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  1. Wuahaha.... nice one... think not itentional But still I know what you mean. It´s a balance act of having the right amount of mods without having a nice view on your desktop every now and than... You fix a problem with mod one and for sure the 2nd one is giving you hell. You update one of your mods in the list and the next playthrough is not only miles but weeks away. For me, yesterday was the 7th startover after just changing to slaverun, because of game issues. Most of them because of my inexperience, but still annoying. Ok ok... The merged esp is the last one and in position 198... but still every startover I learn many things. And slaverun is alpha and actually running like a charm. Yes, there are some things not working, but hey... it´s a work in progress... If Kenjoka would be part of a developer team, woah... think about all the stuff that would be possible... Give time and things will be great. And I´m only a consumer of this great stuff. I´m glad to understand what I´ve read in some areas of the source code... I would sure never be able to bring only one character to do what I want in the game.... not enterily true... but you get my point. Ideas are good and I think very welcome. And the work done from Kenjoka is.... wow!
  2. Maybe my question is outdated because in a period of time v3 will enlighten our Skyrim. I finally gave up SD+ and switched to this great mod and started with v 2.1.3. It´s like playing a movie. Love it. What I could see this far, makes me cheer. But an issue bugs me now for three days and I cannot find a solution: Every time I get enslaved as a female character the questline seems to stop after "Who is Diamond" is ending. Still I´m in Slaverun. Enforcer is doing the correct job. In the Misc section of the questlog I have Bellamys Boob Question. Slaverun reloaded Quest is stuck by 1000. I tried to escape, got caught and still nothing is changing. Pike has no quests and the promised inital training will not start. So I just had fun with the Walk of Shame and that´s it. Intended? Am I missing anything? Tried already 4 different approaches. Same result. Sure it is my mistake. But after days of struggling in Whiterun the clock just starts again counting 5 Days for the next city and nothing happens. If Bellamys timer is running out I´m an escaped slave. But whether in Slaverun nor in front of him changes that. Asking Pike does nothing. Has someone a hint? Don´t I have enough patience? Of course I tried to manually start the Salvetraining. But only Training2 will give Pike an answer to my prayers. Training 1 never happend. It is there (my conskrybe log is telling me) but I can´t get it started. This addicted slave desperate is waiting for a resolutive answer
  3. The description from Crudo sounds more like custom race or racechange during playing the game. There is a fallback due to Skyrims character generation mechanic to the initial used haircut. If the race was not there initially you will get bald. In my game it helped to deactivate NiOveride for the haircut. BUT!!! you MUST disable frequent haircheck, because it will give you every cycle a new set of hair, decreasing your framerate to... nothing I use KS Hairdos... Every cycle a new animated haircut... imagine the rest. To regain your hair in your save: cheat a hairbrush from yps fashion and comb your hair with NiOverride deactivated. *plop* hair! Use additem mod...v2.8??? wow. still use v 2.1 *g* best thing ever if you don´t want to start over and over again having trouble with bad scripts, bad scriptlag, bad quests, bad enviroment... Used to have the problem myself, because I like playing a vampire or succubus. The race has to be played from the start. This time I used the vampire. Beforehand made some tweaks to the race Imperialvampire/Nordvampire/Bretonvampire etc. All this races have to be playable. If you start the game just choose the playable [setcustomracehere]; in my playthrough now Imperialvampire. The scripts will start, whenever the needed circumstances in game are set. vampire... but still you have to be infected and you must wait the 72 hours. What will happen: You will gain a smooth transition from one haircut to the other without the baldness. There is a good description to do this inside this thread (to lazy to look up... think past page 25?)
  4. It doesn´t matter wich version you choose, because you can disable, whatver you don´t want. You don´t want High Heel Training? Disable it. It´s just a checkbox.
