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  1. To narrow it down: If you set it manual in Slave Tats, it ist working? If yes, it should work as intended. If not, your installation of slave tats is wrong. I understand you use mod organizer. I assume you have installed yps-Sound&TexturePack and activated it as well. If not, do it On your right side of Mod organzier you have the data tab. Scroll to textures/actors/character/SlaveTats. There you should find a file named yps.json and a folder called yps. In the yps folder should be your piercing tattoos used by yps fashion. Let´s go for your eyebrowpiercing: In the yps folder should be an dds file called ypsPiercingEyebrowRGoldBall.dds. In the file yps.json (open with an editor like Notepad++ or whatever your preference is) should be a row like this: {"name": "PiercingEyebrowGoldBallR", "section": "YpsFashion", "texture": "yps\\ypsPiercingEyebrowRGoldBall.dds", "area": "Face"}, All piercings used from Yps Fashion in the first step are just images... tattoos. Therefore you need Slave Tats and the Slave Tats Events Bridge. Both mods are to be found with google (or the meta search engine of your choice) Hopefully this will help to narrow your problem down. Regards Rogwar
  2. @Kimynot a real bug, but annoying: There is an issue with equiping a straitjacket. In a random event it is possible to equip multiple items. If the straitjacket is not the first one, it will fail to equip, because the slots are already occupied. Same will happen if e.g. armbinders are already in place. The random event will try to equip a straitjacket and fail because the arm slot is occupied. Perhaps a straitjacket should first clear all used slots and equip afterwards. regards Rogwar
  3. I think you´re missing the Face overlays. Read the installation instrcutions on the download page. It is a perfect description to activate the face overlays. The line in your nioverride.ini in your SKSE Plugin folder should read like this after the modifcation: bEnableFaceOverlays=1 ; Default[0] But Serious: read the manual or you will expierence CTD, if you are using mods like Violens and don´t deactive decaptation on your toon. regards Rogwar
  4. Nope. It´s Helmet overlay and most DD Helmets are included by some part.
  5. Few minutes ago was looking into it. Again it is difficult to manage without having a credit card and / or accounts with firms I don´t want to have an account with. Credit card maybe common in the most lands, but still handling is not as easy everywere. Maybe it is here in Germany, maybe I´m to anxious to use it in the world wide web, maybe the way of using currency in the web is still horror to myself... I´m praying to god if I press any click´n´buy button to never let anything bad happen. When I was a lot younger I paid a lot to deceit. And now everyone is suspicous and I´m checking twice. Paypal will never have my data...(not part of the deceit. It was analog but still never will I use Paypal). To give a tip in your jar, it really is not a good method... for me. If there is another way, I would be happy to donate, because I rellay had a lot of fun with your mod(s). I´m having much less fun with games I paid a lot more. Modding should be a give and take. If I can do anything to help, I will. Even if it is order pizza, drive and grab it to keep you coding hmmm.... drive or sail? Thinking of your location without looking in the profile. Native speaker is obvious... hm... I think I have to sail to provide pizza I know, I know... You will roll your eyes. Reaction of a reasonable human. Sometimes we all have to ask for help. Why not in the modding community? If there are jobs to do, delegate. Maybe only small parts. Even testing of code snippets is possible? I have no idea. Of course it is difficult for the most part of people, because I think of them as adult having a fulltime job like you. But the ones able to help AND willing to help can´t be that rare? It sure isn´t. Most of us paid more than 50 bucks ($ or €) to gain Skyrim. The game was fun, even without a mod. Now we have mods providing more fun. If a mod has some minimum quality criteria, why not pay for it? It is still the choice of the user to pay for fun. To be honest and without rating DCL in this way because I love it: To have a paid mod there should be more than some