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  1. Possible feature... Breast-Feeding. Picking up babies, when pregnant. Does not require bottles of Milk. If already pregnant, your character is producing Milk. So a picked up baby, will not need bottles of Milk. I know there isn't a Baby Breast-Feeding animation, so it would just be a message and timed debuff / buff in the Status. Status Breast-Feeding -20% Stamina Regen, +1 Charisma Just an idea... If you don't like it, just ignore this post...
  2. Feature Idea... Fan Equips Kinky Stuff. MCM options for low level Devious Devices. Plus gives your character some surgery, if you've gotten on their bad side. Kinky Stuff... 1 - 3 items. Devious Devices... Boot, Corset, Collar. Butt Plugs... Plugs of the Commonwealth mod. ' You feel a needle in your neck, and everything goes dark. ' You awaken to find yourself dressed as a slut, and discover that you've been given some Breast Enlargement Surgery, as you look down at your larger breasts. +1 Charisma -10 Carryweight in Diseases section of Pipboy. You awaken to find a Skittle jammed up your backside, and your Breasts reduced to a fraction of what they were. -1 Charisma +10 Carryweight. You must have really pissed off someone, for them to go to all the trouble of doing this to you. You move uneasily, as you tug at the huge object rammed up your backside. Diseases... Breast Enlargement +1 Charisma -10 Carryweight Breast Reduction -1 Charisma =10 Carryweight Just some ideas, if you don't like them. Then just ignore this post...
  3. Feature Request... 1. Just Rape You, option for Followers... Currently, they wait for you to talk to them, and if you are off doing something else. The ' Your companion can't reach you, Dangerous Nights is restarting itself.' Pop-up appears.
  4. I've had this happen loads of times with Mod Organizer 2, after updates, or re-installs. I checked the Plug-In section, and found the Plug-In wasn't turned on. I just turned it on,... I've had mods turned on, and the plug-in's not turned on. But you are using Nexus Mod Manager, which I haven't used in a long, long, long time. Soo... I don't know if it applies...
  5. Not sure on this one. I could add a victim state but other mods would need to use it or something? I like the general idea I am just not sure what I would implement. Victim... It would need to be tied to other mods. It would increase certain events chances. Victim in sickness area, until you are healed. Aka... Magic Active Effects. Magic Active Effects Name................................Time Left.................................Source Victim 60mins Weakened Whipped 2 Days Tender Heavily Whipped 7 Days Raw Weakened The lashings you received, has severely strained your mind, as well as your body. People see you as an easy victim, unable to defend themselves. Tender Your skin is very tender, from the lashings you received. The weight of armour makes you wounds scream in pain, allowing you to wear only the lightest of fabrics. Raw Your skin is raw, from the savage beating you were subjected to. Everything you wear, is causing you agony. The pain is soo great, you decide throw off anything that covers your wounds. Possibles... - Defeat = 10% increase in Defeat happening, as your mobility is decreased because of whipping injuries. - Sexlab Aroused Creatures = 10% increase in chances you will get creatures attacking you, as they see your weakened state. - Sexlab Aroused Extended = Whatever you wear is classed as Sexy, as you are singled out as weakened. - Sexlab Aroused Followers = A higher chance of being raped, or bad things happening. As they know, in your weakened state, you can be taken advantage of. - Spank that Ass = Everyone slapping your Ass, even Braith... ( normally limited spanking ). . . Just some ideas...
  6. Possible Feature... Too injured to wear items on Whipped areas. - MCM optional for some of the below features - Whipped Body = Only Clothes can be worn, no armour - Heavily Whipped Body = Too painful for to wear anything - Devious Devices are immune to un-equipping, or equipping prevention - MCM Option... Realistic Healing Times = No sleeping it off, or being healed in a couple of hours - Victim = After being whipped, you are tagged as a victim. In your weakened state, bad things are more likely to happen to you. If you don't like the ideas, then just ignore this post...
