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Here is another mod for those of us who don't want to play the Skyrim content to buy houses. There is an alchemy table and an enchanting table in the back yard of Breezehome. There are also two cheater's chests.


If the cheater's chests are too much for you, then I'll upload a version with out them at any request.


Again, this mod, like the others that I uploaded were made for my own purposes, but I like to share anyway.


I found, after switching from NMM to MO, that when I removed the DLC content from the herb chest so more people could benefit from the mod, that I had somehow left out the workbenches and the soul gem chest. I don't use the vanilla version, because I have both Dawngaurd and Dragonborn, so I didn't even look; I was using NMM when I did this work, so I wasn't sure I should mess with switching mods. Now I understand that I would have screwed my game even more if I had tried it. That, however, is now fixed, and I am glad to release something that is useful.


In the future, if something is missing from any of my mods after I update them, please tell me; I want to fix my mistakes so my mods can be useful.


I am considering adding crafting stations to the rest of the cities. If this is of interest to you, please post in the support topic. I may even add crafting stations, including forges, to the Hearthfire properties. I don't know how to add things to the list of constructible items that can be built on site, so the forges and such will just have to be there before the houses are built.

What's New in Version 2.1


  • 2.1
  • -I found that only the herb chest was present; I added the missing workbenches and soul gem chest.
  • 2.0
  • - This was broken when I uploaded it. All DLC items deleted from "Herbs in Here" chest. Just a quick rebuild; I replaced the DLC required chest with the non DLC chest.

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