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SexLab Eager NPCs (SLEN)






"Here's to the bachelors and the Bowery bums

And those who feel that they're the ones
Who are better off without a wife." - Tom Waits




"I am Dragonborn, hear me roar!" - Dovahkiin




Before you report any problems, enable your papyrus logging and read the papyrus log. SLEN reports everything it does in the papyrus log, reading it will allow you to solve most problems yourself. Search for lines containing the word "SLEN" to quickly isolate every log line that relates to SLEN.


I was getting tired of having to capture, enslave, enchant, rape, be raped, hire or whore in order to get some nookie, only to end up in the wrong animation position. I am a Casanova, not a Genghis Khan or Marquis de Sade. I am The Dragonborn, all men and women in Skyrim want me! I don't want to have to force them and I don't want to have to marry them either. So this one is for all the womanizers and man-eaters who don't want to marry one NPC, but who prefer to have a couple of sweethearts in every town.


An overview of all the functionality:

  • Charm dialogues: a dialogue system/mini-game in which you charm NPCs to have sex with you. Success of the attempt depends on a multitude of factors like arousal, speech skill, gender preference and many others. Speech skill XP is earned on successful attempts. The more often you charm an NPC the more they will love you, and the more they will agree to do with you (more kinky positions, threesomes, orgies). This system uses the relationship ranks from the vanilla game, meaning that you will be allowed to take more valuable items from NPC's homes when you get closer to them. You'll also be able to "fuck your way to the top" for Thane quests by having sex to make friends, rather than doing favor quests.
  • Trainer dialogues: two different ways of paying skill trainers with sexual favours instead of money. The "Automatic" mode lets you train one level per 6 hours in exchange for sex. The more immersive and challenging "Use charm" mode closer follows the vanilla training methods, but allows you to earn back some or all of the money you paid by charming the trainer.
  • Lover's perks dialogue:
    * Lovers cook for you like spouses do.
    * Ask lovers for hugs and kisses.
    * If you are a vampire, lovers can be asked for blood in exchange for sex.
    * If your lover is a vampire you can offer them a drink of blood in exchange for sex.
    * Ask your lover to organize a Sex Party for you (see further below).
  • Pleasant surprise event: be surprised by up to 4 lovers initiating a sex scene or orgy when you wake up.
  • Dragon kill event: witnesses of dragon kills may get extremely aroused and/or initiate orgies with you and all other bystanders in the area.
  • Location cleared event: after clearing out a dungeon or other location, your followers may initiate an orgy to work off some of the tensions of combat.
  • A New Way of the Voice: learn a shout that demonstrates your Thu'um to those around you, greatly increasing their arousal, making them much easier to charm.
  • SLEN Spells: a variety of spells to detect and influence the arousal of NPCs around you.
    * Detect Arousal spells: lets you detect the arousal of those around you.
    * Detect Love spells: lets you see how much nearby people like you.
    * Libido Transfusion spells: use your high libido and illusion skill to increase the arousal of a target NPC.
    * Magnify Ardor spells: magnifies the arousal of the target NPC for a short while, but leaves them numbed and less aroused afterwards.
  • SLEN Potions: a set of different Aphrodisiac potions and their alchemy ingredients. Drinking them will spread a cloud of pheromones around you that affects NPCs around you, slowly increasing their arousal over time. Some of these work on specific races only.
  • A Cure for the Faithful: if you find yourself needy for some booty again barely 5 minutes after your last orgy, you might have become addicted to sex! But no worries, the Sisters of Dibella will be happy to sell you a cure, or if they're in the mood even give it to you for free if you spend some time worshiping Dibella with them.
  • Dibella's Refuge: become the Champion of Dibella in a fun quest, earning an Aedric weapon in the process, plus access to an ancient place of worship with some devout followers of Dibella who - aside from practicing the art enthusiastically - may be willing to follow you on your adventures, or sell you interesting items and spells.
  • Three MCM pages to give you a neat overview of all important SLEN, SexLab and SLA settings and information for various actors. One page for the player, one for the NPC in your crosshair target, and one that allows you to pick an NPC from a list of all NPCs you've had Sexual interactions with in the past. These pages give easy access to things like the SexLab gender, SLA gender preference, exposure rate and other SLEN and SLA settings without the need to dig through several MCM menus.
  • SOS Integration (optional): this functionality can automatically change the SexLab gender of SOS schlongified female NPCs (futas) to male. Detects if SOS is installed (full SOS is required for this functionality) and automatically disables for SOS Light, SAM or other non-SOS users.
  • Gender toggle hotkey: A configureable hotkey to quickly swap the SexLab gender designation of the player character or targeted NPC at the stroke of a single key. Useful for futa and gender swapping play when combined with a SOS Schlong strap-on.
  • Virtual Sex Life: This feature prevents the effect of NPC's arousal values decaying to 0 when they have not been encountered for a long time. Instead these NPCs will have realistic and varied arousal values, as if they had a normal sex life while the PC wasn't around.
  • Sex Parties: Ask a lover to organize a sex party for you at any location, inviting up to 32 people. Your lover will take care of everything, all you need to do is be at the party location at the right time. The party host can keep your guests entertained, leading them into frequent orgies, or you can use the regular SLEN dialogues to start sex scenes with those present yourself.
  • SexLab Gender appropriate masturbation: A lesser power that starts a masturbation scene in which the animations are picked based on SexLab Gender rather than vanilla sex, so that it works correctly for futa characters.
  • Mounted Exposure: When riding a horse or dragon, your exposure/arousal will slowly increase. When your arousal reaches 100 and you are still mounted, you will orgasm.
  • Once you have the perfect setup, you can store your settings in a profile which can be recalled in any other savegame or newly started game, so you don't have to do it all over again in every game you play.
  • For more detailed information on each option, read the hover tips in the MCM menu.
  • SexLab 1.62 or later required, some functionality may not work with older versions and there will be no support for outdated installations.
  • See Change Log below for recently added functionality.


