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I'm looking for an experienced modder to look over the file The Coming Black Empire. I've worked it to a point at which I can't get any method of paralyzing the player to work. So far I have built poisons, enchantments, and spells to try to make it work but I'm missing something. If someone who knows how to figure out this problem, I'll send the current version in a private message. I'm just in a spot where the road seems to end, but many others have made such things work. Help? thanks, folks.


I need feedback, so I can know how to proceed with future updates. Include how you are using the mod please. Thanks.


It may be worth noting that, if you use Angrim's Apprentice, you will not make it to the trap door at a low level. I placed the Black Empire goons at the same place as Skyrimll's trap door. I forgot about this, and meant to warn folks sooner, but now is still a good time to issue a warning. Have fun.


This mod expands my first mod, Crippling Poisons, and replaces it altogether.


Among the features in Black Empire are:


-Four new poisons with nasty effects (aimed at capturing actors, including the player)
-A new craftable alchemy/food ingredient (visit the nearest cooking workbench)
-Modified vanilla food recipes (original recipes still exist)
-A new NPC vendor who sells poisons (from a leveled list) as well as other alchemy related items
-Bandits carry poison leveled list
-Forsworn carry poison leveled list
-The poison health drain effect counts toward DAYMOYL bleedout.


Near future plans:


-Create a mess of NPCs for the Black Empire faction
-Create a poison attack (similar to charus attack) that bandits and Forsworn will use against the player and followers
-Make Skyrim less safe
-Maybe Dawnguard and Dragonborn food recipe modifications (don't count on it)
-Move Black Empire to "adult mods" catagory


Known Issues
-Poisons may drop too frequently
-Vendor carries a poison that is too high in level for my PC (lvl 20), but not the appropriate poison

What's New in Version 1.0


  • 1.0
  • -Initial release
  • 7/17/2016
  • -Asked for help

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