 3p Doggy DP REDONE

- Horse Standing Anal


Creature Humanoids Pack

- DragonPriest Magic Missionary

- Falmer 3p Reverse Cowgirl


Creature Insects Pack

- Hunter Holding REDONE


Human Pack

- FFM_3p69


Human Lesbian Pack

- Fingering 4


Human Invisible Furniture Pack

- Chair Behind Anal



Changelog 2019-12-1:

SLAL_Billyy_Animations v2.82

Human Futa Pack

- Futa OnaDildo/Masturbation - Fixed Onahole to be more functional (thanks ManMansGun)


SLAL_Billyy_Animations v2.81


Creature Beasts Pack
- Canine 3p Doggy Spit REDO
- Skeever Handjob
- Skeever Laying Anal ABC


Creature Humanoids Pack

- DragonPriest Magic Blowjob
- Falmer Spooning
- Draugr Reverse Cowgirl REDONE


Creature Insects Pack

- Hunter 3p Spitroast REDONE


Creature Furniture Pack
- Skeever Wooden Pony Doggy ABC


Human Pack

- Staff masturbation
- 4p Gangbang 4


Human Futa Pack

- Futa OnaDildo


Human Bondage Device Pack

- Cuffed Doggy Anal




Changelog 2019-11-1:

SLAL_Billyy_Animations v2.71


Creature Beasts Pack

- Canine Doggy3
- Canine 3p Sideways DP
- Canine Missionary Redone
- Canine Rev Cowgirl Redone
- ABC Edit Canine Boobjob
- ABC Edit Canine Doggy2
- ABC Edit Canine Missionary 2


Creature Humanoids Pack

- Giant Cowgirl
- ABC Edit Draugr Missionary


Creature Insects Pack

- Chaurus Hunter Hanging Redone


Human Pack

- 3p Standing Spit Anal


Human Lesbian Pack

- Lesbian Fingering 3


Human Bondage Device Pack

- Cuffed Cowgirl

- Hopefully added missing vaginal tag to relevant animations



Changelog 2019-9-30:

SLAL_Billyy_Animations v2.61

- Added new pack; 'Invisible Furniture Pack'


Creature Beasts Pack

- ABC Edit Canine Boobjob
- ABC Edit Canine Doggy2
- ABC Edit Canine Missionary 2
- ABC Edit Skeever Cunnilingus
- ABC Edit Skeever Doggy2
- ABC Edit Skeever Cowgirl
- ABC Edit Skeever Facefuck2
- ABC Edit Sabrecat Missionary 2


Creature Humanoids Pack

- Draugr Cowgirl
- Draugr Holding
- ABC Edit Draugr Doggy
- ABC Edit Gargoyle Holding 2
- ABC Edit Riekling Boobjob


Creature Insects Pack

- Chaurus Reaper Cowgirl
- ABC Chaurus Hunter Holding 69


Creature Furniture Pack
- Backend animobject renaming to lower character count in fnis


Human Pack

- Footjob


Human Invisible Furniture Pack

- Bed Facefuck
- Table Behind
- Wall Behind


Human Futa Pack

- Futa Bound Milking Doggy



Changelog 2019-8-31:

SLAL_Billyy_Animations v2.51

- Forgot to include some fnis updates for creature constructs and mics packs.


SLAL_Billyy_Animations v2.5

- General edit of fnis behaviors to remove FootIK flags that were discovered to be redundant and slightly increased fnis stress.

Creature Beasts Pack

- Horse 3p DP Sideways

Creature Humanoids Pack

- Gargoyle Missionary2
- ABC Edit Gargoyle Behind
- ABC Edit Gargoyle Doggy
- ABC Edit Falmer 3p Doggy DP
- ABC Edit Riekling Laying Anal


Creature Insects Pack

- Chaurus Blowjob
- ABC Edit Chaurus Hunter Behind
- ABC Edit Chaurus Hunter 3p DP Doublpen



Human Pack

- Squatting Blowjob
- 3p FFM Missionary


Human Bondage Devices Pack

- Cuffed Laying Back Anal


Human Lesbian Pack

- Lesbian 69 Sideways




Changelog 2019-7-31:

SLAL_Billyy_Animations v2.4

Creature Humanoids Pack

- Falmer Hanging

-Werewolf Laying

-Werewolf Piledriver
- ABC Edit Riekling Kneeling Anal


Creature Insects Pack

- ABC Edit Chaurus Hunter Holding Anal

- ABC Edit Chaurus Hunter Boobjob

Human Pack

- Human MMF 3p Doggy Spitroast

Human Bondage Devices Pack

- Human Cuffed Doggy Facefuck

Human Futa Pack

- Futa 69




Changelog 2019-6-30:

