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  1. That could be helped: Just type paycrimegold 0,0 with a guard in the console target. Done. No arresting. This will pay your bounty to the hold you´re in (from your inventory gold!)
  2. Yes it is. As I started with the mod I thought about changing the body to my liking wearing devices. As a matter of fact the changes happen hardcoded. You can soften them in intensity but never circumvent them. Still I get your meaning. There should be a possibility or better a toggle to prevent things like a different mesh, because taste is nothing to argue about I will think about a method to implement it without to much hassle.
  3. accident. Damn. One mistake corrected, another one is happening Will fix. Thanks. Good find.
  4. Because of a message I got a hint of your problems. In DBA I wrote a check for the speedmult. By default in the MCM the speedmult debuff is set, but of course you can turn it of. My mod modifies the speedmult, but does not change the initial 100. If you turn off the feature, it will change to whatever you set in the console. If anyone has the need to change the speedmult itself my mod will try to modify the whatever changed value back to the calculated one. If the feature is turned on, the calculation is hardcoded to the limits of the sliders in the MCM. DBA will do some serious changes to your PC. If your toon has no experience in using ballet boots, your female protagonist will walk at a slow pace. If the toon is used to walk in sky high heels she will get faster. And because it is devious there is no digit telling you how well your feet feel but a hint like: "Your heel training made your feet sore." or at the other end of the scale: "Persisting heel training induce you to walk sexy on your tippy toes." Sorry if that does feel inconvenient. But I like this feature very much in my way of playing. I enjoy to see the struggle of the toon to catch / escape a bandit in battle. Kind regards Rogwar
  5. The milk pumps are part of MME (=Milk Mod Economy). If you use DiD in combination with MME, ask a farmer for a milk pump and it will show on his ground to help your little cow titties get bigger If you are not using MME: no milk pumps for you.
  6. Hopfully you have it already, without knowing If you´re a Racemenu user, you have it. Racemenu has some SKSE settings, therefore a SKSE folder. If you use Modorganizer, just doubleclick on your Racemenu on the left side. Go to the tab Filetree and open the SKSE folder. Open the plugin folder. You can see another folder. Ignore it. You can see four files in it. Your choice is to open nioverride.ini. The file linked to your texteditor, not the dll. Don´t just doubleclick it. That will only open a preview in Modorganizer. Inside you will find your nioverride settings for your tats. All of them are called overlays. Make your choice, but don´t overdo the numbers, because the will hit your performance, when using to much. The hint on the first page from this mod are good to go. If you´re not using Modorganizer but copy your mods to the data folder, the SKSE Folder will be found there. If you´re using Vortex...I have no clue Never used this modern stuff
  7. cellar? what cellar? you mean the door on the left after entering the house? Or am I this blind, I missed a cellar?
  8. I agree. tbh I never even thought about the necessity to return every single value back to zero, because if you're playing with DBA, you want to have the effect. Disabling the mod does reset the changes to the character, but does not reset the calculation in the variables. Still it is a good hint and I´ll keep that on my to do list next to many many other things currently happening.
  9. It is called DEVIOUS body Alteration... there is no way back My mod still is tracking the changes. There is no feature implemented to reset the values. hm.... why not?...never occured to me...it's always active in my setup anyway...should there be a feature to reset the values...nope 😁
  10. No, but people keep telling me it is working in SSE. I can´t give support for SSE, because I don't use SSE.
  11. Hm. Never occured to me, there is a connection to the ENB settings. I will have a look at it. To answer that question: I have alignment issues here and there, but thought this is a problem linked to sexlab or FINS. Investigation will start after reading the new entries here. Because this is offtopic I will edits this entry with the results. Result: can not confirm.
  12. No, it is just the visuals. I like a nice configured ENB, but still you are right: some ENBs are real fps killer. Still I prefer the combination of a nice ENB with all configured effects in combination with SweetFX. Still my LE version has a few nice visuals making the game look like a ... let´s say... 2017 game Without DCL maintained in SSE, I will keep my modded LE. Easy choice. Thanks again Kimy
  13. But you know, you disable a major part of ENB with this setting and make your Skyrim look ugly again? Better use enbeffect.fx to have your fog. It does look better and you can configure it even on a potatoe.
  14. And this bug is caused by having many things in the inventory and a heavily modded Skyrim. But first and foremost to much things in the inventory. I´m very sure the inventory is the issue here, because I like to play with a bigger inventory (because I´m lazy in terms of what to carry around). The only thing to prevent the transportation bug is to empty it to the absolutley minimum: Questitems. If I play this quest and forget about that: CTD or infinite loading screen (depends what Skyrims mood is at the time 🤭 ). Reload and get rid of overly stuffed inventory: tadaaa... party time
  15. The book should disappear with the quest end. If this did not happen, you have to store your On Tentacles! book in a chest for later The quest will not restart, if the book is in your inventory, but you still can cook the smelly salve to get rid of your bugger as long as the book is in your inventory Why not? Kimys devious and naughty ideas keep us playing
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