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  1. Rogwar002

    Devious Training

    The mod itself is packed in a BSA file to prevent others to overwrite the content inside. You need to unpack the BSA file to change the sound. Keep in mind: If you unpack and change, you have two options: repack the BSA or delete the BSA and keep all the files loose.
  2. nope. FEMA= Failure Effect Mode Analysis... if it is lent by what I´m thinking it is lend
  3. If DD Piercings are removed, there is more stuff broken than YPS fashion. DD will ignore Yps Fashion even if your piercings are welded to your body. Here it comes: BUT if your Nipple piercing from DD is from DDI there is an anyoing little bug in DDI (I think it was DDI, was it not?) Use TESEdit to look in the DD framework. There are some Piercings not connected to scripts. They will not work. You have to manually change this bug in the esp. The secong hint is for Earrings. Emily tried to be very convient to us and hardcoded some mods to be detected. This in mind there are a few things that has your HDT Earring mod to fullfill. Let me copy what I noted in my installation folder, because it is to much to memorize This spoiler text is a copy from somewhere inside this thread. Maybe helpful for you, if you are familar with Nifskope and TESEedit or the CK. Your last question is about an animation. Do you mean the golden swirl around your body? If yes, this too can only be done with some serious fiddling in the mod itself. There is no switch or fast solution. I never saw the need to look for that. So... no idea regards Rogwar
  4. Bugreport: Wearing a questsuit will make it impossible to wear the Yoke of shame. Why? Because the bodytemplate of the Yoke of shame from version 6.4 is using a breast yoke instead of the wristyoke. The breastyoke will try to equip on slot 32 and 46. The bodyslot 32 is already occupied with the suit. Error. no yoke of shame. You cannot unequip it using the console, because it is not equiped. You cannot remove it with the console, because it is not equiped correctly. It will always reappear. You should use the old wrist yoke, otherwise Rubber Doll or Exhibitionistsuit will corrupt your bodytemplate and as result the yoke of shame quest. Still the old meshes are in the mod, but not used. Even the armor is there (dcur_yokeAA). Please remember to change the script of the yoke as well, otherwise you´ll have your hands in front of your body like using the breastyoke
  5. Rogwar002

    Devious Training

    hm. Even if there is, will I try it? I made so many personal changes... Only thing left to do is a change to the training conditions. I want it time based and not counting each and every step. Reason is the untrain option. Having your feet in boots and standing in front of a innkeeper will untrain them... Doesn´t make any sense at all. But I have the Nioverride section inside the checkroutine. Much better... Less stuff in the MCM, and only one if loop starting with an or option to have the Cinderella feet from yps fashion working All interesting new stuff from DD4.1 is working. Took some time to figure your slotmanagement, Skyrimfet One annoying thing has caught my eye actually: a new day will produce a suspended stack. If there is time, I will look why. The stacks are empty and the script is just an empty shell, doing nothing but increase the scriptlag. And I mean nothing. Deleting them has no influence to the game, the save or whatever. Must be the weightgain or the tattoo section or more simple: the closing of the script. Still have some text to read, to understand the how... Keep the good work. I have learned so many things the last weeks. Thank you for your inspiration.
  6. Rogwar002

    [WIP] Suited for Skyrim: A Rubber Adventure

    *click* another patient follower. Great idea.
  7. Rogwar002

    Slaverun Reloaded (03-June-2018)