  5. SexLab Hormones (2017-12-22)

    Ok, so I´m not the only one with a few weird thoughts. Nice to know CTD by selecting a race. I don´t have to ask if your are using console util? Because race switch is running the racemenu. To use the script gives your engine a really heavy peek. Maybe to much running at once? Tried already lowering the scriptload by deactivating some mods? Or try to trigger the change indoors. If that is working you can be sure its the load. I figured finally out, what caused the issue with my body. I just am ashamed what was the real cause: Race menu Plugin (coming with the mod itself). I use this tool nearly all the time now. But don´t think I was ever aware of the fact, that there is maybe something wrong in my race menu having some sliders doubled. Deactivated the plugin, startet a new game, built a new body and almost everything is fine. Stupid me. Deserves me right to read a thread with 1000+ pages...found it eproxmiatly on page 580-590. @SykrimLL: I have stories and hormones running. The devious story is having a slider for Lactating boobs. This is causing the distortion in the body setup. Everytime you update hormones (0:00 o´clock) you update Stories, too. I havent figured out (because I´m not this far in the game) why the boobs are changing, but still they do. And in doing this, they do it not correct, because I´m acutally not part of the story. All nipplepiercings become distored by the devious story update on boobs. In changing the Stories update in the Inflation framework (nice plugin by the way, new in my load order since the suggestion from Baronesa) back to 1, everything changes to normal. Perhaps you should have a look at this part of the code. In figures: first night from 1 to 1.45 and in the second night to 1.6. In the meantime hormones was changing the boobs from 1.000000 to 1.1xxxxx and the second night to 1.333775 (could read it; skyrim is running in the background ) Found the dremora on my "Little Bondage Adventure" triggerd by "Simple Slavery" in a small town... nice. Funny to play actually. No idea what will happen to me now. Some nights ago had little trouble with some vampires. Bound as I was, I´m now a Vampire fledgling...and a Succubus...hmmm... How this will work out, I have no idea. Good work. Thank you. regards Rogwar
  6. Just think about your question and I think you will figure out the answer. It´s not just done with code for two keywords. you have to take into account, that there is time passing by. The NPC must be tracked during game time. For one maybe two NPCs possible. Perhaps for a follower. But there is two much effort for two less gain. The script load is still done on the playercharacter. In my small humble opinion: No. We will just imagine that all the bijin wifes are going to do a regular haircut for immersion purpose But who knows. Perhaps Emily has the killer answer to my nonsense Regards Rogwar
  7. No, this is not for NPCs. You would have to name AND store every single character in your save game. This kind of mod would the poor old game engine crash.
  8. SexLab Hormones (2017-12-22)

    Thanks for the fast answers. The idea of changing NiOveride to largest occured to me a long time ago, but of course it is a good tip. The high sex activity slider is set wrong in my game. Will change that. I understood the slider to determine how many sex acts would initiate a body change. I had set it to 6 and thougt changes will apply whenever I had more than six acts. After your explaination I will change that to one. Now I understand the hair modification slider. I will give the Bimbo curse a chance to see what will happen to my poor protagonist. Thank you Baronessa. I read about the inflation mod, but until now didn´t think it would be nesesscary. I will give it a try. I tried to disable all body changing mods, as far there is a possibilty in having a tick box for that. DCL and Estrus is part of my set up and they change some things DCL arousal change is unticked but Estrus+ is ticked. Might be possible that the 3 is coming from there because there it is set in case of pregnancy. But still this doesn´t explain the 3 for max schlong size... I will figure it out. as always. For the bimbo curse becoming permanent journey: After contact with Honey (or the Dremora outcast) Sam tried to ignore the urges that were becoming part of her thinking. A nice little fight or asassination job is the right thing to focus. Yeah. That will do. Running to the next city and claim a new job Sam entered the gates. All the sensations of the big city are rushing into her senses at once. There... in the middle of a market. What a hunk! She would like to suck his brains out. Imgaine the rest... But not the hunks brain is altered but hers. Into more liking what she is doing. In figures act 1-10 just makes her a little more flirtarous. Act 11-30 makes her wanton. the arousal begging feature and the forced dialogues will make her have more and more sex. She cannot focus on magic. The magicka pool is drained (and should not recover) with every sex act. 31-60 will boost her araousal. She should be always aroused if there are potential partners around. If not set she should be set to bisexual in Sexlab. There is no possibility to use magic because she can´t focus. 60-100 She is fighting for the rest of her diminishing brain cells. Always begging for sex there is only one solution or she will be permanently transformed: a sex diet (no sex for at least [set figure here]). She will masturbate, because she is always horny. Giving in to those urges and every time a braincell will pop away. She will forget how to dress other than slutty. In game: she can only wear clothing. Armor will reduce her health and/or stamina. In later stages .. perhaps 90 sex acts... she will forget how to use weapons. Holding them ok, but the damage is the same as done from a 2 year old child. I think this should be possible by just using the ingame keywords. Because she is looking around in skyrim for the thingy you need to cure the curse, sex will ubiquitary and time will run short to go from one end of skyrim to the other. Just my two cent. brain went overdrive as I read about the curse being permanent under special circumstances 9 voices in my head are telling me, I´m okay... the 10th is humming the melody of Tetris Kind regards Rogwar Edit: Inflation framework showed me, what I assumed. There is some kind of multiplicator at work. Don´t know what is the maximum setting for this one, but for a little bit of realism I set that one to max 1. Otherwise I think after one week running through skyrim and being enslaved poor old Sam will look like body with two balloons.
