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[Outdated] - Lovers Masturbate 2 Rev20110129

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About This File

Lovers Masturbate 2 - by Ashal


LoversMB2 is a replacement for LoversMB.


Changes from MB to MB2:
There are a few differences:
- A spell "Masturbate" replaces the Y button
- No more "Ring of MB"
- New animations for each stage
- Expanded ini settings
- Ability to advance and go to previous stages
- Ability to change animation within a particular stage
- Automatic timed stage advancing
- Make other humanoid NPC's masturbate. They stop and resume their normal activities if you leave the cell.
Things that are kept the same:
- Voices
- People come to watch
- Toggle clothing


Lovers with PK


Throw everything in to your oblivion\data folder.


Known Issues:
NPCs are silent when masturbating. It doesn't seem built in to the core to give them voices. I could "hack fix" it in to give them your voice or a random one, but that isn't a long term solution.


- The anonymous people who made Lovers and the LoverMB mod.
- Donkey for translating Lovers to English.
- Jenova23 - for starting this project
- Sabinel (LoversRapeman)
- simplefries (LoversPayBandit, Lovers Aphrodisia, LoversPk LoversHypnosis & LoversCheckNude)
- silverfeetz (LoversTachiCats2, LoversNA, & Lovers Animstions, LoversNA, LoversRapeman & LoveShack)
- Galgat (LoversJoburg, LoversCheckNude, LoversRaperS, LoversBorn Galgat Skins & LoversLandE)
- Raijinryu (LoversJoburg & LoversCheckNude)
- Hadoki (LoversLandE, LoversContraception, LoversDiag, LoversSusMp & LoversDRadar)
- neskimo (LoversLandE)
- ztbloch (LoversPk.esp)
- jojo77 (LoversPk.esp)
- hyperviper (Problems with lovers pk addon)
- philipcollin (LoversNA & Trailer)
- Doombell for later translations.


You do not need to contact me for anything. Go nuts.

What's New in Version Rev20110129


  • Rev20110129 - fixed faulty animation calls
  • Rev20101105 - Misc Lovers 1.3.2 compatibility.
  • - Added new spell "Instill Lust" forcing others to masturbate.
  • - Player audio now ramps up with 1.3.2 voice changes.
  • Rev20101102 - Fixed compatibility with Aphrodisia
  • - Added ini option to turn off console messages
  • Rev20101101 - Initial release.

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