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  1. Storage for Radiant Prostitutes

    I'm surprised that this worked so well and so easily (maybe I should save this info for later in the OP).
    What does this do?
    -Storage for Radiant Prostitutes adds PlayerFaction owned chests to each established inn on Skyrim's mainland. Solsteim will have to wait for at least another week (maybe).
    -Storage for Radiant Prostitutes adds Vekel the Man from the Ragged Flagon to the JobInnkeeperFaction. This allows the player to whore in the extremely sleazy tavern under Riften. After collecting the three debts that Riften residents owe to the Thieves' Guild, the player will have access to the chest in the back room on the way to the Cistern.
    Future plans (I hope):
    -Add Haelga from the Bunkhouse to the JobInnkeeperFaction with quest content that can go seriously wrong for the player (not including death, of course; that breaks the flow of the gameplay). This is actually a priority in contrast to the following two plans. I've long wanted to bring out Haelga's full potential as the bitch that everyone knows she is.
    -Perhaps add inns to oddball locations for some of the more shady types of NPCs to hang out in for more sleazy whoring opportunities.
    -Maybe utilize the Warrens in Markarth.
    Thanks for reading, following, and downloading.
    V .2
    -Added Tavern cloths and boots to the Whore's Box in care you lose them.



  2. The Potion of Harkon's Pact

    Harkon made a pact with Molag Bal. While it's widely known that he became a vampire as a condition of this pact, it's not so well know that he also keeps a book in which he recorded a two recipes and some brief rantings about his wife, as well as mortals.
    In his book, Harkon recorded the recipe that he was given by Molag Ball himself, as well as a potion that he devised himself.
    The recipe that was given to him by Molag Bal is that of the Potion of Blood. The other, well, that was an inspiration that has to be seen to be believed (WIP, remember).
    As you enter Harkon's chambers in Castle Volkihar, look around for a book that doesn't look like it belongs there. Also, don't lose it or sell it; it doesn't respawn.
    I'm still planning a couple of more things to do with this, so don't get all bent out of shape when you find out that it isn't really that great yet.
    Also, the new potion uses the texture of the original Potion of Blood. I want to recolor the red part of the bottle, if I can, to a black so dark that it looks like a void, rather than a bottle. Tutorials help.
    Thanks for stopping in here, folks.



  3. Tropical Island Experiment

    This is a rough concept for my linking of Tropical island and Radiant Prostitution.
    I made a few more male vacationers, gave everyone on the island some kind of name, and made everyone naked; it's a nudist resort, after all.
    Radiant Prostitution
    Storage for Radiant Prostitutes
    I have more ideas, but I have no internet at home, so things will be slow in coming.
    Have fun.



  4. OpenSkiesTradingPost_09062014

    No longer abandoned. If anyone decided to try to pick up the project, you have permission to continue, as the direction we each will take with it will likely be completely different. Just please give your project a new name. Thanks.
    Welcome to Open Skies Trading Post.
    This is a player home turned business property. The goal is to make the player the crafter/vendor, and let Skyrim buy from the player.
    Near future plans
    -Possibly make the player buy the property from the Jarl
    -Navmesh the perimiter of the building to keep followers from getting stuck against the outside walls
    -Investigate cloning NPCs and generating generic NPCs
    -Write quests and dialogue
    -Remove the supplies from the outside chests
    Two people have offered to help get some of these plans accomplished. We will see if they even have the time. If not, then this may be a long time in coming.
    There isn't much to say other than check out my blog that better states my goal with OSTP.
    Have fun, folks.



  5. I Moved the Sassy Teens

    No changes have been made to the mod. I only updated the description to reflect the fact that there will be no more changes and no new content. Please don't download this thinking that there is a new version, because there isn't one.
    So. In order to recruit the Sassy Teen Girls, how many loading screens does it take? One to get into Jorvasskar. One more to get into Jorvasskar basement. Yet another to get beck into Jorvasskar once the player has as many of the girls as he wants to recruit. Still, it takes one more to out of Jorvasskar. It takes four. Four loading screens just to recruit a few followers. That doesn't even include the loading screen that it takes to get out of Whiterun.
    Well, I got tired of it. Vera and Miki are in the pavillion around back of Jorvasskar, and Heidi is at the Skyforge. You're welcome. Sorry I got a bit cranky. Call me Calcelmo.