  9. SexLab Hormones (2017-12-22)

    I have a new game setup done. This time with hormones. I have a few questions because I have no clue how the features are supposed to work and it seems however the setup is done, there is no difference. Perhaps there is something wrong with my setup or I missunderstood the idea. - The haircoloring is a feature which should dye your hair due to the lack of sex or having sex. As far as I understood it should change like the color of the skin. In my setup YPS Fashion is part of the setup. I tried some things allready without sucess. The haircolor still remains as set during character creation or as dyed with yps fashion. Is this happening to other users as well? Bodycolor is working. Sam is tanned like in a comic - the restrictions from the customization part of the MCM are not respected. Every night (even without the tickbox set to change the character at a fixed time) at 0:00 o'clock all limits are set to anything else; e.g. before 0:00 Breast swell max was set to 2.00; event at 0:01 triggers anyway and the limits are set to 3.00; feels like all limits are not stored but set to default. Or is there anything happening I´m not aware of? Feature? Loading a save has the schlong max slider reset to 3.00. Everytime. Bug or feature? - The initial charactersetup is discarded as soon as Hormones is starting the events? Because my starting charcter was flat as a surfboard in the beginning... ok... not as a surfboard...but flat.... C-cup?... yeah I´m a breast man. *shrug* After the second night having fun in an inn and the city... and on the way to the city... and at the gate to the city...u know what I mean.... anyway after the second night the infobox showed 1.1800 and the breasts looked like 2.8. There was a messages "You are feeling more voluptous." changing the appearance in a way I don´t really like. Intended? I can restore my character. You made the tickbox. But is the idea really make a epic change every night? My setup includes Devious cursed loot. Bondage is common on my character. She will have sex, lots of. After the second night the message playing my little Sam looks like a silcon wonder. Both: boobs and ass. I tried allready the smallest possible change in the customization area of the MCM. Still at 0:01 *boom* boobs are inflating like a rubberdoll. To be sure I made a simple expiriment: My character is now level 10. More than two nights with the above mentioned message. After cleaning a cave and having 30 minutes left I decided to use a console command after saving: setpcsleephours 24. I just wanted to see what will happen with having no sex. Yep. nothing. no haircolorchange nor bodycolorchange. Still I have my tanned bimbo with a really uncomfortable amount of titflesh. some figures changed of course. Libidio... whatever that means. And of course the figures for breastnode, bellynode, buttnode and schlongnode. BUT: Reaching 1 in breast is not the same 1 as in the initial charactersetup. Why? intended? As you can assume I used the command more than once. Don´t get me wrong: The work is great. I really love the idea. I´m just asking because I can´t get it to work as I want it to work. I love the SD+ mod and thougt with stories and body morph mod (hormones) the game play would be more...immersive? is not a good word here. But more the way I want my stupid little bitch running through skyrim. It was really difficult to get the right idea to setup your mod with all the possibilties given (so many tick boxes doing things, I don´t believe they should do). First try ended with having torpedo boobs in a way your character enters a dungeon and the boobs are leaving allready... Wanna picture? still have a save. I think my log won´t really help. If you ask, I´ll give it to you. But be warned: There ARE errors. I can´t fix all, because there are to much mods running on a single game. but if there are errors in my gameplay I try to figure them out and try to ask, if the mistake is mine and I have to live with it or if it is just a plain bug and I can help to solve the issue. Enough of the text wall. Thank you SkyrimLL for many days of fun. Still my Skyrim playtime is increasing. Thank good: this year I didn´t reach my personal limit. Still Under 3000 hours play time in Skyrim *Phew* If some other modders are reading this wall: Thank you all. If I were a little bit deeper into scripting and 3D design I would gladly provide every single minute of spare time for you. Because you all make it happen, that so many people can have a lot of fun. Thank you! Keep on your work.