A lot of this functionality is available from a number of separate mods, some of which have directly inspired the functionality in this mod. No code or assets from any these mods were used, only their ideas. Credit where credit is due:

  • Paying trainers with sex was inspired by "SexLab Trainers"
  • Sleep events were inspired by "DangerousNights"
  • Arousal increase on dragon kill was inspired by some remarks in the support thread of the "Untamed" mod. Apparently this was part of the functionality of this mod at some point (but was removed before I started using it).
  • The idea to allow sex to increase the relationship rank was very loosely inspired on "TDF Prostitution" (which has an option to make this happen, but doesn't seem to do anything with the result of these changes).
  • I realize the sex dialogues are a lot like the functionality offered by SexLab Romance, but I never used that mod. Instead the inspiration for this mostly came from the extensive dialogue tree available with slaves in the "SexLab Sex Slaves" (a.k.a. Mia's Lair) mod.

And of course, lots of credits to SexLab and SexLab Aroused, Fuz Ro D-oh, SKSE and SkyUI MCM, and Schlongs of Skyrim for providing the frameworks and functionality that are heavily used by this mod.


SexLab Eager NPCs has been designed to integrate as much as possible with the vanilla game. It uses the vanilla relationships to keep track of your partners and lovers. The spells, potions and ingredients of appropriate level can be found in leveled loot and bought from the usual sellers of such goods, like Spell Vendors, General Stores, Alchemists and Khajiit caravans. The start of the Dibella's Refuge quest is integrated in a logical way in the vanilla quests and the Thrill of the Tempest shout is learned automatically when you are ready for it.


SLEN is very light in terms of papyrus load and has been built from the ground up with performance in mind. There are no periodic background processes, no repeating timers, no cloak spells to scan for actors and run scripts on them, no callbacks from SexLab animation events. Despite its large variety of functionality you will find it adds almost no papyrus load to your regular exploring and combat game. Scripts will typically only run when you are using the SLEN dialogue systems, MCM menu or magic effects and potions, in other words when you decide it's time to have some sexy fun. The exception to this is the Virtual Sex Life feature which occasionally needs to change the arousal of nearby NPCs through script when you enter a new area, however the detection of NPCs is done without any polling and all NPC processing is done on a single papyrus thread, ensuring it doesn't tie up your papyrus engine.


