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T I E F L I N G   v3
A game playstyle overhaul
Can you beat Skyrim ...
...without using normal weapons or armor?

... without your health regenerating?
... while being "Kill on Sight" to almost everyone?

Download links (files too large for LL server)
Tiefling SE v3

Tiefling LE v3

Changes from version 2

  • can play any standard or custom race (although Khajiit and Argonian are not recommended for visual considerations)
  • available on both SE and LE
  • you will be KOS everywhere when in full Tiefling appearance
  • Thalmor and Vigilants may still detect you when glamoured
  • stay glamoured or morphed indefinately if you want (no glamour sickness or stamina drain)
  • can use clothing, armour and weapons when morphed into full human form
  • can now fight using some limited daedric abilities when glamoured
  • more dragon skin coverage choices (full or half cover)
  • can remove KOS status in one hold if you become Thane
  • can remove KOS status to Orcs, Dawnguard, Imperials, and Stormcloaks by gaining their trust through specific quests
  • Mara's and Molag's path choice is now at the Temple of Decision, instead of Morvarth's Lair.

Back story

  • Molag Bal is your father. So you are half daedric, half Human or Elven (depending on your Racemenu choices).
  • Mara has negotiated a way for you to escape Molag's clutches. Find seven of her Boons and the wrist and neck chains will be removed.
  • Molag wants to keep you for himself. He has placed "Temptations" throughout Skyrim. Collect those and you'll stay subjugated to him.
  • You start the game in your "Morphed" state (you look human/elven). Shortly, Molag Bal will catch up with you and you'll revert to your usual daedric appearance. (The Tiefling mod should handle most "Alternate Start" mods, so exactly when you morph back to your daedric appearance is dependent on that)

So, how does it make playing the game different?
You have three forms you can change into:


  • 1 - Full Tiefling: this allows you all your daedric abilites to fight and defend yourself, but you'll be KOS almost everywhere.
    • Can't use normal weapons. You have Daedric pulse for ranged attack, and Claws for melee.
    • Can't wear any armor. Your skin hardens (daedraflesh) when you extend your claws, & you can emit a shield/ward for extra protection
  • 2 - Glamoured: cast a glamour on yourself so that others won't attack you. 
    • without your horns & tail you have no attack or defensive capabilities, but are safe to enter towns. 
    • if in danger you can toggle your tail back into view to gain some limited daedric abilities (claws, pulse and ward/shield), however you will be recognised as a corrupt daedra by Vigilants of Stendar & Thalmor, so if they are present you will be attacked.
  • 3 - Morphed: morphing into a human form means you are completely safe in towns 
    • you'll be able to buy and sell at better prices. 
    • you can also wear clothing and armor, and use standard weapons. 
    • however, you won't have any of your daedric abilities or bonus movement speed.


  • Regeneration: you have a larger pool of health, magicka, and stamina, but it only regenerates once per day. If you choose ...
    • ... Mara, then you'll receive a lesser power called "Prayer". Use it once per day to fully regenerate.
    • ... Molag Bal, then you'll receive a lesser power called "Oblivion Teleport". Travel there once per day to regenerate at his Altar. But,  you are trapped in Oblivion for 24 hours (presumably for his pleasure) before you can teleport back out. (each Temptation you find reduces the time you have to wait in Oblivion by 1 hour)
  • No Weapons: Molag Bal has forbidden you to use anything other than your daedric abilities of ...
    • ... 'Claws' - either single handed or both. 'Dragon Claw' does most damage, but 'Venom Claw' can soul trap.
    • ... 'Corruption Pulses', one works on the living, the other on Undead. Corruption is fatal but may take time for the enemy to die
    • ... you can also create some "area of effect" blasts using either trapped souls or some of your own health.
    • ... 'Scent Spray'. Everybody who smells the scent will become frenzied or frightened. (Be careful not to use it with friends around)
  • No Armor: Your father has also stopped you wearing armor except in your weak human form. When in Tiefling form you'll have to use ...
    • ... Daedraflesh - your skin gets automatically hardened by daedric energy whenever you unsheath either of your Claws 
    • ... Daedric Shield - a fairly substantial force field can be generated by your left hand that helps protect you against physical and magic damage. Claws and Pulses can be used in your right hand while generating the shield with your left.
  • Stealth: your attack damage is fairly ordinary when fighting, but ...
    • ... you receive a large bonus to attack damage whilst sneaking
    • ... you'll get unlimited use invisibility once you have found either: 1x Temptation or 2x Boons
    • ... sneaking while daedraflesh is active (claws unsheathed) will also raise your stealth by 30 points
  • Temple of Decision: You have a lesser power called "Temple Teleport". Teleporting here allows you to ... 
    • ... choose to follow either Mara or Molag Bal by touching either the 'Blood Shrine' or the Statue
    • ... choose between 7 different colours of dragonskin and tail
    • ... change whether the dragonskin entirely covers your body, or just  a half coverage
    • ... choose between 12 different horn styles
    • ... swap between red or black wrist and neck chain colours
    • ... change 'hotkey' assignments
    • ... adjust the cost of a 'gamesave' or turn off that feature
    • ... adjust game time speed between 8x to 20x times. (set to 8x by default)
    • ... toggle combat damage bleedout on/off
    • ... see the picture of the Temple (in image section) to help you locate the various activation stones
  • Summon Servant: Mara has granted you some help. You have a lesser power that allows you to call a servant to ...
    • ... stop any combat bleedout you may have sustained in a fight
    • ... remove any arrows, bolts, or ice shards from you and your followers. (Arrows stay permanent unless you get them removed)
    • ... allow you to swap inventory items for safe keeping, if he's summoned when you're not injured
  • KOS Status: When you're in full Tiefling appearance, you'll be "Kill on Sight" almost everywhere, but ...
    • ... you can enter a town by either, casting a Glamour on yourself, or completely Morphing to human appearance
    • ... if you become Thane, then your KOS status will be revoked in that particular hold (still KOS elsewhere)
    • ... if you become Thane in a second hold, then you will immediately become KOS again in the first hold.
    • ... certain completed quests will allow you to stop being KOS to Orcs, Dawnguard, Imperials and Stormcloaks (no, I'm not telling which quests, lol)
  • Tail Twitch: You have a lesser power called "Tail Twitch" which will ...
    • ... realign your tail if it gets stuck out of shape
    • ... toggle your tail (visible/invisible) if you are Glamoured ('tail visible' gives you some daedric abilities)
    • ... notify you of which horns and tail style you have fitted
    • ... notify you of how full your 'Scent Bladder' is. (Your scent spray can only be used if the bladder is 100% full)
    • ... what Hold you are currently in and your KOS status to them. Plus, status with Orcs, Dawnguard, Stormcloaks, & Imperials


