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ZAP - No Collision Furnitures (improves camera and whipping) 1.1

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About This File

This replaces almost all ZAP Furnitures with a "non collidable" version.

No longer will your camera get stuck inside a furniture or your master fail to reach you with his whip.


I changed the "SKYL_STATIC"  to  "SKYL_NONCOLLIDABLE" in NifScope which removes collision.


Why? Because of two problems:


1. Camera gets stuck inside of Furnitures when locked in

This issue was so annoying that I decided to make this mod


2. Whipping gets blocked

Whippers sometimes cant reach the victim or run way past. With the no collision furnitures I get the impression that whipping behaviour improved. Could be a placebo effect tho :D



Install as usual and make sure you overwrite ZAP Animation pack (should work with all versions up to 8+)


- does not require a new game 

- does not require a clean save

- save to install mid - playthrough (only replaces meshes that already exist) 
- save to uninstall at any time

- no scripts, ESP changes or whatnot.



This could lead to some unwanted behaviour of mods that use ZAP furnitures.

I did not find anything bad yet and only had major improvements from using this.


And yes, this allows PC and NPC to "walk through" ZAP Furnitures. For me that was a very minor "downside". 


Feel free to report any problems back to me so I can post them here.


For testing:


type: coc zbftestzone in console to get to BDSM IKEA or use this mod:





What's New in Version 1.1


- Added some missing furnitures.

- Added some of the gibbets 


Some gibbets are just meant to be standing inside. If you notice that a gibbet is no longer working as intended please report so I can check that out.

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