All options can be enabled or disabled individually, which generally makes it work very well together with other mods. If you already have a mod that adds sex to your sleep sessions or allows you to pay trainers with sex and want to keep using that mod, you can simply disable that specific feature in SLEN and use all of its other functionality. The charm dialogues can be used next to other sex dialogue mods like Puppet Master, SexLab Romance or Amorous Adventures without conflict (how well it fits from an RP perspective is of course for you to decide). Individual NPCs can be blocked from the dialogues or from all SLEN interactions on the Target NPC or Recent Partners MCM pages, where changes made to relationship ranks by SLEN can also be reverted.


Useful posts:


More details:

  • The automatic gender changing based on schlong addon will only activate when the NPC is in a SLEN dialogue or event. Once changed, it will stick and may have positive effects on the functionality of other mods too (but only if those mods were programmed to use the SexLab gender of course). You can also set the SexLab gender directly in the SLEN MCM menu.
  • The amount of sexual positions available with an NPC depends on your relationship with that NPC, and whether you charmed them or paid them. A higher relationship opens up more options. Threesomes and orgies can only be started through dialogue with NPCs with the highest relationship rank (4/Lover).


Even more details with possible spoilers:

  • The quest to gain access to Dibella's Refuge will start when you have completed the Dragon Rising and Heart of Dibella quests, and have at least 25 relationship increases through SLEN. After completing these prerequisites the courier will deliver a letter from Senna which will start the quest.
  • The spells are available at the usual locations, the lower ones can be bought at any scroll and book peddler, whereas the top tier ones are only available from the master merchants in their respective schools.
  • The ingredients needed for aphrodisiacs can be bought and looted at the usual locations but are all rare, so may be hard to find. You can however craft these ingredients using more regularly available ones. Look around for books on Aphrodisiacs to learn the recipes. Some of these books can be found exactly where everyone would expect them, some where only some people would expect them, and some in locations that will piss everyone off. Such is life.
  • Aphrodisiac potions can be looted, bought or crafted. Ask your favourite local questionable contraband peddler. Alchemists may also (rarely) have these for sale. Crafted potions always work on only 1 race (or 2 when combining 2 effects in a single potion), but the merchants may also sell you a potion that works on all races at once.
  • There is a lot of trace output in the papyrus log (when enabled). If you are curious about your persuasion attempts, the log can tell you exactly how big your chances were and how the calculation was done. Look for lines starting with "SLEN".



How to Charm effectively, definite spoilers!

  • The biggest variable contributor to charm success is the target's arousal value from SexLab Aroused. Anything that increases their arousal, like seeing sex scenes or naked people or the spells, potions and shout provided by SLEN are therefor good ways to increase your chances to charm an NPC. You can use the SLEN Detect Arousal spells to find NPCs with a high arousal.
  • The second biggest variable effect comes from your Speech skill level in relation to the target's speech skill level. Anything that boosts your Speech skill or reduces that of the target is helpful. Warrior type NPCs typically do not get any points in Speech skill when they level, so are easier to charm at higher levels. Most leveling priests and merchants on the other hand get Speech skill points when they level so are harder to charm.
  • Small bonuses are gained by being an Agent of Mara and/or Agent of Dibella.
  • You get a big bonus with NPCs who have recently witnessed you killing a dragon, especially at lower levels. Depending on your settings those NPCs may also get an arousal boost, making it very easy to charm them.
  • Gender preference plays an important role, if you're a female it will be hard (but not impossible) to pick up a gay male NPC. Note that SexLab seeding makes most NPCs straight but close to the edge, so a generous dose of gay sex will often tip them over to being bi-sexual. If you don't want to put in the work for that you can use the SLA gender preference setting on the Target NPC/Recent Partners MCM menus to make an NPC bisexual or gay. You can of course also use SLA's own MCM menu for it, on the Puppet Master page, and SLEN will automagically recognize the change.
  • Note that you get an automatic free pass in the following cases. These can all be recognized by the fact that the NPC takes the initiative in proposing sex when you start the dialogue with them, and you do not get a dialogue with "(Charm)" in the text. Consequently you will not earn Speech skill XP, but you do have the normal chance of relationship rank increase.
    1. Lovers: always. No relationship increase, this is the highest level.
    2. Allies: when their arousal is 20 or higher.
    3. Confidants: when their arousal is 50 or higher.
    4. Friends: when their arousal is 70 or higher.
    5. Acquaintances and (non-aggressive) foes: when their arousal is 90 or higher.


