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I'm surprised that this worked so well and so easily (maybe I should save this info for later in the OP).


What does this do?


-Storage for Radiant Prostitutes adds PlayerFaction owned chests to each established inn on Skyrim's mainland. Solsteim will have to wait for at least another week (maybe).


-Storage for Radiant Prostitutes adds Vekel the Man from the Ragged Flagon to the JobInnkeeperFaction. This allows the player to whore in the extremely sleazy tavern under Riften. After collecting the three debts that Riften residents owe to the Thieves' Guild, the player will have access to the chest in the back room on the way to the Cistern.


Future plans (I hope):


-Add Haelga from the Bunkhouse to the JobInnkeeperFaction with quest content that can go seriously wrong for the player (not including death, of course; that breaks the flow of the gameplay). This is actually a priority in contrast to the following two plans. I've long wanted to bring out Haelga's full potential as the bitch that everyone knows she is.


-Perhaps add inns to oddball locations for some of the more shady types of NPCs to hang out in for more sleazy whoring opportunities.


-Maybe utilize the Warrens in Markarth.


Thanks for reading, following, and downloading.


V .2

-Added Tavern cloths and boots to the Whore's Box in care you lose them.

What's New in Version 0.2


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