wonky animations. This has to be a mod like Dawngard. It has to implement into the game in a way, that its content will work in any attempt to play. To use some common mods: If there is sex in public, the town has to react in a way making sense in this game and not paying a few gold. If there are armbinders made of leather a bandit should not try to fight you with a sword. If there is a sprigan / slimy monster on your body, stimulating your toon, the townfolk should run for life and not stand and sell the second best armor. I appreciate your approach, Kimy. My humble opinion, becaue you show us some things doable in Skyrim with the fun aspect in mind. Would I pay for DCL in combination with Skyrim? No! It is not part of the Skyrim idea. Would I buy DCL if it is standalone? With a kinky smile on my lips: Hell, Yeah! Think I would not only talk about modding a game with "stuff" but share Still in combination with Skyrim it seems a little... let´s say ...strange. You and many other modders inspire me in doing stuff with this game I never imagined I could do. In may opinion it is still not worth to give it to you all (because there are only some bodyslide armors or fixes to mods I use), but still I can "read" the game in a way I never could think of with TESedit, DynDoLod, Ordenador, GIMP, Bodyslide, Nifskope etc. before I visited LL. I made my first steps in using Wings3D... but still more than fixing some gauntlets or boots is not possible. There could be not more pride in running a game having your own boots, skirts, trousers, gloves, shoes...textures... Yes, modding is fun. And the time I think anything I do is worth sharing with the community and is my "little baby" and not "only" a sliderset, retexture or insecure fix, I would like to give something back. After reading all this: The meaning is overall positive and writing it took a long time. There is not a single bad vibe in my head writing this, but I know I´m not a native speaker and maybe there is a spelling I missused. If there is: sorry! have a nice evening and thank you for another 1000 hours Skyrim with mods Rogwar
  6. And with a little modder expierience it is possible to maintain a few things for ourselves Take care
  7. no offense, but Skyrim NPCs are weirdos? Last time I checked the mirror after the 200th mod...*shrug*
  8. Minor Issue: Using Bondage Lover from DCL will prevent Sangiunes spectral devices from unequipping. Little Sam doesn´t want to put the devices away, because she may wanna play with it. Turning off the feature seems to work.
  9. I need advise. I tried to look through this thread, I used google, duckduck, bing etc but I could not find a solution. I play SD+ v3.6.1 in combination with a loot of mods, e.g. Devious Cursed Loot, Slaverun reloaded, Simple Slavery... Four days ago Slave Master Titus decided my toon should be sold. Okay. Slavery did not last very long, because little Sam is really good in "borrowing" things She went to sleep and of course she woke up in the Dreamworld. Her attidue in "what is hers / what is his" did not work this time there. A few days later she was a sex toy. Note to myself: Next time I read the instruction manual earlier, because I did not know, it is a good thing to not join the faction and leave... this far. Ok. 5 days later I realized it is time to go. The gift is Sanguines Artifact, Devious Spectral Piercing. I asked the blacksmith, the guards, the inkeeper, the pesants, the...finally the court mage. The rape counter scales now at 378...whatever... He was able to remove the thing "this once". But it is still there. I heard the sound of unequiping something. But still I have the cursed piercing. I tried to change the place a clitpiercing should locate, because the mod uses 51 and 54. No Idea why two slots are used, but both are occupied blocking the piercing in the nipples (not the devious ones that use slot 51, but all the other nipple piercings that should locate on slot 51). Using slot 50 (devious clit piercings use this slot) didn´t change a thing. Intended? If you have to spoiler to explain my issue, it is ok. To make a change I use TESedit not CK. Thanks in advance. Rogwar
  10. missing the nodding smiley. It´s so much fun. Turn on PC, read slaverun thread first. Perhaps write a comment and than start playing in a living and changing world.