All of this is subject to change on the author's whim, not open for discussion, provided as-is, for informational, educational and hedonistic purposes only. Please be considerate of other players and do not post text from this spoiler in the support thread!



Resource Credits:

  • SLEN includes the Armor Addon (ARMA) fix for circlets for elves from the USKP for Dibella's Circlet so that it is properly visible on elven heads. Thanks to the USKP team for allowing modders to include this fix in their own mods.
  • SLEN uses a hour glass mesh from Insanity's Resources (available on Tesalliance.org) to mark the location for a planned party. Thanks and credits to InsanitySorrow for making these great resources freely available!



  • German translation provided by CGi, thanks!
  • LL users RebyaAs and g23023878 have graciously provided a Chinese translation of SLEN. They are hosting this on a Chinese site for the people in China who cannot reach LL because of the Great Firewall, you can find it here. Note that this translation is not being actively supported anymore, it misses a lot of the recently added features.


Installation: Just drop the .esp and .bsa into your Skyrim\Data folder, or use your favourite mod manager to do it for you. The mod will initially be completely diabled. You can enable it in the MCM menu and choose which options you want to activate there.
Upgrade: To upgrade from an older version, just overwrite the esp and bsa files and remember to enable the new options in the MCM menu.


Uninstallation: Optionally disable the mod in the MCM menu, then remove the .esp and .bsa. If you want to clean your save afterwards, all SexLab Eager NPC scripts start with "SLEN".




Thanks for all the support!