Adult Play Option

  • Regen by Sex: Using a couple of sex mods can give you an alternate way of regenerating Tiefling's health, stamina and magicka...
    • ... this will allow you to top up your health, magicka and stamina whenever you find a "willing" partner
    • ...................................
    • ... for SE: install SexLabSexLab Triggers, and a mod that lets you ask for sex (eg. SL Eager NPCs, Amorous Adventures, SL Survival, etc.)
    • ... in-game, go into Trigger's MCM and edit "Slot 1" to the following settings:
      • ... in On Event select Orgasm, or Orgasm SLSO if you are also using the SLSO mod 
      • ... in Chance select 100%
      • ... in Command 1 select Heal (+100.json). You could do the same for Command 2 & 3, if you want quicker regen
    • ...................................
    • ... for LE: install Sexlab, Sexlab UtilOne, & a mod that lets you ask for sex (eg. SL Eager NPCs, Amorous Adventures, SL Survival, etc.)
    • ... in-game, go into the SexLab UtilOne MCM and edit the following settings:
      • ... select the On Orgasm tab
      • ... change Effect to Heal (+100)
      • ... in Chance select 100%
      • ... in Options select 1 Sec/Once/Instant. Or select 10 sec if you want quicker regen (3x 100)



  • Slavetats (make sure you download the correct version as both the LE file and SE file are in the list)
  • LE users only
    • if your Tiefling doesn't get head skin coverage, then ...
    • ... find SKSE\Plugins\nioverride.ini
    • ... if bEnableFaceOverlays=0 , then change it to bEnableFaceOverlays=1
    • ... if you don't have nioverride then download it from here https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/37481


  • Basic mod manager installation
  • Load order - Tiefling overhauls many aspects of the game so it is best to have it very close to the bottom of your mod list


  • Should work with all main "Alternate Start" mods ("Live Another Life", "Realms of Lorkhan", "Unbound", "Alternate Perspective", & "Dimes Quickstart" )
  • It may have "issues" with any other mods that try to control Health, Stamina, or Magicka regeneration. For example ...
    • ... I turn off health and stamina debuffs in Wildcat's MCM
    • ... I turn off the 'Misogyny' health debuffs in SL Survival's MCM

Please advise me if you experience any glitches with Tiefling. The development team (me) has spent about a hundred hours playtesting this upgrade to v3, but there are so many changes its impossible to have experienced every combination of events. Please try and be nice and constructive with the criticisms, lol

Book of Tiefling
For more detail on what the Tiefling mod does, please download the "Book of Tiefling".

The following people have had input into this mod over the years of its development. They have either contributed assets or invaluable assistance and my thanks is deep and genuine.

  • gatti for Gatti 14 Yumiko Suits for CBBEv3
  • jacques00 for HDT Dragon Tails (extreme grovelling)
  • Nightshade for TDN Equipable Horns
  • humannature66 for HN66s Mage nails
  • Arrythmia91 and MurdermiesteR for Throwing Dart
  • Taliesin Ward for Unarmed Sounds and Animations for Vampires
  • HydrogensaysHDT for HDT Physics Extensions
  • Scrivener07 for level up scripting
  • Eyeonus for Acquisitive Soul Gems and scripting assistance
  • Bethesda for making a modifiable world and the beastly Creation Kit
  • and a host of other people who created mods that are not incorporated into this Tiefling mod, but I investigated their work and learned from their implementations and ingenuity.
  • (PS: If you think I have inadvertently missed an obvious credit please advise so I can amend the list with copious apologies)

Edited by dePog

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