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  1. I got this bug during one test run but could never work out why it happened. Anyway, in the console enter: setstage meldragonquest 35 or setstage meldragonquest 40
  2. You need to read the Prophet's journal. It is in a locked cupboard in his chambers.
  3. I forgot to include the textures, fixed version uploaded. Just install this version - should have no effect on save games.
  4. If its sticking try using the console to: setstage melfinalquest 520
  5. You just need to carry on with the main quest. As long as you give the engine dragon cum you'll get your chance to betray the prophet. You can start the quest anytime before you use the engine, its completed when you use the engine in the main quest.
  6. You don't really need this. I don't know what you added since 1.5.1 but for that, the only piece that needed the keyword was Malbronus' cuirass. He can do without, IMHO, and thus you no longer need the keyword. If there are other items added since, you can likely select alternatives that already have the keyword added via the SOS armor mods. If you then remove the 4 items you placed out in the wilderness, you can safely use TES5Edit to clean out SOS as a master - and thus make all the SAM users happy. I think you're right. I also think I figured out how to make the armor revealing without SOS being a master, so I'll update it. How did you remove the floating grass issue - it never happens for me but would like to stop it happening.
  7. Ahoy, I am sorry but I was a bit stuck as it altered the .esp rather than appending to it and I had a lot of updates in an unreleased version. However, I've got the tweaked version and I'll try to replicate some of the stuff you did like the hooking into simple slavery (and some of the aesthetic stuff which I thought was neat).
  8. A while since I updated this, but the mood took me so I've uploaded a new version (which I'm afriad will break any tweaked versions). New features include: Various minor bug-fixes, including one that stopped the post-island quest for Malbronus proceeding. Added a major new quest (primarily to test all the latest creature animations in More Nasty Critters 9.3) which is accessed through your 'husband' after you get married - it takes you off to help negotiate a peace treaty for the Empire. Your 'husband' now has a post-marriage dialog tree for after you get hitched and gives you various small quests you can complete around the island. You can now help Master Falcon fix a broken dwemer sexbot (and then have sex with it obviously). The innkeeper now sells a variety of different types of cum. Let me know if you spot any bugs.
  9. New version uploaded. Thanks for all the feedback - hopefully more bugs fixed in this one. I added in a way to get milked as it seemed like a popular ask.
  10. Did you trying sneaking while activating them?
  11. Often it works if you reload to a save before you returned to the island.
  12. Nice videos! It does seem Manhunt triggers too early. You can reset it with: setstage melslavecapturequest 500
  13. You need to wait until they are asleep in a bed then activate them. Some NPCs don't sleep so can't kidnap them and you have to cancel them as a target.
  14. Thanks for all the feedback. I've released a new version with some bug fixes (though it probably doesn't fix everything). I've also made it so that you're recognised as a priest once you complete the quest and return to the island. This also allows you to gain a personal slave to serve you. I also really liked the idea of being able to capture NPCs and transport them to the island, so I implemeted it.
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