  6. Sexy Important Women

    A special thanks is owed to our good friend and fellow pervert, O_O, for reminding me that newmiller reuploaded Crazy Magician Glass Robe. Now we can have sexy important women dressing improperly again!
    Here is a small project that I wanted to share.
    I decided to test myself to see how well I can work with multiple mods at the same time. With some much needed help, I succeeded after seven days (most of which I didn't even work on the project (not that that's relevant (I like parenthetical statements))).
    (I know some of you knuckleheads will miss this, because I've done it too.)
    -Newmiller Crazy Magician Glass Robe UNP. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/80884/?
    -Elewin Anklet. http://www.mediafire.com/download/t5xl6i0n6b5nbxq/Anklet.7z
    Optional: Circlet replacers for Women. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/37764/?
    -For the Radiant Raiment file:
    -Witchbane for UNP http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/12258/?
    -UNP High Heels http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36393/?tab=1&navtag=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Fskyrim%2Fajax%2Fmoddescription%2F%3Fid%3D36393%26preview%3D&pUp=1
    What does this do?
    Sexy Important Women replaces the default outfit of some of the more prominent women of Skyrim with a glass robe from Newmiller, an anklet from Elewin, and a circlet (I use a circlet replacer because vanilla circlets suck).
    The women who will have new outfits are jarls, stewards, some rich women, and a few from both the Bard's College, and the Mage's College. Let me know if I missed any. Four more women from the vanilla game have been changed.
    New patch! I introduced a separate .esp for Dawnguard women. Yes, that means Serana just got hotter.
    New patch! Another .esp for Dragonborn women.
    New patch! Captured Dreams! Don't expect this one to work perfectly with the Master; there were too many outfit objects that I didn't want to replace, so I just added the SIW outfit to the list of already present outfit objects. Elenwen should work properly, though.
    New patch! The Caller replaces the outfit of, well, The Caller in Felglow Keep. I enchanted the items used, but I may not have done it properly. Input is requested.
    New file for the sluts at the Radiant Raiment. They really are sluts. Be sure to load this after the vanilla file. Either start a new game, or, if you are in the Radiant Raiment (why would you save there?), exit to Solitude, the re-enter the Radiant Raiment.
    List of vanilla women

    List of Dawnguard women

    List of Dragonborn women

    Possible Issues
    -Anuriel and Wylandriah seem to want to be naked instead of wearing the glass robes. It doesn't even show in their inventory when using the console to check. There may be more uncooperative women. I may need to patch that. Just tell me who you all find who won't wear the robe. FIXED WITH NEW GAME.
    -The anklet doesn't show on any of the women. The console shows it as "worn." I don't know.
    -This may be my first mod in which I need to provide technical support. Uh... what do I do?
    -I did not esmify the original SIW, so I don't know if the changes will actually take place in the game. If not I will have to redo the new .esp files.
    -I don't know the names of the more important Dawnguard women well, so help list them in the support topic [if you choose to help in this way, just make a post that includes "DLC-woman's name"]. I may have to revert some changes to a few in case they aren't so important.
    The Future
    I may be inclined to make a Dragonborn patch, but I know my way around that DLC even less than I know Dawnguard. You can help me by listing Dragonborn women that may want to be included in the support topic [if you choose to help in this way, just make a post that includes "DLC-woman's name"]. DONE
    Elewin and Newmiller for beautiful and outstanding work.
    Petrovich for UNP High Heels and Gizmodian for Witchbane.
    Skyrimll and ContentConsumer for suggestions, thank you.
    Darkconsole for telling me exactly what I was missing, HELLATHANKYOU!
    Thanks to LL users for the support.
    No resources of other mod authors were used directly to build Sexy Important Women.