    For my money, Wrye Bash is the mod manager to use. It's simple, you get to manage both install and load orders, and create a bashed patch.  Oh Dear... It is not that simple. Use NMM, Vortex, ModOrganizer, WyreBash.... Tell you what: I use MO in combination with Wyre Bash. To sort my Load Order I use TESEdit in combination with my eyes and not Loot, because it fucked up my load order almost 100% Why is that? Because every tool is always only as good, as the user understanding how to use it. Sure. 10 mods, use NMM and Loot and you´ll be fine. Almost. But loading SOSRacemenu.esp before loading Racemenu.esp does make my eyes water. It doesn´t do anything in this load order (because there are only scripts in the BSA it´s loading correcting gamebugs), but still there is the issue of common sense. Loading something named after a mod before the mod it is named after is not good. As said before: In this case, there is no issue in it. So what does Loot and what does a Modmanager... Loot is sorting your ESP and ESM files using a Masterlist, updated every few weeks... days... month... It is using some scripts to "look" inside the mods, to figure out, which mod is depending on others. Now you have a mod using scripts, or manipulating the world, in a way another mod does, too. But they are not depending on each other. Now your mod is trying to use the change in game. But the change was undone by the second mod. CTD. Loot will not sort that, if there is no clue in the masterlist. The speed the mods are developed will not correspond with the speed the Loot Masterlist is updated. That´s the old question: hen or egg, what was first? Result: Loot is a nice tool and will make you feel good. But it cannot ensure 100% safety in your load order. You have to use common sense and your eyes, too. Modmanager are helping. But depending on what you want to do, one or the other is the best solution. In the beginning I used NMM. Did not work out here, because the installation order is important. If you install a mod, overwriting other mods, you have to be sure beforehand, if this is the correct way of doing it. And now just think again about the HUGE amount of mods existing. Do you really think, a modder has all this mods in his mind, when he is writing his mod? No, he/she can´t. He/She will test his mod, in his environment and give a small peak in the idea of what the mod is manipulating ingame. So I switched to Mod Organizer. Mod Organizer does manipulate the OS in simulationg a filesystem (vfs=virtual file system). In other words: Mod Organizer is telling Sykrim the data folder is containing all the stuff in the order it is showing on the left (if it is avtivated). It does this job pretty good. I did not have any mod, I couldn´t manipulate to work with MO. Wyre Bash: Outdated. Use it to make a bashed batch, if you cannot or will not do it manuel using TESEdit, but don´t use it as a Modmanager. My opinion. Vortex: didn´t use it. It´s from the evil side just kidding. Have no expirience with this tool. If your skyrim game folder does contain any other files then the ENB files, you did a poor job. My suggestion: reinstall Skyrim using the Steam reinstallbutton to have a clean install. If you did all the above, you have to read. Read! READ! how your mods have to be installed. Yeah, I sound like Dr. Dr. Professor Shutthefuckup, but still this is what all expirienced modders went through. I´m sure, mee too, is not the one and only modder having all the best solutions, but all the above is written with the expirience I have till yet. Feel free, to correct me, but I will not comment the corrections, because I don´t want to capture this topic. And if you find typos,... keep them Regards Rogwar
  8. Rogwar002

    Slaverun Reloaded (03-June-2018)

    You're welcome. Please keep in mind, if you´re using XPMSE you are dancing IN the fire. Reason: the xpmse.esp is calling scripts, that can (sometimes, but not always) kill your save. This depends on your general scriptload from all your mods. You should have a look at your save with the mentioned ReSaver from Fallrim Tools to look at the script folder of your save game. Another hint would be to activate Papyrus logging and have a look at your Papyrus.log Maybe there are mods spaming errors or even more critical: spaming Stackdumps. Me too, learned the hard way: errors will kill. Some of them are harmless, but if a script is freezing and the stack is dumped, your save is possibly doomed. What you can do, if your save has a lot of xpmse stacks: Start a new game (cleaning your save won´t work), and deactivate the xpmse.esp in your load order. Just the esp. Not the skeleton mod itself. If there are mods depending on xpmse, they still will use the files this way, but the XPMSE will not fuck up your save. This way you can still use the (in my humble opionion) best skeleton mod, but won´t have a papyrus log with dozens of errors. Having the xpmse.esp active will provide you with some extra sliders during character creation, will give the possibilty to change your weapon draw animation and weapon location.
  9. Stupid me! Sorry sorry sorry After your post Reesewow I checked my fix again. Funny thing: It is working, but it shouldn´t You´re right. The White Leather Blindfold (custom) has wrong properties either. I shouldn´t try to correct things after implementing a new ENB with almost 200 active Mods. The property deviceInventory should point to the inventory device and the deviceRendered property to the script instance. My bad! Here is how it is done correct: Bug Report: The Inventory item from Red Leather Blindfold (custom) xx013354 is pointing to the wrong scriptinstance. It is pointing to xx01110f and should point to xx013354. Result: In game will manifest this issue with having a blindfold without having a blindfold equipped and you can equip or unequip your red custom blindfold without any interaction of a key or messagebox. This is because the scriptinstance is pointing to xx011110, in words Red Leather Blindfold. Fix: Change zadx_RDLblindfold_scriptInstance [ARMO:xx01110F] in VMAD in the Property DeviceInventory to zadx_RDLblindfoldBlocking_scriptInstance [ARMO:xx013354] Did this with TES5Edit. The second Bug: Bug Report: The Inventory item from White Leather Blindfold (custom) xx013350 is pointing to the wrong scriptinstance. It is pointing to xx00f02e and should point to xx013350. Result: In game will manifest this issue with having a blindfold without having a blindfold equipped and you can equip or unequip your white custom blindfold without any interaction of a key or messagebox. This is because the scriptinstance is pointing to the normal White Leather Blindfold. Fix: Change zadx_WTLblindfoldBlockingInventory xx013350 in VMAD in the Property DeviceInventory to zadx_WTLblindfoldBlockingInventory xx013350 Did this with TES5Edit. my apologies Rogwar
  10. Bug Report: The Inventory item from Red Leather Blindfold (custom) xx013354 is pointing to the wrong scriptinstance. It is pointing to xx01110f and should point to xx013353. Result: In game will manifest this issue with having a blindfold without having a blindfold equipped and you can equip or unequip your red custom blindfold without any interaction of a key or messagebox. This is because the scriptinstance is pointing to xx011110, in words Red Leather Blindfold. Fix: Change zadx_RDLblindfold_scriptInstance [ARMO:xx01110F] in VMAD in the first Property to zadx_RDLblindfoldBlocking_scriptInstance [ARMO:xx013353] Did this with TES5Edit.
  11. Sometimes browser have their ... days... whatever... Just use a different one. There is no harm in it, to use another browser on your computer. To translate websites, I like to use chrome. It´s fast and comfy. To browse here, on Loverslab, I use a diffrent one. Just copy the link in your secondary browser and it will work. btw: If Firefox is not doing the job, your personal settings are wrong. Regards Rogwar
  12. Rogwar002

