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  1. Stupid me! Sorry sorry sorry After your post Reesewow I checked my fix again. Funny thing: It is working, but it shouldn´t You´re right. The White Leather Blindfold (custom) has wrong properties either. I shouldn´t try to correct things after implementing a new ENB with almost 200 active Mods. The property deviceInventory should point to the inventory device and the deviceRendered property to the script instance. My bad! Here is how it is done correct: Bug Report: The Inventory item from Red Leather Blindfold (custom) xx013354 is pointing to the wrong scriptinstance. It is pointing to xx01110f and should point to xx013354. Result: In game will manifest this issue with having a blindfold without having a blindfold equipped and you can equip or unequip your red custom blindfold without any interaction of a key or messagebox. This is because the scriptinstance is pointing to xx011110, in words Red Leather Blindfold. Fix: Change zadx_RDLblindfold_scriptInstance [ARMO:xx01110F] in VMAD in the Property DeviceInventory to zadx_RDLblindfoldBlocking_scriptInstance [ARMO:xx013354] Did this with TES5Edit. The second Bug: Bug Report: The Inventory item from White Leather Blindfold (custom) xx013350 is pointing to the wrong scriptinstance. It is pointing to xx00f02e and should point to xx013350. Result: In game will manifest this issue with having a blindfold without having a blindfold equipped and you can equip or unequip your white custom blindfold without any interaction of a key or messagebox. This is because the scriptinstance is pointing to the normal White Leather Blindfold. Fix: Change zadx_WTLblindfoldBlockingInventory xx013350 in VMAD in the Property DeviceInventory to zadx_WTLblindfoldBlockingInventory xx013350 Did this with TES5Edit. my apologies Rogwar
  2. Bug Report: The Inventory item from Red Leather Blindfold (custom) xx013354 is pointing to the wrong scriptinstance. It is pointing to xx01110f and should point to xx013353. Result: In game will manifest this issue with having a blindfold without having a blindfold equipped and you can equip or unequip your red custom blindfold without any interaction of a key or messagebox. This is because the scriptinstance is pointing to xx011110, in words Red Leather Blindfold. Fix: Change zadx_RDLblindfold_scriptInstance [ARMO:xx01110F] in VMAD in the first Property to zadx_RDLblindfoldBlocking_scriptInstance [ARMO:xx013353] Did this with TES5Edit.
  3. Sometimes browser have their ... days... whatever... Just use a different one. There is no harm in it, to use another browser on your computer. To translate websites, I like to use chrome. It´s fast and comfy. To browse here, on Loverslab, I use a diffrent one. Just copy the link in your secondary browser and it will work. btw: If Firefox is not doing the job, your personal settings are wrong. Regards Rogwar
  4. Rogwar002

    Devious Training

    3.0 dev version. But I tinkered that much in your code, that I can only tell, what I saw before. - The misalingment of head and neck is gone (as far as you don´t go overboard with the slider; setting of 25 is giving a good result, but going all the way to 40 will give my toon a strange look... Think about a stick with a head on it ) - I get now your idea having Spine1 and Spine2. I can now make a wasp spine (I mean it!!!) without having a huge body upwards (this one was difficult but finally...) - Speed(de)buff is now set to a number looking still good, but not to much. Fixed the debuff to 25% max, otherwise it is possible that the movement of the PC is impossible (stuck). Lower would be possible, but walking from whiterun gate to Adrianne in more than 10 minutes is waste of time - changed the growing breast to a formular, having only the possiblity of shrinking breast beneath a chastity bra. Corrected the slider btw (you made the slider integer but gave it a float in your formular) - finally I got rid of all the annyoing messages. - tried to implement NiOverride Heels, ending reactivating your boot section in the MCM. Having four different boots for my character possible is enough on my side. - I remember correcting the NiOverride setups for some things you had already in SLIF, my scripts should now show the same results with or without SLIF (SLIF is part of my actual setup, did no testing without, till now) I learned really a huge amount. But still I feel like a baby tinkering with existing code. It is annoying to try to understand code, not written by myself. Still I´m missing the basics of what is possible. BUT now I am able to correct the most annoying bugs in some mods. You can think about yourself now as my teacher Thanks Sykrimfet. I´m not as good at writing scripts as I wish for, therefore I have no versioning in my script files. All I can provide, if you want, is the result of the changes for you to look at. I LOVE the idea of having visual effects wearing devious devices. This is a must have in my load order and I will work anything around it. If there is time, I will change the mesh for your plug wearing results. In my opinion both meshes look disgusting on a character. No offense, but I don´t like them.
  5. Rogwar002