  11. I appreciate the idea of becoming a special training to become a succubus. You made your code detect PSQ. Good. Hardcoded dependency. But why limit the succubus training only to PSQ? There are other mods out there, that are less instrusive to the overall experience. My suggestion is to make it possible to make a trigger in the MCM instead of an activation through the detection of the mod by your code. Darn... I am not a native english speaker... I have no clue about the possibilties with code but I´ll try to use short sentences to explain what my idea was in writing the suggestion. If your mod detects PSQ, let it trigger the quest "Become a Succubus". If there is a trigger in the MCM to start the same quests because a user like me is not using PSQ but e.g. Succubus Race or Succubus Heart, that would be more flexible (soft dependency) Please excuse my poor ability to explain my idea in a different language than German My opinion and not an accuse: I just don´t get the idea why so many coders always hardcode some events, that are a soft dependency. Explantion to this opinion: Had the same experience with Yps Fashion and the piercing detection code. Many rows of code to detect a piercing in the nose, because the question to be solved by code was: is there a "Silver nose ring"? is there a "diamond septum piercing"? is there a "ruby septum piercing"? Is there a "secret nose ring?" And every question gave a matching answer being true or false. Keep it simple. One question insteed of a dozen. Is there an item with keyword piercing (or jewlery) in slot 55? = True! If someone is believing it is a good idea to make a collar in slot 55... don´t ask... It´s the same with putting a helmet to slot 32... The same for every slot a piercing is possible and therefore the reason to deactivate unused slots due to unneeded scriptload. There are always scripts running to ask if there are piercings with special names anywhere on or in the body. To underline that it is not an accuse: Your mod is doing some things during the transition into a succubus, that is special to PSQ. Therefore the hardcoded detection is good and correct. But in my anyoing smart-ass opinion a waste of good quest material if someone is not able to use PSQ. Every game setup has limits. And to have this good quest material, my new gamesetup has now PSQ and Better Vampires at the same time just to enjoy it as YOU intended it to enjoy I´ll see if I stretched the setup excessivly... This was the reason I deactived PSQ. You have to set all perks to minus or you outrun a Giant with level 10. Setting every single bit to minus you become a demon with the ability to suck the lifeforce and being weak like a newborn... hmmm.... balance?... There are more suitable Succubus mods to have the fun being a demon AND having the fun of being the ultimative Pain Slut Kind regards Rogwar
  12. Let me guess: Trouble with a device and you used Safe Word. This will end all DCL quests, too.
  13. @Kenjoka I really like the idea of becoming a succubus and afterwards the scene becoming a slave of Molag Bal is a good idea either. I want to make a suggestion to that: It is comfortable to not setup something in the MCM just triggering the PSQ Quest but now your mod is limited to that. Why not make a MCM point triggering a keypress? It would be possible to trigger the transformation from PSQ (if the setup is done in the PSQ mod) and on other Succubus mods too. Or more easy just make a trigger in the MCM to go through the succubus training. I just started the training by using the console command to go through the training when the time was right. Because of the limitation to the PSQ mod there are a few minor bugged calls (nothing serious), but still your quest and code is working fine. PSQ is for sure a good mod, but ... let´s say there are even worse bugged things in this mod I dislike enough to not use it in every game For the Salverun story there is no difference in using PSQ or just Succubus Race or maybe just Deadly Drain with some armor mods equipping wings and horns or flamecrowns. Sometimes less is more Kind regards Rogwar
  14. Curious the young assassin Sam is sneaking through this unknown cave. What is this ticking sound? Ah, just another one of this big nasty bugs. What did the book say? Just cross the bridge open the tonal gate, unlock the gate to the apothecary and head to the east. Easy enough... if it was written last week. But this annoying cave was only lost mere 100 years for sure. Damn. Falmer... nasty little teratism. But this one is rumaging in a big chest. Ok. Let´s get him. Slowly Sam is sneaking to the back of this blind bastard. Any noise will undoubtfully lead to an exclusive trip to the next alchemist. Has it just done what he was aiming for? Alarmed he is turning his head to Sam. But it is already to late and the sharp dagger is pricking the gorge of this blind monstrosity. The chest is hers! Greedy she is opening the chest just ignoring the blue hands of the dead body. With a big bang the lid is bursting open and the accumulated magic is overhelming the assassin Sam. Minutes later she is drifting back to consciousness. She is trying to stand up using her hands to support her upper body lifting from the ground. Standing already she is trying to adjust her weapons. To her surprising she just can´t get a proper grip to the hilt (Gloves). What is this glove looking like? Before it was a rough leather and now its smooth up to her shoulder. What the heck? A lock is dangeling like a charmbracelet at her wrist hiding the glove