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Solicit or get approached by humans, synths and ghouls for sex. Can offer yourself or your companion (even Dogmeat) for money - you can join them in a threesome. Or build a brothel, hire girls and make it rain!


How much you earn depends on your/ your companion's Charisma. Toggle on/off your escorting shift with Vinfamy's Control Panel (while in prostitution mode, you'll get approached occasionally and if you talk to someone, instead of the normal vanilla dialogue, you'll solicit that person for sex instead. Toggle off in Vinfamy's CP to return everything to vanilla behavior).


Once you had sex with someone, that person won't be available for sex for two hours game time (by default). Solicitation success is based on this timeout plus your Charisma.


By default, prostitution mode now also prevents combat with otherwise-hostile humans, ghouls and synths so that they can be your Johns too.


Brothel Building:

  1. Build a brothel in any settlement you have using the settlement system - let your imagination run wild, you can use as many modded workshop assets as you like. Make sure you have plenty of furniture that your guests and prostitutes can interact with (i.e. chairs). Do share with us if you manage to design a brothel you're proud of!
  2. Still in workshop mode, go to Furniture > Container > Brothel Safe. Add a safe anywhere inside your brothel. This safe has two roles: the money your brothel makes (which is based on your prostitutes' Charisma and the cap setting in Vinfamy's CP) goes here once every 48 hours and it also acts as the 'spawn' point for your brothel's clients.
  3. Toggle on Prostitution Mode, talk to your settlers (or dismissed Companions) to hire them as prostitutes for your newly-built brothel. If you toggle off prostitution mode, you can then trade with them and give them some whore uniforms perhaps.
  4. As long as you have at least one prostitute and one brothel safe in a settlement, every time you fast travel into that settlement, your brothel will be in full operation automatically. Toggle on Prostitution mode if you want to get involved in providing the services yourself.
  5. If you lose health gradually while in a brothel, this has nothing to do with this mod. It's a Raider Synth from Slayer&Nismo's Synth mod and has been pulled in as a client. Kill him!

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Future Features To Do:
- Competing prostitutes in cities


Four-Play by DocClox - read my installation guide for help
Vinfamy's Control Panel - this is now a hard requirement for 2.0+, otherwise you won't be able to even toggle on prostitution mode. Also gives you a few customizations. The functionality added in 2.0 needed something more sophisticated than the previously-used 'ring of prostitution'.


Four-Play Community Patch


Optional Integration: (i.e. you don't need them for Prostitution to work, they just add more content if you do)
Devious Devices (requires Prostitution 2.5+) - please read Kimy's requirement list and installation guide carefully. If you have Devious Devices installed (completely optional), at the start , clients may ask you/ your companion/ brothel prostitute to put on a devious device during sex. You would get extra tips for it. The default chance if 50%, but can be changed using console command (to be added to Vin's CP): "set FPP_Global_DDChance to #" with # being the percentage you want.


With a mod organizer or extract into Data folder
No need to do the quicksave > load thing like previous versions.
I implemented a mechanism to auto-upgrade from previous version of Prostitution in a save, but if possible, use a clean save.


All comments, feedbacks and suggestions welcome as always

What's New in Version 2.7.1


  • 2.7.1 - Upgraded the optional support for Devious Devices to DD 2.0 just released
  • 2.7 - Added support for threesome and Dogmeat both via the 'Pimp Companion' dialogue option. You will need the latest Community Patch and Crazy's newly uploaded animations
  • 2.7 - Make sure DD isn't equipped on non-valid actors
  • 2.6.1 - Small bugfix: prevent the brothel from respawning when the player teleports inside the same location (i.e. when a player sex scene on bed starts)
  • 2.6 - The brothels are now very active! Prostitutes will no longer stop after one client, but the mod will attempt to set up the next encounter as soon as sex starts from the previous encounter. With a long sex duration setting, you'll end up with a orgy in no time, especially if you and your companions join in to do some manual pimping too.
  • 2.6 - Prostitutes will never be mistaken for clients anymore
  • 2.6 - Your companions will no longer stand still when you're in a brothel settlement
  • 2.6 - Money is now generated every time you visit the brothel
  • 2.6 - Whoring yourself out earns you a small amount of XP
  • 2.5.1 - Fixed the issue where FPP 2.5 stopped working altogether if Devious Devices is not installed. DD is definitely only an optional integration now.
  • 2.5 - Added optional integration with Devious Devices. Clients may ask you/ your companion/ brothel prostitute to put on a devious device during sex. You would get extra tips for it.
  • 2.5 - Exiting Prostitution Mode now immediately stops clients currently approaching from demanding for sex
  • 2.4 - Exclude hostile factions from being brothel clients by default. You can enable them back on using Vinfamy's CP 1.4 or later.
  • 2.4 - Fix possible glitch that leads to a brothel prostitute randomly stop working.
  • 2.3 - All brothel-related: Settlers are now potential clients again, but only after hours (7PM to 5AM). Clients will go home after being serviced. Reduce the radius for brothel sandbox to 1000 units so that prostitutes and clients stop wandering around. Scenes won't keep triggering with the same prostitute even if there are many in the brothel. Continue to improve combat prevention.
  • 2.2.1 - Preventing combat when brothel clients are raiders etc should now be better. Companion no longer randomly freezes when a client approaches you.
  • 2.2 - Super mutant support. Better and more diverse client spawning (added synth gen 2 and super mutant brothel visitors) for brothel. Clients and prostitutes will now spawn in the area around the safe, not literally on the safe anymore - allowing them to sandbox better.
  • 2.1 - Added brothel building for the first time!
  • Fixed a bug of your John sometimes disappearing when having sex
  • Now requires Vinfamy's Control Panel.
  • Option to stop combat so that you can solicit raiders etc
  • Bug fixes, including the previously broken 'No' answer
  • Some tricks to help Four-Play line up animations better (not really the job of this mod to make sure animations line up, but these tricks work as a temporary solution while the framework is being developed)