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FO4 NudeBasics Lives again, after many years after deletion. I never stopped using it, tweaking it since day one of it's original release.

Posting about it, even after deletion. One of my many, many posts about FO4 NudeBasics on it's still remaining Get Support page, from it's deleted mod page.

My posts were seen by the original author, and my wants to repost the mod, with my tweaks. I was given permission to post it onto Lovers Lab.



Full Credit to the Original Author Adetu... I've been following, posting about it, using and tweaking his mod since it was first released... 



- CBBE version
- Fusion Girl version
- Tweaked to perfection by me, since it's original release
- Bomb Collar can possibly burn off some of your clothing, when it fires up
- Mod Organizer instructions in it's Notes section

- Lots of Options in the MCM Menu
- Enforce Nudity when Collared, along with many other rules

- Breast Expansion, when irradiated. Get too big, and clothes get destroyed, or unequipped. CBBE or Fusion Girl
- MCM options to have Breast Weight and Bare Feet slow you down
- Violate Rapes, can get you Shock Collared. With Configurable rules, quest to get Shock Collar off, kill the rapist who put it on, to get its code.
- About the Bomb... Misc section of Inventory. Collared Rules to live by...


- S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Upgrade Points. Reduced from 28 Points to 21 Points, at start of game. Old mods feature...

- I'm currently not a Coder, so it wont be getting the Code fixed. Unless I work out how to Code... Possible...
- Some bits of it don't work, or don't work well. Power Armour Rules, Milk, Violate Extra option in MCM.


Required mods...


- F4SE
- Mod Configuration Menu
- Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource

- Devious Devices 2.0
- Torture Devices
- Real Handcuffs
- Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer         For CBBE Version
- Fusion Girl                                                 For Fusion Girl Version

- ZaZ - Extended Skeleton v5                      A skeleton, that allows physics, and male penis's to work.


- LooksMenu


- AAF Advanced Animation Framework
- AAF Themes
- AAF Animations for Advanced Animation Framework




- Violate       for getting raped after a defeat, then possibly Shock Collared


Naked Male bodies...

- Body Talk 3   for anatomically correct males, Patreon only download.


- Just a hairy male body  for just naked male bodies.


For animal sex and pregnancy...
- Wasteland Dairy Framework            Animal Sex, Babies, Egg Birthing ( no animations for that exist ), a huge mod
- Family Planning Enhanced Redux    Pregnancy, Family Planning Enhanced Redux and Wasteland Dairy Framework, work together as one big mod


Penis's for animals, and Strap-Ons for women...
- Vioxsis Strap-Ons of Fallout 4 V3                  For Women on Women, to wear Strap on's ( use V3 )
- AAF-Creature-Resources                               Penis's for Animals

For Clothes to Fit, and Men and Animals to have Penis's...

- Bodyslide and Outfit Studio


Bodyslide all these...
1. Bodyslide CBBE or Fusion Girl    Womens Bodies and Clothing
2. Bodyslide Bodytalk 3                 Men's Bodies and Clothing
3. Creatures                                   Animals Penis's
4. Strap Ons                                  Womens Strap On Penis's


With the Violate mod, you have a chance to get collared, with a Bomb Collar. This collar has a lot of rules, in the Misc Section... READ: About the Bomb.



1 item in the Weapons Section, of your inventory

Limits on what you can wear, and where you can wear it

Limits on Caps Carried


When highly irradiated and bare-footed, you will have trouble out-running anything. As Nora's large Breasts weigh her down, and her delicate feet will slow her down.


Recommended setting Breast Weight slow down to 70%, in the MCM

Recommend switching on slow down, when bare footed


Permanent Breast Expansion ( MCM optional settings)

With a Shock Collar, high Breast Expansion caused by Radiation, and Nipple Clamps. Nora is slowly going to get some permanently larger Breasts.



New Features...


Lots of Tweaks to the the MCM options, increasing the sliders, so you can have higher or lower settings, which allows you to tailor your game to perfection.

- Sleep Debt Problem Fixed... the slider goes from 0 -> 24 hours now  0 = OFF
- Caps... you can slide the slider up to a huge amount of Caps, that can be carried now.
- Lot of more tweaks.


Bomb Collar.
My Tweaks... KP

- Shock Collars is x10 times slower, but beware the second and third stages. They are lethal...

- Stage 1... Really Slow Tick down. 2 Minutes
- Stage 2... Moderate Tick down, with shock.2 mins - 2.25 mins
- Stage 3... Get the hell out of there, unequip the offending items, or drop the extra guns. 2.40 DEAD...

Timer now gives warning at Half and Quarter times, for Bomb Collar countdowns. 


Bomb Collar Burn, can possibly burn off clothing, if set to clothing being destructible...


Old Features...

- Limited Power Armour use
- Armour breaking
- Naked restrictions
- Corpse looting restrictions
- Butterfinger weapon dropping, when attacked


- Bomb Collar
Clothing restriction in certain areas
Single Item in Weapon Section only, when Collared
Caps restrictions in certain areas
No VATS when Collared, you have to go Iron Sight only. Aka Manual Aiming only


- Radiation Morphing... different Breast Expansions Morphs for Fusion Girl and CBBE

- Milk Morphing

- Permanent Breast Growth, Nora can start the game Flat Chested, and end up permanently Large Chested by the end of the game.
- Player Loot Bag to find after rape, Violate Additional Option. Recommend to Turn Off in MCM. As you can lose stuff with it.

- Peeing yourself, with auto undressing, or exiting Power Armour


- MCM Options for it all...



Problems and Fixes from Original Mod...

Problem...   Clothes Damage and Destruction not switching off... Vanilla Mod problem.
Fix.......   Turn the sliders for clothing damage to Zero in the MCM.



Caps Limits, but can't drop Caps.


Problem...   Turning on Maximum Caps you can carry in certain areas, but you can't drop the Caps in your inventory. Vanilla Fallout 4 problem.
Fix 1.....   Install Caps mod, they are not very good, I've tried a lot of them.
Fix 2.....   Commands to drop and add Caps into your personal stashes and Safes. I use this method, it's easy and works 100% with a little more effort.


Stashing your Caps...  Console Commands.

1. Check how many Caps you have. ( Fallout 4 money )
2. Open Console and Click on a container, that you wish to add your Caps to.

3. Add Caps amount into the Container.

additem f 1000   if you owned 1000 Caps.

4. Remove Caps amount out of your inventory. 

player.removeitem f 1000    if you owned 1000 Caps

You now have no money, as its now all in the container...



- FO4 NudeBasics   Caps control option, limits how much money you can carry.

- Sexual Harassment    Shock Collar Rapist, steals all your Caps. You will need to start hiding your Caps, if you want to save up
                                     the money to ever get out of it.


Mods that are handy...

- Console Enabled in Survival Difficulty
     Allows you to use the console, in Survival Mode. Essential, as the Vanilla Game is Soo glitchy.

- Better Console
     Give more info about what you click on, when using the Console. ( MORE ADVANCED USERS, NOT FOR BEGINNERS )

          Requires... F4SE




Handy Link for info, ways to play, etc... old FO4 NudeBasics Comments Page. A treasure trove of Ideas...

I've been commenting on it, since FO4 NudeBasics was originally launched, and never stopped...




Shibhari mod... Replace Tape and Handcuffs

Bodyslide for it... a bodyslide I made for myself, a while ago. I should really release it, unless there's a one already out there.



1.07 ... First Re-Release

Edited by Krazyone
Link and text edits for the descriptions page. Body Talk 3, Just a Hairy Male body, Zaz Extended Skeleton.

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