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  1. As always: If there is a big switch in a mod number: Clean save. Depending on the modlist: new Game To many changes for just an update of DCL.
  2. Asking this question for me since I first installed DCL There is an easy fix if you don´t like it. I would provide my own esp, but I always make some more changes to it, because there are more things I don´t like (e.g. the rubber doll outfit; the dollyfing nature of the suit does not meet my taste the way it looks ) I know I know... I should make a patch.esp... but I prefer to make sure I don´t miss a thing. I made a red square around the keyword in bolt letters you have to delete in every script instance of a rubber suit to prevent a clipping bra or clipping nipple piercings. Hint: Some straightjackets have an open front. Add the keyword in that scriptinstance. Looking nice and of course you will be able to see the nipple piercings. These are not visible without the keyword. Still asking myself how many glasses of redwine made Kimy think the opposite of what would be logical ... imho modify.pdf btw: I use TESEdit to change a keyword...
  3. Because the slavery system is changed since version 7.0. It is now called XDFF and you first have to run the quest in Ustolfs House... Quest is starting with Leon telling you, he has gambled an item, you should retrieve for him, sending you to Ustolfs servant on the market right in Whiterun. Leon locates in the Bannered Mare. You can not switch slavery on or off using a dialouge anymore.
  4. Why not make your Char just essential instead of being untouchable? Type TIM in console. Damage will be taken, but you can´t die. Defeat will trigger. BUT: TIM will not prevent enemies hitting you with a finishing blow. other Option: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/16311 Defeat will trigger. other option: open console type prid 00000007 hit enter (or mark yourself by clicking on your toon) type setessential 00000007 1 and hit enter. close console. now you cannot die, but lose health, stamina and will get buttkicked. Keep in mind: Always have a healing potion in your inventory, because if down, you can´t use magic and will not regenerate. Defeat will trigger.
  5. Can´t remember if I corrected it myself, but I use Leyander Skin and the nipple Piercing are in the correct position. Have fun... ypsPiercingNipplesGoldBall.7z
  6. Is the Jennifer Body CBBE or UUNP? CBBE should work with the textures provided in the main installation and UUNP body is of course the UNP texture pack. If Jennifer Body is neither one: GIMP with DDS extension implemented. You have to change the position manually in the texture.
  7. That´s 99.9% a failure in the HDT mod. The hint some pages before stated: mark actor gone invisible (still should be possible to see/hear/interact with the actor) mark him in console. Type "setactoralpha 1" "disbale" "enable" and Chloe will reappear. It is working on any other NPC too. Will not work if the NPC is invisble within 0.1%
  8. The teleporting issue is an old one. Try to empty your backpack. The less is inside the less the risk of freezing your game is. Emptying my pockets always worked for me.
  9. Sure. If that´s ok for the developerteam I will share my FaceTint Texture fix. If that´s not ok, feel free to delete or make me delete it. Keep in mind: It is not what Kimy had in mind for the 5 new faces since version 6.4. Because this 5 are generated by me, setting interpolation to zero and color to white. But I included the old facetints from version 6.4, too. Textures.zip
  10. Are you running CK throught your MO or by Steam or a shortcut? I'm asking becouse exporting facegen data when i was running CK from inside of MO did nothing for me... First thing: use version 6.4. to reuse more than 75% of the facegen data because it is ok there. Than use the CK started from MO to genereate the missing 5 or 6 faces. Didn´t take longer than 10 minutes to fix all faces. Just set interpolation of the broken textures to 0 and the color to white (RGB 255 255 255). The number of the face to rebuild could be found in the facegen data itself. First two digits as always to ignore
  11. I´m glad you don´t got it wrong. It is very difficult to just write an explanation without looking into someones eyes.
  12. Ok. If you install your mods by hand in the data folder and after that use loot to organize your load order... What do you think will happen? Let me show you a simple constructed data folder of how it seems you have done it: You installed a mod in your data folder using a bsa file first. Second a zipfile containing loose files. Third a zipfile containing loose files overwriting some of your second installation and an unseen part of your bsa file. Fourth again loose files overwriting some of your third installation. Now run Loot. Now your first installation will load last, the forth second, the third still the third and the second the first. Guess what....your game is fucked with an approximatly chance of 50%-100% why is that? Because Load order matters as does installation order. And if you don´t know what is overwritten by mods, you don´t know if your esp is doing the right call to a script, to a nif, to a texture, to a quest or whatever. If you ask for support please by yourself a friend and clear your data folder. In your case: reinstall Skyrim, save the installation folder, that you don´t need to download it again if you mess things up and use a mod manager or be 100% sure what you do. Why am I so mean? Because almost no popular mod does anything with Dawnguard in a way of conflicts, because now a days mods provide the legendary edition, which is including Dawnguard. Sorry to tell you man: your installation is 99.9% sure fucked.
  13. DD Items from DDa, DDi, DDe and DCL will not break your game by removing it via console. It is not possible. The scripts are asking for the items on the actor. If the item is not there, the script will end. It is not possible to have residues in the save. The game will not save, what is not there This is not faith, but the knowledge of the code I read in the script files the authors are providing. I will prove my point by removing the rubberdollquestitems via console. See attached pdf. Made screenshots from before, after and new game. There is really nothing left. I removed Questitems to prove my point. example removing.pdf
  14. Horribly wrong. It does break nothing at all. How could it? The script itself will do nothing less than unequip the item. The script has a failsafe. No item , no test, no garbage in the save It is as always: be sure what you do and how you do it.