  10. You´re thinking to complicated. Just combine the meshes. If you want to have your ears look different just make your already in place right earlobe nif data a combination of the two meshes. You even don´t have to rename or add it to any list or esp or whatever and it will show up as you wish. Why waste two bodyslots, if you can have the same effect using only one? I´ll asume you have the earrings for the same bodytype. Open both meshes in a Nifskope instance having a total of two nifskope windows. Go to the second window and expand the ninode (usually in the upper left part of your window). It should be expanding to NiTriShape underneath. Right click on the NiTriShape of your desired earring, move to Block and activate Copy Branch (or use simply CTRL+C after left click). Move to your first Nifskope instance and activate your NiNode by clicking on it. Right click your Node , move to Block and Paste Branch (or use simply CTRL+V after left click on the NiNode). First hint: as everywere in the PC world there must be different names for different things. Make sure your Copied branch doesn´t have the same name. e.g: Both NiTriShape must have different names like EarringL and EarringR. Check for names and change if needed. Second hint: Expand the NiTriShape and look for BsDismemberSkinInstance. The BlockDetails (usually on the lower left side) could have a Bone or a Partition. If it has a bone, everthing is fine. If it has a Partition expand it and change to the desired slot or it will not who up in the game :) I think in your case "43 Ears". Save your mesh and give it a try. You should see both ears having a Piercing. Please keep in mind this is only the simplest of the possibilties given in NifSkope. You might have to use Google/Bing/DuckDuck etc. to make it look even better/different/hotter. My first try was looking really shitty (my earring hooked UNDER my ear, because I used a Nif not suitable for my body). And of course you can make your own .esp file with TESEdit and give your new earring a new name. regards Rogwar
  11. You don´t need TES5edit nor Save cleaner for the job. You will have to use Calientes Bodyslide, which is diffcult and depending on your mesh or Nifskope. To combine two Meshes into one you simply have to copy the branch in one instance of Nifskope and copy it in the second one. If done correctly you should have in the second instance of Nifskope two mehses. In fact you can use the same copy paste shortcuts as in Windows itself (Strg+c and Strg+v). Made an excellent nose piercing this way, having a septum ring, a Nostril ring and a Nosepiercing. Nifskope does copy the position and the size making it easy to combine well to the body algined meshes. regards Rogwar
  12. Just my two cent.

  13. Think I found the culprit of the problem. Your script is picking up the dropped weapon from the ground. As we all know, some things you drop to the ground are lost in the plane of junksomeidiotdropped. If this is happening, your script is trying to pick up things that are not in Skyrim but in the mentioned plane Conclusion: Your script/mod is working fine, but Skyrim is not *shrug* regards Rogwar
  14. A log... I knew I should have keept my mouth shut I´ll do my best to give you a log. Hm. How to start. *mumble... mumble* Don´t blame me if there are more than your mod telling what is going wrong. I´ll try to keep it as clean as possible... mod index of my merged patch standing last in the load order is CA... translate yourself how many I have running. And believe me, if I tell you the merged one is BIG... I´m such a weirdo.... oh dear... a log... *several minutes (approx. 90) pass* Here is the log file you wanted. During creating it I made an observation: The text for picking up the fumbled items was not occuring. If you ask me, I did a little to much to the game, that it is probably not doing what it should do. Played the scene 5 or 6 times. Sometimes working correct, sometimes not. Give it a shoot, if you want, but I think my log is not reliable for bug hunting. The log file is done loosing both daggers during the fight. They vanished. If you want, I will try to make a less modded one... perhaps 100 mods... or a setup with a less heavy script load... and try to reproduce the error on that one (but I think, that would be the same as yourself setting a game). Maybe it is the circumstance of having two Superb Dread Daggers (Legendary) in the inventory, because daggers and swords are set for dual wield in the chest. You can find the mod here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/15494/? (Dread Knight Weapon Set) Regards Rogwar PS: before someone is asking: Game is running 143hours, PC is level 56 and it is a real playthrough without having to much issues... True... If 2 mods fire at the same time, strange things happen, but hey... It is not annoyingly often. CTD are really rare (and most ones are my fault in provoking them). Steps in Whiterun have still 30fps. Papyrus.0.log.7z
  15. Not a bug but a problem, that needs to be investigated: You made a switch to pickup fumbled items. I didn´t look were you put those picked items, BUT if you are in trouble during a fight and loose your dual wield daggers (I´m a pretty good succubus assassin having just a small problem with mining and therefore numb hands) and you have to use another weapon picked from your belt, let´s say a small shiv or something like that, your container will be deleted and again my damned cool extra mega shiny asskicking daggers are gone. *looking for an extra big crying smiley and found only this* To be honest: The switch is a great idea. It would be nice to have all weapons back. Even on pressing a quickequip button from SkyUI the first pair of weapon should be back after the fight. To be in the story: They would just lay around to be picked in the bunch of dead bodies. Just thinking: I should really learn how to use CK with Mod Manager. To fix everthing with xedit (TESedit) is not the right way, and in this case it doesn´t work, or does it?... hmmm... Regards Rogwar