    Devious Training

    this is a known issue. The calculation is a little misaligned... Maybe Skyrimfet will adapt a few suggestions or change the code for a better alignment.
  6. Bug Report in ESM: This bug is old and was there in Version 4.0. Your Record xx023E6F from Assests should be have an override in Interegretion, too. The scriptinstance xx0023e71 has an override in intergration, but you missed the inventoryitem. This is a nipple piercing. Same is for the vaginal piercing just one entry beneath. xx0243d6 has an override but xx0243d5 is missing. It is an annyoing bug, because sometimes your piercings will not work. I changed the ESM with the data provided from the jeweled piercings. xx0409a2 and xx047566.
  7. Ah, this is the reason why my "funnysideeffect.esp" is preventing the gamestartup. I should have been waiting for the new release. I´m struggling for almost 3 hours now to build a startup in Riverwood with known mods. I simply removed two, I don´t want to have in the loadorder anymore and start a new game. Now I will have a new setup with DD4.1 alongside. Three hours of rolling eyes to a fucked up MCM menu not showing of the mods, I use more than a year now and updated today. Found the issue and now I´m a lucky user of a brandnew release of DDX. Thank you Kimy, for the hard work.
  8. Keep the cool In a small village near the open sea high in the north. It is dawning to me, there are stars visible...
  9. You have no idea of my ability to ignore things, I don´t want to see, when there is anything I want to have I want daggers on hips and I want it only for me. I´m special. *stompswithhisfeet* Maybe this is the reason why I´m not able to share things I do...because deep inside I know it is not as good as it could be...
  10. I feel slaped in a motherly way... Thank you? Kimy is right of course. But I like my daggers on the hip! And it is working well... for me...
  11. No, this is not the problem. Bodyslide installation or using Bodyslide before the DCL installation has no influence on your installation process. It seems, you have many mods installed, because your screenshot ends somewhere around the middle. I used NMM long time ago, too. It´s a bitch... to be nice... But ok, it is a mod manager. So let´s try to solve step by step what is causing your issue. By load order the modding communtiy refers to the order in which you add content to your game, during the startup process of Skyrim. NMM does this by the mod load order column. Your load order seems to be ok on the first view. And here is the but: Where is your custom skeleton? You write all prerequisits are fullfilled. I doubt that, because the skeleton should be higher in your loadorder as it is, if it is part of your loadorder. Please have a look at the first post here in the supportforum and really do as told. Install the prerequists and do so in a correct way. You have to read the installation process for each and every mod. No joke. It IS essential. Read. A lot. e.g. By using XPMSE Skeleton and using NMM you´re almost 100% fucked. My first guess in using this combination will be: you have overwritten Skeleton files. Your game will not work. Even if you will have DCL Installed, used bodyslide with the UUNP setting of your choice and did your armor generation process correct. Demoralising, I know. I learned the same. The hard way. My game was much more than 100 hours playtime. I suffered CTD almost every 30minutes...My best hint I can provide: Read... as written on the first page of so many mods: RTFM (if you know the meaning, you´re a native speaker or did what the meaning is, I´m not and it took some time ...) Using NMM, you are not able to use LOOT in a way, your game will work with this huge amount mods. Your plugins tab will be sorted in another way than you installed mods. And as far as I know you can not just drag and drop installed mods in your Mods tab view. You can correct me, if my knowledge of NMM is outdated. Of course, If you know how to sort mods without Loot using TES5Edit... You can guess where this is leading... A hint to Bodyslide: This little tool is providing to your game presets for your toons. To keep it simple: You have a custom skeleteon like XPMSE32 (as written in the prerequisits of DCL). Starting your game now, will change nothing. Your toon will look like before. Now you use Bodyslide... whoa... bigger chests because you used UNPB setting in Bodyslide to generate the naked toon with the UNPB preset. Oh what now? Small chest again just by using a cloth armor? Why? Because you have to generate your Cloth armor with Bodyslide UNPB setting, too. By doing so, you will change the meshes (the body, the frame, the chassis) of this particular armor. If you use a naked torso, you will use the "naked torso mesh" that is from now on visible on screen. If use the "cloth armor mesh" this is visible on the screen. And this preset bless is curse in the same way: Your downloaded armor must have a preset for your body of choice or better the possibilty to create the body of your choice using bodyslide. And to prevent another question: In your load order is the RacemenuMorphsUUNP.esp from Bodyslide: IF there is a RacemenuPlugin.esp active, deactivate it, delete it, whatever. It will disturb your game. You just need two: The bodyslide RacemenuMorphsUUNP.esp and Racemenu.esp. Otherwise you will duplicate all sliders giving your game just a hideous amount of sliders doing the same stuff. To give something to laugh or just a facepalm: I did this mistake until last year Again I can say: RTFM... I did... but late...
  12. Rogwar002

