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The Isle of Mara v4.1


Updated - v 4.1 small fix to stop freezing during the Dragonbottom quest (should be safe to update as long as you haven't started that quest yet)


I got bored, so played around with this some more. This update adds some extra things I thought were fun as well as correcting a variety of bugs. It's at least 70% more perverted now. In particular:

  • New major quest - if you claim your rightful place as the Prophet you can now capture the town of Riften and enslave all its men (NB I make no guarantees about the effects on any other quests in and around Riften...but its not game breaking).
  • Minor quest - you can now help Master Crandor experiment with the exciting possibilities of Mpreg.
  • Misc quests - a variety of new misc quests scattered about the island for flavour.
  • Crime - the island now has its own crime system complete with a bunch of unpleasant punishments for you if you break the law.
  • Pole dancing - you can now dance in the island's inn.
  • Atmosphere - the island now includes a variety of new dwemer devices - like a branding machine and electro-stimulator. It will also make use of slavetats if installed.
  • New Animations - the mod now makes use of many of the more awesome animations that have recently been developed (see credits below).
  • SL Animation loader support - to solve problems with the right animations not being enabled for certain scenes the mod now has its SLAL package. Enable the Isle of Mara animations in SLAL and you'll have all the rights animations in each scene.
  • Bug fixes - galore, especially in the quest that occurs after you side with Malbronus. It should also now be possible to fight Malbronus bug free,


It would be best to uninstall the old version and restart the quest from a pre-quest save. I can't garantee that this will work for saves where the quest has been started.


Sick of all those quests that assume you're a woman before they enslave you? Are you a male adventurer who wants to get enslaved by some other hot men in Skyrim? Then look no further. This mod provides about 2 hours of questing based around hot man on man action (though you're free to play a chick too if you can live with some odd pronoun usage). The story is based around a mysterious quest for the Companions that the PC is asked to go along on accompanied by Farkas and Vilkas. It doesn't go so well and results in a lot of butt-sex. Seriously, tons of it.


While playing the quest its probably best just going with the flow and not trying to do clever/game-breaking things...because you will probably break the quest.


Starting the quest


To start the quest you need to be the Harbringer of the Companions. Then go and speak to Aela the Huntress.


Alternatively using the console you can just input:


SetStage melislemainquest 10


and you're off.


Requirements (updated)




There's nothing that this should be incompatible with this mod but other mods which cause NPCs to acquire packages (for example Spectator crowds) will screw with the quite delicate world so its best to turn them off while playing.


The mod is script heavy so expect the odd crash, particularly when transitioning between areas.


Installation (Updated)

  1. Install the requirements above.
  2. Install this mod. Use a mod manager. The mod will work best last in your load order.
  3. Run FNIS for users to get the animations working
  4. In game - enable the Isle of Mara animations through SL Animation loader.


Use a mod manager or delete the files manually.


Know issues & conflicts

  • Won't work with mods that dick with the cities too much, like 'Holds the city overhaul'
  • If slaves are just standing around try resting for an hour - that seems to make them trigger their AI packages and start their animations


Connecting a Mod to Isle of Mara
Exactly as per the tweaked version: if you are making a mod you can connect it to isle of mara through the hooking quest below.

  • module name: Debauchery.esp
  • quest: melislehookquest
  • stage:10

What's New in Version 4.1


  • v.4.0
  • New Quests
  • Bug fixes
  • SL Animation Loader support
  • v.3.0
  • Added a new quest to allow you to become the new Prophet - start it by reading the Prophet's journal in his chambers.
  • Added a bunch of new powers and entertainments for the new Prophet.
  • Variety of bug fixes:
  • fixed Ulfric's stables
  • fixed prince not speaking bug
  • fixed bug with falmer not being disintergrated.
  • Priests should now unequip their harness if SoS is not installed
  • you can now enslave essential NPCs
  • v.2.2.1
  • Small edits to help SAM users.
  • Removed Schlongs of Skyrim as a dependency - a script should detect if its installed a make the necessary armour revealing. If not, just do it manually in the SoS menu.
  • Hook quest added exactly as per tweaked version making this compatible with mods like Simple slavery.
  • Changed the masters clothing to a more appropriate bondage theme (requires SOS clothing conversion if using SoS)
  • Added sexlab aroused exhibitionist flag to a variety of NPCs.
  • Various minor bug-fixes, including one that stopped the post-island quest for Malbronus proceeding.
  • Added a major new quest (primarily to test all the latest creature animations in More Nasty Critters 9.3) which is accessed through your 'husband' after you get married - it takes you off to help negotiate a peace treaty for the Empire.
  • Your 'husband' now has a post-marriage dialog tree for after you get hitched and gives you various small quests you can complete around the island.
  • You can now help Master Falcon fix a broken dwemer sexbot (and then have sex with it obviously).
  • The innkeeper now sells a variety of different types of cum.
  • v.2.1
  • Added in hook quest (for integrating with simple slavery etc.)
  • Tweaked master clothing
  • v.2.0
  • Various minor bug fixes
  • Major new quest added
  • New side quests added
  • Husband quests and dialogf trees added
  • v.1.5.1
  • Fixed a scene broken by bug fix
  • v.1.5
  • Fixed some bugs lots of people have been reporting - Algroth marriage quest should now work properly & and the scene where the prince meets his fate should work.
  • Added a new quest that happens after the main quest finishes and you choose to betray the prohet. Sleep to start it.
  • You can now speak to Master Algroth (once you've finished basic training) to get milked in the inn.
  • v.1.4
  • Tweaked more scripts to try and prevent scenes freezing - e.g. in the Orc Gangbang
  • Implemented Slave ownership and slave capturing quest
  • v.1.3
  • Experimental tweak to fix creature dialogue bug
  • v1.2
  • Fixed Giant Dialogue bug
  • Fixed Prince scene/trapped on bed bug
  • Tweaked various scripts to prevent player controls not being returned
  • Fixed tentacles during opening of portal in Wizard Quest
  • v1.1
  • Removed DA and Basthing beefcake as dependencies
  • Fixed Facegen data file structure
  • Tweaked the scripting around the Zeldarn quest to fix dog bug
  • Tweaked the scripting in the Orc quest

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