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SexLab - Remove Standard Animations 1.3

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About This File

Version 1.3 in case the Sexlab Creature Standard Animations are not gone with 1.2 for you. 

Removes the FNIS files (so they dont add to FNIS limit anymore) and Warnings (for real now hopefully)!


Since there were no negative reports I think this fix is save to use.


What did I do?


I opened sslAnimationDefaults source and deleted all but this code:


scriptname sslAnimationDefaults extends sslAnimationFactory


For JSON loading animation instructions, see /data/SKSE/Plugins/SexLab/Animations/_README_.txt


function LoadAnimations()

Then I compiled it, started my game (running game), reinstall sexlab (Rebuild in MCM) and all Standard Sexlab Creature and Player animations were gone. 
Meaning all the standard animations that come with Sexlab are not showing up. 


I also added FNIS.txt files that are empty which overwrite the Sexlab ones.
So if you overwrite Sexlab with my mod you will have all Standard Animations removed from Sexlab AND from FNIS without any additional work required by your side.


Without any SLAL mod installed Sexlab has now 0 Animations.

It also adds 0 Animations to your FNIS count. 


Version 1.2

Removes all Human and Creature animations from Sexlab for me (without other mods installed i have exact 0/0 Animations in Sexlab)
For some reason it seems this is not removing Creature animations for all users. In that case use Version 1.3 (you dont need 1.2 on top)


Version 1.3

Does the same as 1.2 but has an additional script (sslCreatureAnimationDefaults.pex) that should remove creature animations in case 1.2 does not do that for you.



Make backup first of the file "sslAnimation Defaults.pex" in scripts folder. 

Overwrite Sexlab (will replace some textfiles only and one script file)


Load your save

Got to Sexlab MCM 

Rebuild / Clean System

Just to be sure "Rebuild Animation Registry" 
Check "Toggle Animations" 

-> see if all sexlab standard animations are gone. so without SL Anim Loader you should have zero animations.
Check creatures too. 


Possible Problems
- Report when some Creatures show T-Pose after installing this. In that case make sure that this mod only overwrites Sexlab and NO other mod
- Report if some standard animations are still there (in case of creatures please make sure its not MNC creatures animations)

- Some mods are reliant on these animations. For example Slaverun Reloaded tries to call some of them. I dont know what happenes when they are gone (Scene might not play or just show empty poses (both actors merged in one position). In that case see my SLAL packs that add the Standard Animations back into the game via SLAL (easier for you to organize them) or ask mod authors to give more options.



Compatible with Sexlab Utility from osmelMC and any other Sexlab Mod. 
Slaverun might be the only mod (that I know of) with possible compatibility problems (calls Sexlab Standard Animations at times. For example Leito Blowjob in Walk of Shame).
I might be able to make a compatilibity patch for that. Please report any problems with other mods. 


List of Recommended Mods (not a hard dependency tho)

Animation Limit Crash Fix (removes Load game CTD limit - MUST HAVE mod in 2020)

Sexlab Utility (osmelmc Mod tweaks) (increases SLAL limit to 750/750, randomizes Sexlab Scene selection based on tags)

SexLab Tools 3.0 (change animation while running)

Thanks to:
Ashal for making the best Sexgame in existence possible

MadMansGun for essentially giving me the idea with his creature fix
Shiagwen (for pointing out creature bug)

What's New in Version 1.3


Creature Update (1.3)


If the Standard Sexlab Creature Animations are not removed with Version 1.2, try Version 1.3

It contains an additional script that should definatly work on those.



Rage Update (1.2)


Should now correctly remove the FNIS warnings.... (warnings had no negative drawback, but well, now they should still be gone). 
really hope Nemesis will be smarter in regards of file redirection.

Cosmetic Update (1.1)


I removed the FNIS warnings (they were harmless, but lets be 100% correct here) by updating the FNIS-Behaviour.hkx (they are all empty now).

If you still get warnings please report back (with screenshot idealy)  


Full Version Release (1.0)


Added empty FNIS.txt files for all animations to hopefully prevent FNIS from running those

The mod is finished at this point unless there is stuff I missed. 
Since there were no negative reports and no problems on my end since release of the original script I guess it is save to use. 

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