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  1. I hope, if he is deciding to call it a day with modding, that he'll leave the mods up, with a source code download. Along with a text in the description, allowing other people to carry on his great work. . . This mod is a permanent install for me, it is a lot of fun to use. I added and also tweaked a lot of hardcore radiation mods, to add lots more radiation to everything. Eating non-prepared food = lots of rads, swimming is a death sentence, modded rad storms that are amazing, forcing you to take shelter. It's a huge hardcore amount of fun, and my characters only go
  2. Yeah... I just checked, and I'm getting the same. I hope the author hasn't taken it down, it's one of my favourite mods, after I tweaked it.
  3. Main page quote: ================= About This File Requires The Latest version of Family Planning Enhanced DO NOT USE ON A CURRENT SAVE GAME WITH BABIES IN IT (OR DO NOT MOVE THE BABY UNTIL BIRTH, the baby might survive this) also please click "Clear and Register Baby Addons" in Page 2 of Debugs in MCM in FPE to reset Impregnation Addons ================= Request: Update Button in MCM, to possibly solve this, and for major future updates. MCM UPDATE to NEW Version Thi
  4. Lactation... It's a good thing to have in the game, especially when finding babies. You could have levels, that increase Nora's Breast size, according to how much she Breast Feeds, or Milks herself. Lactation Perk... Permanent. No Breast growth. - Lactation Level 1... Permanent. Normal sized Breasts. - Lactation Level 2... 6 months duration, refreshing if Breast feeding, or Milking, or being forcibly Milked. If using Breast feeding your baby immersion options in MCM, or if you are forcibly Milked, or Milk yourself. +30% Breast size increase for 6 months, updated af
  5. 5,198 Hours... I've never finished it, too busy having fun with mods, making mod-list and making mods for mostly myself. Along with having multiple instances in Mod Organizer 2, for various purposes.
  6. 1. Shame... I guess baby robots are on hold for now. 2. I remember reading something about it, a long time ago. 3. Something to possibly look forward to in the futures. 4. I've had Nuka World for a long long time, and never played it. I'm having too much fun in the base game. If you have Male Brahmin, then Human Brahmin breeding could be a future thing, maybe even Brahmin themself breeding passively, with little Brahmin running around your settlements. No animations for Male Brahmin ( Bramiluff ) at the moment though, once there is, I can see them eventually being m
  7. Shame you couldn't use the Automatron bot parts to randomise a robot baby. I've used some great Automatron Randomiser mods, tracks, wheels and all sorts of things. Synths... about 30 days for a pregnancy, should be a good number. Molerat... I was wondering why Nora birthed a weird afterbirth, that I put in a Crib to hatch. Bramiluff... I haven't met one of those. I haven't played Far Harbour much, despite buying it soon after launch. I love seeing the baby creatures running around, Nora is pregnant with another Nightstriker, it was invisible and immune to VATS
  8. I always thought the afterbirth wombs were only found in corpses. I've never tried the Cryo Womb stuff in the mod, my water farms make me all my Caps. .. If you do make a MCM option, any chance of also making the baby robots alive with an MCM option. 9 months to birth a dead robot seems a bit harsh... Anyway... whatever you decide, thanks for a great mod, I'm loving the new Family Planning Enhanced Redux.
  9. My female character got pregnant to a Nightstriker, and just gave birth. She birthed 2 [Womb] Baby Dog's, which are stationary objects, that can't be picked up, or move after dropped. I preferred the old method, of live births with Dog's, I know it's a Nightstriker. But I liked it better when the player, and NPC's would have a litter of wandering Puppies, which I could then send off to various settlements. . . The creature extraction syringes, I've never used them, as I found them a bit confusing as to their use. Preferring to just look for pregnant creatures and Hum
  10. Bimbo Serum... the Doctor cured my character of being a Bimbo, when she asked for a Cure option. I think it's just a bit too easy to cure, and maybe should be turned into a disease that can't be cured by the Doctors, making you have to put more effort in to get yourself cured. Along with the standard 3 days or more, in the MCM options. Doctors are cheap, and there are a lot of them. Later on, you can even make your own in your settlements. . . Hypnosis... Ultra Bimbo Mind Conditioning... Incurable version, as it's all in your characters mind. Added effect
  11. Hermit Crab... Wake up from a sleep near the beach, to find a load of small Hermit Crabs scurrying off. Birth a Stunted Hermit Crab, which are slow, but tough as Nails, for settlement defence. The only problem is, that you may end up getting a lot of unwanted pregnancies when you sleep at the settlement with it in. Size... Young are very small. ............ Stunted adult, is Dog Sized.
  12. Picking your own Hairstyle makes sense, as it grows. Some are Messy, like the Raiders. Some like Ponytails, because they can't really be bothered with fancy Hair. Some are budding Hairdressers, then you've got the Weird Hair lovers, with all the strange Hair Styles. It could also be locational, when you wake up outside of your settlement, or in a dungeon. Your Hair would be a mess when it updated to the next length. You could also wake up, and find Piper or Nat has styled your Hair similar to their's. Maybe even Vadim, from the Dugout Inn decided to spice up your Hair a bit, if you
  13. Yeah... my characters been bald for a long time. The way I thought it could be done, is that it would see if you have a bald head, and then add one of a set of Pre-Defined Hair Lengths. Each Hair in either the Vanilla Hair set, or Modded Hair set could being assigned a length number. Each time your mod adds a Hair, it records the Length Number. Advancing it to the next one from the set, when awaking from Sleep after 4 days have passed. Hair Lengths... 0 = Bald 1 = Stubble 2 = Short Hair 3 = Medium Hair 4 = Long Hair 5 = Very Long Hair
  14. I just found out I don't need Family Planning Enhanced, or it's Patches. That's great, less Plug-Ins to load. Yeah... I got confused by it all. I had to check the main page, and also open the zip to understand what you meant. But it may be just me, that didn't get it... I've added a possible, easier to understand ABOUT description. If you don't like it, then just ignore it... . . . Current... About This File Requires The Latest version of Family Planning Enhanced (Included in Pack) Possible... .
  15. - Pregnant Player start could be a handy thing... eventually. Also random creature/human/synth Pregnant Player start, with Nora getting impregnated whilst in Cryo, when Shaun was taken. - Raiding parties, that invade settlements. Could impregnate settlers, as well as just being Hellbent on killing them. I've had Raiders, Supermutants and Zombies, along with everything else with mods. I think it was Sleepless Nights, but I'm not sure of the mod that gave my settlement a Giant Behemoth settlement attack. I remember a 4 Days and Nights fight, to take back Red Rocket, after a hu
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