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Imagine Carlotta blowing Brenuin in the middle of Whiterun market right in front of her daughter - with half of her body clipping through the vegetable stall - Not really realistic, right? :P


This SexLab addon solves that problem and immersifies your sexual Skyrim experience by making sure that the player and NPCs will intelligently find a private spot hidden from view to do the deed, rather than doing it right there and then. It also has the added bonus of vastly reducing furniture clipping issues. It works for both PC-NPC, NPC-NPC interactions and group sex.


At this point, it works for all vanilla cities and towns: Whiterun, Solitude, Markarth, Windhelm, Falkreath, Winterhold, Morthal, Dawnstar, Riverwood, Shor's Stone, Karthwasten, Dragon Bridge, Ivarstead and Rorikstead. I might add DLC and other locations in later updates. Outdoors, NPCs will hide behind walls, houses and trees. Indoors, they will always use beds.


Normal Version vs Immersive Version?
In both version, by default, the PC/ NPCs will try to run to the hidden spot. However, for faster gameplay, the Normal Version still uses teleportation if they get stuck or take too long to get there.
The Immersive version eliminates virtually all teleportation for maximum realism - you will now be able to stalk all NPC-NPC interactions all the way. :P However, PC/NPCs will sometimes take a pretty long time to get there. For the Immersive version to work, you need to leave "Disable Starting Teleport" in SexLab MCM ticked.


I highly recommend the Normal Version at this moment, it works almost perfectly. The Immersive version is still a WIP. It works well for PC-NPC stuff but very buggy for NPC-NPC.


SexLab Framework
Any mod to trigger sex, see recommended below


Install manually or with mod managers like any other mod. Make sure Privacy overwrites SexLab Framework in MO and is below SL in the load order.
For NPC-NPC function to work, you have to go to SexLab MCM menu and change 'NPC use Beds' to 'Always'


Works with all SexLab mods that can use beds (i.e. most of them, as bed use is a SexLab default script)


SexLab Pleasure
Sex Finder - make sure you're still able to witness all NPC-NPC action, although you can easily just catch two NPCs running away suspiciously and follow them like a paparazzi :P .
Random Sex Mod
Sexlife - a more immersive version of Random Sex Mod
SexLab Eager NPCs
SexLab MatchMaker
Scent of Sex

What's New in Version Immersive version added


  • Add a new immersive version. Read the updated description.