What's New in Version 20161127


  • 20161127:
  • The option to enable or disable tracking of non-unique NPCs has been removed. Non-uniques will not be available on the Recent Partners list, but it is possible to get relationship increases with them and reach their settings on the Target NPC page.
  • When opening the SLEN MCM menu while having an NPC in the crosshair target, the menu will open directly on the "Target NPC" page.
  • Added an option to increase exposure (arousal) over time while riding a mount. When enabled, you will orgasm if your arousal reaches 100 while riding a mount.
  • Vampire changes:
  • - Vampire PCs feeding on lovers through the Lover's Perks dialogues will only reduce their vampiric stage by 1, rather than always all the way to the lowest stage.
  • - You can offer your vampire lovers to feed on you through the Lover's Perks dialogues, but have a 10% chance of contracting Sanguinaris Vampiris when they do.
  • - If you pick the "Whatever you desire" option with a vampire, they may decide to feed on you in which case you have a 10% chance of contracting Sanguinaris Vampiris.
  • If a lover who is also a follower is very aroused and lover's perks are enabled, they will nag you for sex when you talk to them. You can choose to have sex with only them, with all present allies and lovers, or allow them to masturbate or have sex with present allies and lovers while you watch. You can also tell them to control themselves which will temporarily suppress their arousal so you can reach their normal dialogue tree.
  • Addition to the Lovers Perks dialogue: After you reach 10 or more relationship increases you can ask your lover to organize a sex party for you in your current location.
  • 20160820:
  • Re-upload including German translation provided by CGi.
  • 20160820:
  • The sex dialogue menu now automatically puts your favourite choices on the first page of options and the less picked ones on the second page. This system is self-training. Separate lists are tracked for NPCs with each possible combination of vanilla sex and SexLab gender, so if you have different favourite choices with males, females, shemales or pussymales, this will be reflected in the dialogues with each of those. Threesome and Orgy options are still always shown on the first page, if available.
  • You can configure the number of options that will be shown on the first page of the sex dialogue options. You can set it so only a few of your fav options are shown on the first page and the rest is hidden behind the "(more)" option, or if you prefer you can set it so that all available options appear on a single page (warning, this can lead to a long list as the number of options available can reach 30 with certain NPCs)
  • Individual sex dialogue choices can be disabled so they will never show in the menu. Again separate configurations are kept for each NPC gender.
  • The orgy code has had an overhaul. Groups of up to 5 actors can now be formed. The code will automatically form groups of appropriate genders and size based on the animations you have installed and enabled.
  • Minimum and maximum group size can be configured for orgies on the Advanced tabs. Options to allow aggressive or furniture animations are also available there.
  • A new feature called "Virtual SexLife". Usually when an NPC hasn't had sex or seen nudity for a few weeks, their SLA exposure and timerate (and thus arousal) will have decayed to 0. This feature combats that effect. When an NPC is encountered that hasn't been seen for a long time and has a very low arousal value, their values are changed to make it appear as if they had a normal, healthy sex life while the PC wasn't around. Their timerate, exposure and last orgasm date values will be changed in a manner consistent with eachother, and with the NPCs values the last time it was encountered. The overall effect is that NPCs arousal values will be varied and realistic when you return to a place you haven't been for some time, instead of all being 0 or very low values.
  • Added a Masturbate lesser power that starts a gender-appropriate masturbation scene for your PC. This power can be added and removed from the MCM menu. Uses the SexLab gender instead of vanilla sex to choose animations.
  • The "Whatever you desire" option has been reworked and should result in more varied choices by the NPCs.
  • The automatic gender swapping of the SOS Integration can now be set to work on targets in the crosshair, rather than only when they are participating in a SLEN event or dialogue. Note that SLEN itself does not need this option to properly recognize NPCs genders, however it may lead to better fitting responses with schlonged females in other mods.
  • Dragon Kill orgies can now involve a (theoretical) maximum of 49 actors, and Location Cleared orgies and orgies started from dialogue a maximum of 33 actors.
  • The Pleasant Surprise event will now find the single biggest possible group given the genders of the nearby actors and the available animations. No aggressive or furniture animations will be used in this event.
  • NPCs will use the player's bed or a nearby one when the player chooses to watch the Pleasant Surprise event.
  • Added a Snooze button to the Pleasant Surprise and Location Cleared confirmation message, which allows you to delay the event for 20 seconds.
  • Small changes to the SOS Integration to make it more hardened against incomplete installations of SOS Full.
  • The Tag Editor functionality has been removed from SLEN and moved to its own mod: SLATE (SexLab Animation Tag Editor). Please download this mod if you need the functionality.
  • Moved around some options on the MCM pages and added some tags to indicate which options aren't included in saved profiles.
  • 20160714:
  • Senna should now be able to send the letter for the Champion of Dibella quest even when the A Night to Remember quest is active.
  • A choice to do it standing up is now available in the 2nd menu of the Charm dialogue
  • It should now be possible to correctly charm NPCs who have a negative relationship to you (but are not hostile)
  • When using the 'no teleporting' option in SexLab, SLEN dialogues should no longer get stuck and prevent the NPC from walking towards the location of the sex scene
  • SKSE Translation files for the MCM script are now included. A separate download contining only the translation files is available on the download page for translators (files will be put in Skyrim\Data\Interface\translations)
  • Dragon kill witnesses will be in awe for some time (1 hour real time) after seeing you absorb the soul of a dragon, and will be easier to charm as a result and be more open to kinky sex, including parttaking in or initiating threesomes. This effect works in addition to the configureable arousal increase. The more dragons you kill, the more the people of Skyrim will get used to it, and consequently the less pronounced the charm bonus will be.
  • Maximum number of nearby 3rd partner choices shown for a threesome has been increased from 5 to 9
  • Moved some settings from the MCM General tab to the new Advanced tab in preparation for future additions, to keep the pages manageable.
  • Added some extra feedback to the profile handling to warn when profile loading fails
  • Profile load will only be enabled when a profile has actually been stored before
  • Fixed an issue where toggle options incorrectly reverted to ON after loading a profile
  • For power users: Added an animation tag editor ("Animation Tags" page) to the MCM menu. This page allows you to add tags to or remove tags from (sets of) animations. For example, you can add the 'MMM' tag to all 'FMM' threesomes, or add the 'MM' tag to some of the 'FM,Anal' animations.
  • For overpowered users: a file can be created that contains custom animation sets, defined by yourself. You can switch between the standard animation sets as defined by SLEN, and the animation sets as defined in your custom animation set file. You can download an installer for an example file from the Downloads page. The example file and explaining text file will be put in the Skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins\SLEN\ folder.
  • 20160606:
  • Added a slider to control the amount of Speechcraft skill each successful charm attempt gives you, as a percentage of the amount you would get for a normal successful persuasion.
  • Removed the ability for Kahjiit PCs to do it doggy style, because cats doing it doggy style is just wrong.
  • Lover's perks addition: Werewolf lovers can be asked to have sex with the PC in their werewolf form. Experimental.
  • Increased the repeat charm attempt penalty considerably and changed the way it is tracked.
  • Argie Farseer will have a selection of SLEN spells and miscellaneous items for sale once she becomes your friend, but note that she closes her shop at night. This includes a unique Expert Alteration spell that can only be bought from her.
  • Added the ability for Kahjiit PCs to do it kitty style. :p
  • Added the possibility to let the NPC choose the type of sex. Their choice is based on their sexual history (the SexLab vaginal, anal, oral and purity scores) with a small random element.
  • There is now a choice of 2 versions of trainer dialogue: "Automatic" works like it worked before: the trainer will always accept sex as payment for training and training is limited to once every 6 hours. "Use Charm" is the new, more immersive mode and the default for new games. In this mode you train by paying money using the normal vanilla trainer dialog (with the normal 5 level maximum) and then get the chance to charm back all or part of your money.
  • Added an option to allow tracking of non-unique NPCs.
  • Added a gender spreading algorithm to the orgy code. This means that when having an orgy, the script will attempt to spread out the NPCs over the groups so that FFM, FMM and FM couples are more likely to occur than same-sex couples.
  • Threesome animations are now picked from a gender appropriate list. So FMM groups will not use FFM or FFF or MMM animations. This only works if appropriate animations are available for the group of course.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs would potentially use the wrong gender masturbation animation (which could happen when choosing "Watch them masturbate" during a Pleasant Surprise event with only 1 nearby lover).
  • Several tweaks to Dibella's bow.
  • Changed a bunch of papyrus log messages to include some more information.
  • Added functionality to save your settings to a global profile, which you can then re-load and apply on any other savegame.
  • Added functionality to apply sensible defaults to all settings.
  • Probably some more minor tweaks I forgot about.
  • 20150928:
  • Fixed the scaling of the Libido Transfusion spells. The Lesser, Greater and Major versions will now be worth using as they decrease your timerate more slowly, so the amount of exposure the target gets per point of Timerate you have is bigger the higher the difficulty level of the spell (in other words, your timescale will decrease more slowly and the target's exposire will increase faster for each higher version of these spells).
  • Added a "Look me in the eyes while you fuck me" selection (top/bottom options) when both actors are set to female. This can be used for FF couples who prefer to have hetero-style sex with a strap-on or futa-schlong rather than lesbian sex. The "Make love" options will still lead to lesbian sex animations with FF couples.
  • Added an (optional) hotkey to toggle the PC or NPC gender between male and female. If an NPC is targeted in the crosshair, their gender will be toggled. If no NPC is targeted, the PC's gender is toggled instead.
