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More tattoos for you to enjoy. Compatible for both CBBE and UNP / Skyrim Legendary Edition and Skyrim Special Edition.


This pack includes the following:

52 Tattoos: Whiskers (Face), Sugar Skull Alt (Face), Sugar Skull (Face), Stitches (Face), Pirate Skull (Leg), Bat Upside Down (UNP), Bat Upside Down (CBBE), Dead Tree (Back), Cross UNP (Bust), Cross CBBE (Bust)Arrows Alt (Back), Arrows (Pubic), Daedra's Hole (Pubic), Troll Lover (Pubic), Tribal Dragon (Back), Tribal Dragon (Front), Tribal (Back), Crowned Heart UNP (Underboob), Crowned Heart CBBE (Underboob), Cupid Bow (Back)Lips (Face), Skull (Face), Owl (Face), Dreamcatcher (Back), Underboob 3 UNP, Underboob 3 CBBE, Underboob 2 UNP, Underboob 2 CBBE, Underboob 1 UNP and Underboob 1 CBBEHarder Daddy (Back), MILF in Distress (Back), Hermaeus Mora Eye (Face), Molag Bal (Back), Adornment (Back), Siren (Back), Lute (Back), Chest 3 UNP (Front), Chest 3 CBBE (Front), Chest 2 UNP (Front), Chest 2 CBBE (Front), Chest 1 (Front)Slut (Face), Eyeliner Light (Face), Boethiah (Back), Sheogorath (Back), Namira (Back), Mythic Dawn (Back), Chinese Dragon (Back), Lines (Front/Back), Wings (Front), Azura Star (Front).



██ First version (v1.0) | (17.02.2021) Release

██ Second version (v1.2) | (19.02.2021) Update

██ Third version (v1.3) | (20.02.2021) Update

██ Fourth version (v1.4) | (22.02.2021) Update

██ Fifth version (v1.5) | (04.03.2021) Latest Version






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Social Links

Discord | YouTube | Instagram | Ko-Fi | Patreon



This mod is NOT standalone. That means that it requires other resources in order to work.


Legendary Edition users must install first:


Special Edition users must install first:


Installation (extracted from SlaveTats page):

1. Make sure you have the requirements.

2. Download SlaveTats and extract it into the Skyrim Data folder.

3. Download this mod and extract it into the Skyrim Data folder.

3. Start Skyrim. You'll have a SlaveTats menu under the SkyUI's MCM.

4. On the Setup tab, select the character you want to apply a tattoo and then click Add/remove tattoos (so the mod will register my tattoo pack).

5. On the Body/Face tabs, select a Section and then a specific Pattern of your liking.

6. Pick color, glow and gloss if you like, or leave them with their defaults colors.

7. Exit the MCM and your tattoos will appear in a moment.




SlaveTats - murfk


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If you have a specific request, send me a PM.

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