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About This File

All hold capitals + Riverwood are now done - 80 NPCs in total with unique dialogue options


This is a lightweight mod that adds context-specific dialogues to 80 vanilla NPCs in all major cities (+Riverwood) that trigger consensual sex. The dialogues are tailored to each NPC's own personality and backstory. You are still able to play Skyrim normally, just with optional sexual interactions. The dialogues are quite gender and orientation-neutral.


For each NPC, you have to pass a Speech check or the NPC must have a certain level of arousal for them to accept your advance. The 80 NPCs are divided into three difficulty levels, based on marital status, morality and attractiveness:

  • Easy - Speech > 25 or NPC arousal > 40
  • Average - Speech > 50 or NPC arousal > 65
  • Hard - Speech > 75 or NPC arousal > 90

The Persuasion perk, Amulet/ Blessing of Dibella, Gift of Charity, Mask of CV, etc all stack up and help your success too.


SexLab Framework, and its dependencies
Fuz Ro D-oh
SexLab Aroused Redux


Recommended/ Complimentary Mods:
SexLab Privacy - give you the option to automatically find somewhere private to do the deed
SexLab Solutions
Amorous Adventures


Manually or with MO just like any other mod. The added dialogues may require one save-load cycle to appear so just load up a clean save/ start a new game, initialize SexLab, save then load the save you just create.


What's included so far:
(Honestly, you don't need to read the below, just play the game normally and you can't really miss the new dialogues)


Minor Spoilers - NPC names only:

Gerdur, Camilla or Lucan, Alvor, Orgnar


Adrianne, Proventus, Farengar, Arcadia, Athis, Vilkas, Eorlund, Sigurd, Belethor, Jarl Balgruuf, Nazeem, Elrindir, Amren, Idolaf, Aela, Heimskr


Imedhnain, Kerah, Endon, Lisbet, Tacitus, Senna, Muiri, Jarl Igmund, Yngvar, Ondolemar


Addvar, Sorex, Vivienne, Viarmo, Beirand, Sayma, Bolgeir, Jarl Elisif, General Tulius, Captain Aldis, Gulum-Ei, Lisette, Vittoria, Rorlund


Alessandra, Balimund, Constance Michel, Ingun, Madesi, Maramal, Marcurio, Marise, Mjoll, Nivenor, Svana


Beitild, Karita, Leigelf, Skald, Thoring


Delacourt, Lod, Nenya, Siddgeir


Falion, Idgrod, Lurbuk


Birna, Jarl Korir, Nelacar


Angrenor, Aval, Brunwulf, Captain Lonely-Gale, Neetrenaza, Nilsine, Revyn Sadri, Susana, Jarl Ulfric





Major Spoilers - Details including difficulty levels:


  • Let Gerdur know how much you appreciate your help - Average
  • Camilla or Lucan will thank you for agreeing to retrieve the claw - Easy
  • Show your appreciation to Alvor for teaching you the smithing trade - Average
  • Cheering Orgnar up after a bad day at work - Easy



  • Help Adrianne relax after her long day working the forge - Average
  • Get more than pocket change by delivering the sword to Proventus - Easy
  • Getting some magic from Farengar to deliver his frost salt - Easy
  • Be the test subject for Arcadia’s latest elixir - Easy
  • Make Athis feel like a man again after getting beaten up - Easy
  • Show Vilkas you really have the fire in your heart (during Take Up Arms) - Easy
  • Give Eorlund something that his wife can no longer offer (during Take Up Arms) - Average
  • Show Sigurd that you could never be too busy for sex - Easy
  • Be Belethor’s fantasy sister - Easy
  • Ask Jarl Balgruuf about his past marriages - Easy
  • Take Nazeem to the ‘cloud district’ - Easy
  • Get some hunting supplies from Elrindir - Easy
  • Encourage Amren to be a more dominant husband - Average
  • Show Idolaf there is life apart from his family feud - Easy
  • Go hunting with Aela – Hard
  • Reward Heimskr for his dedication to Talos – Easy



  • Let Imedhnain check your shipment – Easy
  • Kerah may compensate you for your troubles, her husband Endon won’t be happy though – Average/ Easy
  • Encourage Lisbet to move on in life – Average
  • At least Tacitus is good at something – Easy
  • Receive Dibella’s teaching from Senna – Easy
  • Tell Muiri how beautiful she is – Hard
  • Remind Jarl Igmund of his father – Average
  • Show Yngvar that you like something even more than blood – Easy
  • Test Ondolemar how carefully he is watching - Easy



  • Get Addvar to cheat on his wife - Average
  • Help Sorex be more confident – Easy
  • Satisfy Vivienne’s needs the way Sorex could not – Average
  • Tell Viarmo your little fantasy – Average
  • Get special equipment from Beirand – Average
  • Inform Sayma that her husband is cheating – Easy
  • Find out Bolgeir’s secret fantasies – Average
  • Tell Jarl Elisif about Bolgeir’s secrets - Hard
  • Mess around with General Tulius – Average
  • Mess around with Captain Aldis after you’re done with his boss – Easy
  • Do some business with Gulum-Ei – Average
  • Request a special song from Lisette - Hard
  • Help Vittoria make preparations for her wedding – Average
  • Try out Rorlund’s spiritual service – Easy



  • Show Alessandra what she’s been missing out on – Easy
  • Tell Balimund his competitor’s secrets – Average
  • Find Constance Michel some time for love – Hard
  • Find out what Ingun really needs to ingredients for – Hard
  • Worship Madesi’s mammoth tusk – Easy
  • Make a special donation to Maramal – Average
  • Show Marcurio some love – Easy
  • Let Marise warm you up for the ice wraiths – Average
  • Tease Mjoll about Aerin’s incompetence in bed – Average
  • Tell Nivenor that her husband slept with Haelga -Easy
  • Help Svana get back at Haelga - Average



  • Try to break Beitild – Average
  • Ask Karita why she’s dressing that way in front of her father – Easy
  • Have a quickie with Leigelf – Easy
  • Reward Skald for his Stormcloak loyalty – Average
  • Get Thoring to keep you company in bed - Easy



  • Get Delacourt to write you a song – Average
  • Show Lod what’s even better than steel and loyalty – Easy
  • Spoil Nenya the steward – Average
  • Propose to Siddgeir – Easy



  • Receive Falion’s special cures – Easy
  • Test Idgrod the Younger’s vision – Hard
  • Make Lurbuk shut up – Easy



  • Help relieve Birna of her stress – Average
  • Tell Jarl Korir the real reason you’re in town for – Average
  • Try out Nelacar’s new spell - Average



  • Make fun of Angrenor’s name – Average
  • Experience Aval’s business skill – Average
  • Show Brunwulf your political agenda – Easy
  • Keep Captain Lonely-Gale company – Average
  • Show Neetrenaza some appreciation – Easy
  • Console Nilsine on the loss of her sister – Hard
  • Accuse Revyn Sadri of stealing – Easy
  • Warn Susana about the Butcher – Easy
  • Ask Jarl Ulfric why he fights – Hard

What's New in Version 191216 (All Cities)


  • All hold capitals done