  • Sorted the choices in the sex dialogue to be more logical and consistent (hopefully).
  • Considerable changes to the dialogue system: previously the available sexual positions you could start depended only on the relationship rank. In the new system, an 'animation level' between 0 and 10 is calculated each time you charm an NPC. The higher the animation level, the more available options there will be. Lovers will always have all options unlocked, and threesomes and orgies will still only be available with lovers. For NPCs with a relationship below lover, the initial animation level will be 2 * RelationshipRank + 1. This level will be increased if the NPCs arousal is high, or slightly decreased if their arousal is low. 1 bonus point is given if the PC is an Agent of Dibella, and 2 penalty points are given if the PC is not the NPC's preferred gender. An additional 2 bonus points are given when the PC pays for the sex.
  • Aside from the cooking, vampires will now also be able to ask (non-vampire) lovers for blood donations, which they'll be happy to give once a day in exchange for sex. Horny lovers may be convinced to donate blood or cook more than once a day. This is compatible with both vanilla and Dawnguard vampirism.
  • The "Can you cook me a meal" dialogue has been replaced by a more general "Lovers' perks" sub-dialogue ("My love, I need your assistance") which contains the options to ask for a meal or a blood donation. Additional miscellaneous requests may be added to this dialogue in the future.
  • Completely overhauled the "once a day" tracking for the cooking (and blood donations). Previously this was done with "Hours until reset" dialogue option (just like the vanilla cooking dialogue). However, aside from the fact that this is buggy to begin with, it works by voice type rather than by actor. This meant for example that if you asked Lydia to cook for you, you could not ask another lover with the same voice type as her to cook you a meal for 24 hours. The new system tracks actors individually so does not suffer from this issue.
  • SLEN will now detect when the SexLab animation registry is reset and do a recount of available furniture animations the next time you enter the SLEN dialogue. This means that stopping and starting the dialogue quest to recognize newly added furniture animations is not necessary anymore.
  • Added a slider to configure a delay between the completion of an event and the start of the orgy.
  • Added a difficulty setting for the chance to charm an NPC.
  • Added a new cell called Dibella's Refuge with 5 NPCs and the related quest to gain access to it.
  • Minor clean-ups, tweaks and improvements.
  • 20150906
  • New spells: Libido Transfusion (Minor, Lesser, Greater, Major). These aimed concentration spells in the Illusion school will draw from your sexual libido (SLA Timerate) and use it to increase the target's SLA exposure. You need to have a minimum level of sexual energy in order to use these spells. The minimum SLA timerate needed to use each spell is 12.5 for Minor, 25 for Lesser, 37.5 for Greater and 50 for Major.
  • New spell: Libido Explosion. This master level Illusion spell works similar to the Libido Transfusion spells but will affect everyone within range.
  • New spells: Magnify Ardor (Minor, Lesser, Greater, Major). These aimed spells in the Illusion school will temporarily (for 1 minute) magnify the target's existing exposure. Minor will increase the exposure by 25%, Lesser by 50%, Greater by 100% and Major by 200%. After the effect expires it will leave the target somewhat numbed and reduce their exposure to half of what it was before the spell took effect.
  • The priestesses of Dibella may now occasionally provide you a Cure Sex Addiction potion for a greatly reduced price or even for free if you assist them in their Dibella worship.
  • Horny NPCs may respond more eagerly when you try to pick them up.
  • I reverted the changes to the sound effect for the shout to how they were in v20150816 and earlier, meaning they are now implemented again as sound effect rather than voice resource. This should resolve the issues some people were having with the shout.
  • I have built in an extra 10 second wait at the start of a sex scene before list keeping and relationship rank increase are handled to give SexLab all available resources while setting up its animations. Possibly this may reduce the number of freezes some people with slower or less stable machines are experiencing at the start of a sex scene. Most likely a 100% placebo effect, but it doesn't hurt :)
  • I disabled the option to remove spells and potions from leveled lists. This was more of a debug/development option that may cause unexpected and hard to track side effects when other mods modify the same leveled lists. The correct way to remove these items from your game is to uninstall SLEN.
  • Minor clean-ups, tweaks and improvements.
  • 20150825
  • Added options to disable the confirmation message box for the sleep, dragon kill and location cleared events.
  • Added a mutual masturbation option to the (more options) dialogue for lovers.
  • Added (back) dialogue choices to the (more options) and threesome selection dialogues.
  • The trainer dialogues should now work for all custom trainers that are set up with the correct faction and class.
  • Neloth found back his libido and should now also accept sex as payment (if Dragonborn DLC is installed).
  • If Dawnguard DLC is installed, the Dawnguard and Castle Volkihar trainers will work for sex too.
  • Changed the Thrill of the Tempest shout sound effects to work in line with the vanilla shouts, they are now implemented as voice resource rather than sound effect.
  • Added (culture-appropriate) sound effects for relationship rank increases.
