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About This File

Adds the SexLab Standard Animations as SLAL packs.




This mod is meant to be used together with:




It reinserts all the animations from Sexlab as small individual SLAL packs for you to use or not.

Sexlab has a strange way to choose animations.
The standard animations are always somehow prioritized, so you see them alot more often, no matter how many animations you have in total.

Also, SLAL offers a bit more customization options and ease of use.

I personally think SLAL should be the only way how Animations are added to Sexlab. 


Current Content:
Leitos Sexlab Animations

Zyns Sexlab Animations

3jious Sexlab Animations


Like any other SLAL pack.

Rerun FNIS. 

Register and activate in SLAL MCM. 


These are my first attempts. It is still alot of work to do since schlong positions are not working and some animations are really off. 
Other than that I am not making any changes. 
But in the future I will release a "RAPE REDUX" Version of this SLS Animations here, too. 

(SLS is for "SexLab Standard" and is just a visible reminder that the animation was once a basic SL animation). 

Please report any bugs, wrong tags, unfixable missalignements and other. 

Will update this to have all animations and then finetune everything.

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