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About This File

What is this Mod?


It is a body mesh replacer for the mod SoS - Schlongs of Skyrim.
The Full versions contain the body and underwear meshes, both HDT enabled; as well as the feet meshes, for compatibility. There are also No Feet versions for both body types.
The Light versions contain only the Body meshes; also HDT enabled.


What does it do?


It replaces the original body meshes with HDT Physics enabled meshes, so that the chest, abs, and butt can bounce and jiggle.




What does this mod not do?


It does not add HDT to ANYTHING else, especially Armor/Clothing or the Schlong. Every piece of Armor/Clothing is it's own mesh and contains it's own body; so HDT has to be added to each individually.




What is needed for installation?


SoS Schlongs of Skyrim (either Full or Light) and all of its requirements.


HDT Physics Extensions




Ok, all of that is installed and working. Now what?


Install one of the SoS-HDT files:
- With a Mod Manager: Allow this mod to overwrite/override all files or place it below SoS-Schlongs of Skyrim in your mod list.
- Manual: Just decompress the file and drop it in your Skyrim folder (it contains a data folder), and allow it to overwrite all files.




This mod sucks! How can I be free of it?


Just uninstall it, or overwrite all the files with the originals. There are no scripts or esp, so it has no affect on your save.
(just be aware that if you do I will hate you for all of eternity, and I shall come back and haunt you and your decedents. Ponder that possibility as you hover your mouse pointer over that uninstall button.)




I want to increase my character's body bounce. Can you do that?


You can do it yourself by editing the hdtPhysicsExtensionsMaleBody.xml, which is located in the SKSE\Plugins folder. The mod JFF provides an interface to make .xml editing easier. You can also use an .xml from another mod. Just copy, rename, and overwrite the original in the plugins folder.


Should you desire less bounce, then replace the included .xml with the hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml. I tweaked the included .xml to be a bit bouncer, similar to the SAM extra bounce mod.




But......but.......but.......OMFG!! There are TEN files now. Which do I choose? I am so confused!


For SoS Full (standard):


If you installed the SoS Default body, then download the SoS_Full_Default_HDT file.
If you installed the SoS Bodybuilder body, then download the SoS_Full_Bodybuilder_HDT file.


If you have a foot mod; are seeing image misalignment on the feet; or are just not into that sort of thing; then download the NoFeet version for the body that you are using.


For SoS Light:


Simply choose the SoS-Light version that matches the Schlong type that you prefer in either the Default or Bodybuilder style.
Or ..... you could just close your eyes and click on one.




I absolutely must see an example before I will consider downloading this.


Cmon....... really?!?


Ok, since you asked so nicely. The male butt in action!


Password is: buttbounce







My character's/follower's body parts have stretched to infinity and beyond. How do I fix it?


From my limited research, this is a somewhat common occurrence; especially notorious for affecting NPCs. If it doesn't correct itself after a few seconds, then changing cells usually does the trick. One cause that I have noted is script lag. If the stretching becomes too much of a problem, you may need to trim back on some script heavy mods. Using an less bouncy MaleBody.xml file has also been known to help.




My follower has no bouncy, bouncy, bouncy.


All NPCs that use the main malebody will have the HDT effects. However, modded followers that have their own body mesh will not have the effect. Check with the mod author for compatibility and how to change the body.




I want my character's Willy to wobble


Yes, I understand the importance of a wobbling Willy. Simply download FloppySOS, and wobble till you can wobble no more.




Ima gonna take this mod and post it all over the interwebz without asking for permission...MUHAHAHAHAH!


That is fine by me. I believe that all mods should be free and open for most uses, as well as being used in legal* mods. I won't hunt you down and demand removal. Ain't nobody got time for that.
HOWEVER, the meshes used are from the mod SOS-Schlongs of Skyrim, and as such fall under the domain of @b3lisario. His permissions state that any derivative work be kept here at Lover's Lab, as well as giving credit to the original developers. I simply added weights and nodes to the meshes and tweaked the DefaultBBP.xml file; as such, I do not have the authority to grant a general use permission. I may not necessarily agree with the restrictions that some mod developers put on their work; but I respect their right to do so, and would never knowingly go against those restrictions.


(* denotes that use of this mod is within the laws and regulations of the county/state/region of said use; as well as by those considered "of age" by the statutes in those areas. Permission is not granted for any use that could be construed as illegal.)








Bethesda - Developer of TESV Skyrim.
Smurf and VectorPlexus - Developers of SoS - Schlongs of Skyrim
@b3lisario - Maintainer of SoS - Schlongs of Skyrim
@boo - Allowed me to use his project as a template for this one.
HydrogensaysHDT - Developer of HDT Physics Extension
@Sacremas - Tester extraordinaire for the Light versions.
**Image used is the trademark for SoS - Schlongs of Skyrim, all rights reserved.
Me - I took their work, slammed it together, and released it as a mod..... yay me!

What's New in Version 1.0


  • -08/05/2016 - Added permission entry in the description. Fixed a texture issue in the full_bodybuilder files.
  • - 08/02/2016 - File names updated, SoS Light meshes added.
  • - 07/19/2016 - <Version 1.0> - Initial Release

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