    Slaverun Reloaded (03-June-2018)

    The texture resize by ordenator is one of the things you should always, always, always do. I did it for BSAs to. And be assured: You will see no differnce using the prepared maximum setting for Skyrim. I did, using an (old) I7 with GTX970, for all mods in the list. First run was setting the texture resize to >2048. That doubled the fps. Yes. doubled. smooth 60... allover skyrim. My poison is now texture resize to >4096. Got me 44-60fps allover skyrim. Did I say: Always use Ordenador? If using DynDOLOD use Orednador first, than run DynDOLOD Generation process... The result is...stunning.
  13. correct. The mentioned quest will break, if there are locked devices on your toon. Not always, but almost. If the Device is a standard one: cuffs, armbinder, corset, gag, blindfold, bra and belt it rarely will remove or better simply overwrite the existing ones. But a hood, chains or even devices provided by other mods simply break the quest. Happened many many times, because usually I like to play this quest. But having a belt of misogny... reload... having slavery devices... reload... having parts of a chainharness... reload... Last reload I had was because of wearing simple shackles. The time I struggeld the toon free, I was not able to open the shackles. All those reloads did NOT happen in v6.4 nor 6.3 if thats important. Last two runs of my damsel in distress, were just a struggle for keys.... 2.5%... are you serious? btw: 20 Body restraint keys left after opening the last lock. The favor key thing is not working really well... pointing to the relase notes... but maybe just bad luck on my side.
  14. Yes to the first one. There are 6 Slave level based folders in the custom area. Every slave level is able to have its own clothing. Think of it as the promotion reward for beeing a good girl Rename your used mesh to the name in the custom folder you want to use (e.g. Custom\slave_lvl1: outfit_f_1.nif) Yes to the second one. There is a toggle in the SD MCM to tell the mod, which body type you use. No to the third one, if they are already built with another mod, just keep the folder structure for tri files and textures. Otherwise the textures will not show in game. Advanced: Change the texture with Nifskope or Bodyslide to the folder of your liking. No and yes to the forth. You can of course use meshes from armors you have already. There is no need to use a rar file. But keep in mind the folder structure of the used armor. Copy at least the texture folder to your game. Using MO: activate the mod and deactivte the esp if you don´t want the armor show up in different cirumstances as in SD+. Copy the mesh twice renaming it to outfit_f_0.nif and outfit_f_1.nif to be sure or just outfit_f_1.nif (assuming you use the slave level folders; otherwise rename the mesh to outfit_f_cbbe_0.nif and outfit_f_cbbe_1.nif assuming you use cbbe body, otherwise use unpb instead of cbbe). regards Rogwar