    Devious Training

    3.0 dev version. But I tinkered that much in your code, that I can only tell, what I saw before. - The misalingment of head and neck is gone (as far as you don´t go overboard with the slider; setting of 25 is giving a good result, but going all the way to 40 will give my toon a strange look... Think about a stick with a head on it ) - I get now your idea having Spine1 and Spine2. I can now make a wasp spine (I mean it!!!) without having a huge body upwards (this one was difficult but finally...) - Speed(de)buff is now set to a number looking still good, but not to much. Fixed the debuff to 25% max, otherwise it is possible that the movement of the PC is impossible (stuck). Lower would be possible, but walking from whiterun gate to Adrianne in more than 10 minutes is waste of time - changed the growing breast to a formular, having only the possiblity of shrinking breast beneath a chastity bra. Corrected the slider btw (you made the slider integer but gave it a float in your formular) - finally I got rid of all the annyoing messages. - tried to implement NiOverride Heels, ending reactivating your boot section in the MCM. Having four different boots for my character possible is enough on my side. - I remember correcting the NiOverride setups for some things you had already in SLIF, my scripts should now show the same results with or without SLIF (SLIF is part of my actual setup, did no testing without, till now) I learned really a huge amount. But still I feel like a baby tinkering with existing code. It is annoying to try to understand code, not written by myself. Still I´m missing the basics of what is possible. BUT now I am able to correct the most annoying bugs in some mods. You can think about yourself now as my teacher Thanks Sykrimfet. I´m not as good at writing scripts as I wish for, therefore I have no versioning in my script files. All I can provide, if you want, is the result of the changes for you to look at. I LOVE the idea of having visual effects wearing devious devices. This is a must have in my load order and I will work anything around it. If there is time, I will change the mesh for your plug wearing results. In my opinion both meshes look disgusting on a character. No offense, but I don´t like them.
  13. Rogwar002

    Devious Training

    this is a known issue. The calculation is a little misaligned... Maybe Skyrimfet will adapt a few suggestions or change the code for a better alignment.
  14. Bug Report in ESM: This bug is old and was there in Version 4.0. Your Record xx023E6F from Assests should be have an override in Interegretion, too. The scriptinstance xx0023e71 has an override in intergration, but you missed the inventoryitem. This is a nipple piercing. Same is for the vaginal piercing just one entry beneath. xx0243d6 has an override but xx0243d5 is missing. It is an annyoing bug, because sometimes your piercings will not work. I changed the ESM with the data provided from the jeweled piercings. xx0409a2 and xx047566.
  15. Ah, this is the reason why my "funnysideeffect.esp" is preventing the gamestartup. I should have been waiting for the new release. I´m struggling for almost 3 hours now to build a startup in Riverwood with known mods. I simply removed two, I don´t want to have in the loadorder anymore and start a new game. Now I will have a new setup with DD4.1 alongside. Three hours of rolling eyes to a fucked up MCM menu not showing of the mods, I use more than a year now and updated today. Found the issue and now I´m a lucky user of a brandnew release of DDX. Thank you Kimy, for the hard work.