  7. Possible Feature... MoleCow Disease I know you have MoleRat Disease changed, but it still displays as MoleRat Disease -10 health. I was messing around with the Creation Kit, and made a better version, in my opinion. Disease name: MoleCow Disease ........No Quest name on it, just MoleCow Disease. It removes the feeling that you are getting screwed by Bethesda feeling, with only 1 cure. Sicknesses: Charisma +1 ( Duration 360 days ) ....................... ME_Morph_Milk_X10 ( Breast size increase, permanent would be good. ) ....................... The Cow Disease that you already have assigned to it. It's up to you, but I made myself a small add-on for my own game, and it looks great in-game. Adding MoleCow lore text to a lot of the Vault 88 monitors would also be a bit of immersion. Along with maybe a MoleCow Monthly Magazine... . . If you don't like the ideas, then just ignore this post..
  8. Reducing it to zero is not the problem, its that nothing happens, when you leave it at full. It just stays there, at a full struggle bar. No sex scene fires up. STALKER = STRUGGLE BAR
  9. darkfender666 is talking about the STRUGGLE BAR, that appears, when you have a STALKER that attacks you. The struggle bar, just stays at full and no sex attack scene starts. I had the same problem.
  10. I still like the idea of various ways to get Breast increases. MCM option is no fun, how many times are you going to use it, once... I also like the possible idea, that large Breasts, can prevent Body equipping of all but clothes, Devious Devices, and Milkers. - Small Breasts = Equip anything - Medium Breasts = No Chest Armour - Large Breasts = Clothing, and Grognak outfit only. Gives you a chance to look like a Busty Barbarian... Either have no equipping, or Stamina drops to zero, and loud gasping noise alerts enemies... The Skryim mod Devious Training, has a brilliant gasping noise, when wearing a Corset, or Collar. . . Possible ways... 1. Sickness... you get ill for between 3 days and 14 days, with a Breast size increase. Things that can cause it could be... - Sick Settler... easy to spot, because of her large Breasts. 2. Sex... sex with sick enemies, or even sick friendlies, like Piper. - Devious Milking Devices... I've got a great one in my game, New Devious Milker. 3. Forced Breast Augmentation. Follower can get mad at you, you can wake up with Small, Medium, or Large Breast Implants. If you abandon them when they are injured. Curie and Codsworth... could be bad for messing around with your body, when you are sleeping. - You wake up to find Curie as been experimenting on your body, as you slept. Grimacing in pain, you stare down at your aching, ample busom. - Codsworth disliked your excessive use of drugs, and decided to punish you. Weighing you down with some seriously huge Breast Implants, after drugging you, and doing some serious surgery as you slept. . . Quote: but I was just wondering if I should also add the ability to increase or decrease the breast size of the player and NPC's (similar to my old breast implant mod) by using MCM Breast Bigger or Smaller, in MCM... I think you should pay for it, off the Doctor. But an option to reset Breast Expansion, to fix problems, would be a handy MCM option. I prefer immersive ways to give you character larger or smaller Breasts, as MCM Breast reduction and increasing, will only be used once. Where as, Sickness and forced Expansion and Reduction, is more fun. . . 4. Doctor... Breast Augmentation or Breast Reduction. Won't fix milk filled Breasts... The book should be in a hospital, in an operating theatre. Like the Medford Memorial Hospital, it has a dedicated surgery room, which is fitting. It's also full of Supermutants. Which could possibly give you Breast Augmentation, if you lose a fight. . . These are just some ideas... if you don't like them, then ignore them...
  11. Yeah... I remember now, it's been a very long time since I've read the description. I posted about a random stripping option, in march 2018. But it was too much work, which was understandable. Stacks are just the strip items list numbers, when each one gets stripped in order. 1. Arm armour L 2. Arm armour R 3. Leg armour L 4. Leg armour R 5. Head and Chest armour 6. Body and Clothes
  12. I always get a surrender, when I reach the health value or lower. I'm sorry, I don't know what stacks are, I'm just a fan of the mod... I've been using the mod since it was released, in it's original version.
  13. Try... Health Value for player surrender = 30 Keep chance to surrender = 100 Keep God Mode ON, as enemies attack during sex scenes. When your health gets between 0 to 30, it will be a 100% chance to surrender. Hard hitting enemies can bypass lower settings, for your lowest health.
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