  • Tweaks to animation searches for SexLab 1.60. You should get more varied choices for various dialogue options.
  • The 'Creating Aphrodisiacs' book should teach 1 Alchemy skill level now (if you haven't read it before).
  • Reduced the range of the first 2 words of the Thrill of the Tempest shout a little.
  • When horny, lovers may demand sex before cooking you a meal.
  • Many minor tweaks and fixes.
  • 20150816
  • Added the ability for lovers to cook you one meal a day
  • The issues some people had with the shout should be fixed
  • Fixed an instance of NPCs calling you Dovahkiin before the end of Dragon Rising
  • 20150812
  • Removed the dependency on the SOS addon script (Many thanks to b3lisario for helping out with this)
  • Trainer quest should now work properly for Solstheim trainers (Except Neloth)
  • 20150808
  • "A New Way of the Voice" - teaches you the Thrill of the Tempest shout. When you have a total of 10 relationship increases, the next time you kill a dragon you will learn the first word. The second word comes after 25 relationship increases, and the 3rd after 50. If you are already past these scores, you will learn the shout on your next dragon kill, but only 1 word per dragon kill. You will still need to spend a dragon soul to unlock the words. The shout is a non-violent demonstration of your Thum control and power which will cause deep vibrations that increase the arousal of those around you. Each consecutive word adds more arousal increase and more range.
  • "A Cure for the Faithful" - The Priestesses of Dibella have found a new way to fund their Temple, by selling Cure Sex Addiction potions. Talk to any of the Priestesses in the Temple in Markarth. Note that you get a huge discount on the price once you become an Agent of Dibella. If you have a lot of sex your SLA Timerate will rise which is an indication of sex addiction. A high SLA timerate will cause your arousal to climb up much faster and higher after you've had an orgasm. This potion will cure your sex addiction by reducing the Timerate to 10% of what it was before, plus 5 (so that's in the 5-15 range).
  • Slightly changed the chances that the relationship with an NPC will increase. It is now easier to increase the relationship from 0 to 1, slightly easier to go from from 1 to 2, slightly harder to go from 2 to 3 and a bit harder still to go from 3 to 4. The average overall chance to increase relationship ranks has stayed roughly the same. The intent of this is that it should make the distribution of relationship ranks more 'pyramid shaped' (a few lovers, more allies, even more confidants, and tons of friends) instead of 'hourglass shaped' (many lovers and friends, very few in between). This in turn should lead to bigger orgies when started through dialogue.
  • Added a Relationship Increase difficulty setting. This option follows the vanilla Novice, Apprentice, .., Master, Legendary settings. This will only affect the chance of a relationship increase, it does not affect your chance to charm an NPC. Adept (the default) is the same difficulty as in previous versions.
  • Changed tracking of total relationship increases, the number is now available as soon as you open the MCM menu Player tab. Note that if you manage to score more than 125 relationship increases, you will still need to hit the calculate button.
  • Added SLA current timerate to Recent Partners/Player/Target NPC pages and reordered the Status values a bit.
  • Added an option to clean the Recent Partners list of dead references (typically caused by an NPC being disabled or uninstalled). If you see any entries named "(NPC error)" in your Recent Partners list, you can use this function to clean them out. I did not want to do this automatically because it can easily take up to 10 seconds if your list is very long, and it is rarely needed.
  • Added check for child flag in trainer dialogue (because Babette). The sex option should still be available if you have a replacer that changes Babette into an adult.
  • Added (SLEN) tag to the start of the trainer dialogue.
  • Tweaked some more animation tag filtering in the sex dialogue.
  • Fixed check for number of available actors after location cleared, so you don't get the event when you are alone.
  • Added some event messages without "Join them" option for when the Player is blocked from SLEN interactions.
  • 20150802
  • Added an additional "(more options)" sub-menu to the sex dialogue for NPCs with rank 4/Lover which includes:
  • Boobjobs (give and/or receive when appropriate)
  • Footjobs (give and/or receive when appropriate)
  • Watch your lover masturbate
  • Furniture use for Throne, Chair and Bed. These options will only show if you have any of these installed (see support thread for details)
  • Added a bit more animation tag filtering to some of the existing sex options to insure no Lesbian animations are used for MF couples and no Female animations are used for MM couples.
  • Added a couple of sanity checks around the Recent Partners list to ensure dead references don't break anything. Will add a more solid cleanup routine in future version to get rid of references to uninstalled followers & dead NPCs
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused information for the wrong NPC to be shown under the Status heading on the Recent Partners MCM page
  • Added NPC name to the Status and SLEN options headings of the Recent Partners page
  • Made sure the PC is always in a group of 3n ot 2, when starting an orgy through dialogue
  • Restructured some of the Utility functions to be more flexible with exluding animation tags
  • 20150730
  • Quick fix for no-SOS and SOS light installations.
  • Note: Reports internally as v 20150728
  • 20150728
  • Initial release.

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