  7. The Coming Black Empire

    I'm looking for an experienced modder to look over the file The Coming Black Empire. I've worked it to a point at which I can't get any method of paralyzing the player to work. So far I have built poisons, enchantments, and spells to try to make it work but I'm missing something. If someone who knows how to figure out this problem, I'll send the current version in a private message. I'm just in a spot where the road seems to end, but many others have made such things work. Help? thanks, folks.
    I need feedback, so I can know how to proceed with future updates. Include how you are using the mod please. Thanks.
    It may be worth noting that, if you use Angrim's Apprentice, you will not make it to the trap door at a low level. I placed the Black Empire goons at the same place as Skyrimll's trap door. I forgot about this, and meant to warn folks sooner, but now is still a good time to issue a warning. Have fun.
    This mod expands my first mod, Crippling Poisons, and replaces it altogether.
    Among the features in Black Empire are:
    -Four new poisons with nasty effects (aimed at capturing actors, including the player)
    -A new craftable alchemy/food ingredient (visit the nearest cooking workbench)
    -Modified vanilla food recipes (original recipes still exist)
    -A new NPC vendor who sells poisons (from a leveled list) as well as other alchemy related items
    -Bandits carry poison leveled list
    -Forsworn carry poison leveled list
    -The poison health drain effect counts toward DAYMOYL bleedout.
    Near future plans:
    -Create a mess of NPCs for the Black Empire faction
    -Create a poison attack (similar to charus attack) that bandits and Forsworn will use against the player and followers
    -Make Skyrim less safe
    -Maybe Dawnguard and Dragonborn food recipe modifications (don't count on it)
    -Move Black Empire to "adult mods" catagory
    Known Issues
    -Poisons may drop too frequently
    -Vendor carries a poison that is too high in level for my PC (lvl 20), but not the appropriate poison



  8. Lockpick Maker

    It makes lockpicks. maybe in the future I'll make it more complex.



  9. Craftable Linen Wrap Reduced

    I got tired of having craftable armor and clothing mods that require Linen Wraps, and not having any, but having tons of Tundra Cotton.
    In many cases I wanted the armor or clothing before my next dungeon crawl, but linen wraps are really only found in Nordic ruins, so I decided to throw together a constructible item. Now there is Craftable Linen Wrap.
    Feel free to use this as a resource for your mods, but give me credit.
    Before anyone asks...
    Q. Hasn't this been done already?
    A. I don't know.
    Happy Skyrim playing, folks.



  10. BackYardCrafting

    Here is another mod for those of us who don't want to play the Skyrim content to buy houses. There is an alchemy table and an enchanting table in the back yard of Breezehome. There are also two cheater's chests.
    If the cheater's chests are too much for you, then I'll upload a version with out them at any request.
    Again, this mod, like the others that I uploaded were made for my own purposes, but I like to share anyway.
    I found, after switching from NMM to MO, that when I removed the DLC content from the herb chest so more people could benefit from the mod, that I had somehow left out the workbenches and the soul gem chest. I don't use the vanilla version, because I have both Dawngaurd and Dragonborn, so I didn't even look; I was using NMM when I did this work, so I wasn't sure I should mess with switching mods. Now I understand that I would have screwed my game even more if I had tried it. That, however, is now fixed, and I am glad to release something that is useful.
    In the future, if something is missing from any of my mods after I update them, please tell me; I want to fix my mistakes so my mods can be useful.
    I am considering adding crafting stations to the rest of the cities. If this is of interest to you, please post in the support topic. I may even add crafting stations, including forges, to the Hearthfire properties. I don't know how to add things to the list of constructible items that can be built on site, so the forges and such will just have to be there before the houses are built.



  11. My Chest

    So, along the way, I grew tired of playing the Skyrim content. I don't want to go around buying houses any more.
    Last night I decided to install a chest in Whiterun, behind the Drunken Huntsman signpost. This chest is call My Chest (no, not My Manboobs, sick freak, and yes you were thinking of my manboobs).
    You are not allowed to use My Chest; it even tells you so, so don't use it. I'm warning you...
    But, seriously, I don't know if it's the kind of chest from which things disappear, so use it at your own risk.
    If I see the need, I will place these in other cities and villages, but for now, I just want the chest to be available in Whiterun.
    Have fun.



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