fastening. And there is a tickeling sensation in both arms, too. It is feeling like the material is magically crawling to her neck. The feeling is like invisble tendrills are trying to climb allover her body. After inspecting the gloves for a while the crawling feeling starts to get very ...tight... Gasping for air she realises the tendrils formed a connection around her neck now pushing her chin in a restricting pose (collar). It now is very difficult to look to the ground without being able to bend the neck. What is this thing? It is feeling a little hot or is it Sam getting hot? Looking further in the now open falmer chest she notices the strange powders and perhaps there is a little residue of a magical explosion? No time to bother, because there are definitely steps approaching this part of the cave. Poor now restraint Sam is trying her best to not be detected, but this annoying sensation of crawling tendrills to the bottom of her spine is distracting her. Are there now tendrills rippling to her breasts, too (Harness)? Just head to the apothecary, get this shard and get the fuck out of this cursed cave. After what seems to be hours or even days crawling this cave the tickeling sensation is reaching to her nipples, to her butt and to her labia. If she is not finding a safe spot she will be deteced because of her overhelming need to touch her pussy to just release some steam. By the gods, what is this thing crawling allover her body? It seems to have a life of his own. It´s cooming in the way of her clothing now and ripping the seams of her armor. It is covering more than two thirds of her upper body now. The shoulders are allready unusable because the material is making joints whenever it is touching. Ugh. This one hit the spot. With the left hand Sam is touching near the waistband just in time as the material is ripping apart (Straightjacket). The hand is stuck! Trying to pull the fixed hand away and struggling in panic she is just using her other hand, sealing her fate with both hands bound in front of her stomach. With bulging eyes she is looking on her misery, seeing the tendrills working her way down to her feet. With a cry of lust she is tumbling to the ground, feeling another tendrill working his way into her inner folds (plugs?). Panting she is coming back to surface of her concsiousness. Released but unredeemed she is realising that she is stuck and if she is not hurrying to find a way to undo this... thing... she will be stuck forever. Creepy falmer magic. It is getting more and more difficult to walk. The tendrills are allready reaching to her knees. Still she has no clue what she can do to prevent the spreading of the material. Perhaps an alchemist can help (only the oldest one should have a clue... but perhaps the others have an idea who has an idea ). Making her way from the cave to the next city is proving to be really hard. The knees are allready joint (straightjacket with legs) and the calves are covered, too. She has to rest. There is no way she can go any further. Her legs are burning as hell, because of her footing every step now. After the rest for the night it is almost impossible to stand up. The tendrills covered her feet making it impossible to bend the ankle (boots). The material has stopped to grow downwards but it seems to harden now, immobiliizing Sam by the minute. Hurry now. Bringing the last of her strength on the scale she is making it... (The mixture provided by the alchemist should at least have one really rare component Applying it to the "creepy thing" will soften its texture and finally make it cutable with a powerfull old "scalpel of straight cutting" to be found in a draugr tomb. Hermaeus Mora once was helping a female alchemist to have the power to cover her body with an unbreakable armor. The mixture she invented made that armor, but covered her in whole, immobilizing her at least. To make up his mistake he gave her the knowledge for the softening aid. The scalpel was her favorite one. She made it special with oils she used to enhance the sharpness of the blade. Because of the age of this blade and the mixtures she used the structure of the material is fragile and the blade will break cutting the last of the joints. The tomb has the burried remains of an old village. The draugr are old. Really old and have lost all memory but one: Her beloved female alchemist who invented so much good potions. They will not slay our herione but fuck her brain out. But they are old. One high is to much and they crumble to dust. Sanguine is not the only one with inclined humor. ) Please don´t blame me, if there are typing mistakes or if some of the sentences have a lost sense. I´m not a native english speaker/writer, but still I hope it is possible to get the meaning of what I´m writing. For sure it was fun Kind regards Rogwar
  15. Why is that? Just write down their ID and Enable them whenever you want. What is in the game, stays in the game. Doesn´t matter if you disable them. They are still there, but not active. Database logic....If you delete the entry, it is gone, but if you filter the entry, it is still there. And disable IS a filter, nothing more. Why do you think is a difference between base ID and ID? I did this with mobs, I made the mistake to make them follow me, before I built my shelter. Because I was lazy to do everything again, I simply disabled the mob and enabled it many days (meaning lots of SKSE cleaning the save automaticaly) later, just by using the ID again. Nice and bound she appeared in my back, and was complaining about being bound...