SLAL_Billyy_Animations v2.3

Creature Humanoids Pack

- Falmer Holding 2
- Falmer 3p Service
- ABC Edit Falmer Kneeling BJ
- ABC Edit Werewolf 3p Doggy DP 2


Creature Insects Pack

- Chaurus Reaper Holding 2

- Chaurus Hunter Doggy


Human Pack

- Human MMF 3p Doggy DP


Human Bondage Devices Pack

- Human Cuffed Standing


Human Lesbian Pack

- Lesbian Magic Dildo 2




Changelog 2019-5-31:

SLAL_Billyy_Animations v2.2

- Added a new selection to the pack; Human Futa

Creature Humanoids Pack

- Troll 3p Standing DP
- Werewolf Laying Nelson
- Vampire Lord Doggy
- ABC Edit Riekling 3p Doggy DP
- ABC Edit Werewolf 3p Cowgirl DP


Creature Insects Pack

- Chaurus Reaper Holding 2


Human Pack

- Human FFM 3p Cowgirls


Human Bondage Devices Pack

- Human Cuffed Holding


Human Futa Pack

- Human Futa Cowgirl
- Human Futa Standing




Changelog 2019-4-30:

SLAL_Billyy_Animations v2.13

- Separated Lesbian animations into their own pack

Creature Beasts Pack

- Seeker animations moved to Creature Humanoids Pack


Creature Humanoids Pack

- Troll Missionary 2
- Vampire Lord Missionary
- Riekling 3p Cowgirl DP edited for ABC
- Werewolf LegGrab
- Werewolf Facefuck
- Werewolf Doggy2 edited for ABC
- Werewolf Missionary2 Edited for ABC


Creature Insects Pack

- Edit Stage 5 Chaurus Piledriver to move eggs further back to avoid clipping out of belly region


Human Pack

- 4p Gangbang Service
- Swapped male actor positions in 3p Double Blowjob
- Removed cum animobject from 3p Double Bj and the 5p gangbang animations. New sexlab cumshot can provide better effects if setup


Human Lesbian Pack

- Lesbian Cunnilingus 4

- Lesbian animations moved to its own pack


Human Bondage Devices Pack

- Cuffed Sideways
- Cuffed 69
- Added cuff animobject



Changelog 2019-3-31:

SLAL_Billyy_Animations v2.0


Creature Beasts Pack

- Sabrecat Missionary 2


Creature Humanoids Pack

- Troll Standing 2
- ABC Edit Troll Cowgirl 2
- ABC Edit Troll Laying BJ


Creature Insects Pack

- Chaurus Piledriver

Creature Misc Pack

- Deer Doggy


Human Pack

- Female Masturbation 2
- Female Masturbation 3
- 3p FFM BJ RJ


Human Bondage Devices Pack

- Cuffed Doggy
- Cuffed Missionary


Changelog 2019-2-28:

SLAL_Billyy_Animations v1.9


Creature Beasts Pack

- Horse Piledriver Anal


Creature Humanoids Pack

- Riekling Kneeling Blowjob
- Troll Holding 2

- Riekling Facefuck edited with ABC
- Riekling Missionary edited with ABC
- Troll Doggy2 edited with ABC


Creature Insects Pack

- Chaurus Reaper Doggy 2


Human Pack

- Lesbian Tribbing 2

- 3p MMF Laying DP


Human Bondage Devices Pack

- Cuffed Kneeling FaceFuck
- Cuffed Standing Anal




Changelog 2019-1-31:

SLAL_Billyy_Animations v1.8


Creature Beasts Pack

- Horse Service 2
- Edited Horse Service, Standing2, and Doggy2 to have ABC cocks


Creature Insects Pack

- Chaurus Breeding


Creature Misc Pack

- Fox Doggy
- Fox Missionary
- Horker Missionary
- Horker Sideways


Human Pack

- Masturbation Female 1





Changelog 2018-12-31:

SLAL_Billyy_Animations v1.71

- Updated fomod version number to avoid confusion


Creature Beasts Pack

-Horse Doggy 2

-Horse Service

Creature Humanoids Pack

- Gargoyle Doggy 2

- Gargoyle Holding


Creature Constructs Pack

- Spriggan Behind

- Spriggan Cowgirl

- Spriggan Doggy

- Spriggan Blowjob

- Registered Atronach Flame and Spriggan as "CreatureFemale"


Human Pack

- Lesbian Magic Dildo 1

- 3p Holding DP

Human Furniture Pack

- Fixed 'Vaginal' tag type in gloryhole animations



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