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https://www.patreon.com/SimmerAddictedsCC!IM ON PATREON! if you would support me on patreon that would be amazing! it really help me keep doing what im doing,with the funds from patreon i can upgrade my sources such as getting better programs and better computing equipment so i can bring the best content possible for you guys.im a uni student rn so money isnt exactly flowing out my pockets i cannot even begin to tell you how grateful i would be if you pleged to it thankyou so much for taking the time to download and use but content!here is my patreon link!https://www.patreon.com/SimmerAddictedsCC


Hello,Welcome to my Bathtub suicide pack.this pack is mirrotring the suicide of hannah baker in the popular netflic show

`13 Reasons Why`.i did this because i could find one how ive made it ,there is another one by MSJ Sims (http://www.mediafire.com/file/nfxwya083n3xg26/Animation_suicide.rar/file) ive basically made the same animation/poses but ive done it vertically not horisontally like them.i have used bath water by natalia auditore to simulate blood in the bath(Bathtub water)it says download on patreon which i encourage you to do but i downloaded it on her page for free in another post which i cant find,but ive inluded it in my zip file to show what i used. i also used the decay clown vertical cut wrist which is optional for you,but agian ive included it in my zip file because im having trouble locating the link.i also used papi sims razor blade with this pack which i have also included in the zip file but you can also download it here(View File)


this pack includes 7 poses and 2 animations, the animations are the same but one happens to be faster than the other.


PLEASE- do not reupload my files bu if you want to tweak them please consult me before doing so,tweaking them for ur personal use is okay but releasing it publicly is NOT.


thankyou for reading hope you enjoy!xx


What's New in Version V2.0   See changelog




BathTub Suicide Pose/Animation pack V2.0 Overhaul

where ive been and what ive been up to and a debreif on why i have overhauled this Pack.

Hey! long time no upload lol, i have been away and kind of lost my mojo for creating but fear not ive sparsely been creating content and just not posting it on here. ive kind of been taking this time to figure out where i want to go with my platform on LL and ive decided i want to continue creating content at a much higher level than before. one thing that i wanted for so long before i started making content was a suicide animation and or posepack that mirrors the suicide scene in the popular netflix show 13 reasons why. i wanted to make this because i just personally wanted it for my game and i shared it incase anyone else wanted it and i was proved right resulting in over a thousand downloads and over 13,200 views which is insane! and i thank anyone that has downloaded from the bottom of my heart. 

whats new?!

so this inspired me, i wanted to create a more premium feel when playing with my product and i want to be a lot more proffesional with it. so i have rehashed all the poses and tweaked them so they are much better than before, in addition

Vertical Cut Wrist.package

i have recreated decayclown sims arm cut to be flipped the other way round so it is more realistic ( this will be included in the rar file when downloading and it is 100% up to you if you want to use it or not) but what is more exciting is that i ahve made the pose to match perfectly with the cut so it is much more realistic for gamepay and things with that nature.

Razor 2.0.Package

i have also tweaked the Razor Blade in my previous version so that it would be easier to pose which means tht the poses come out much cleaner than before, you can see in the screenshots above which changes i have made (i made it more angled), if you still want the original version Bathtub Suide V1.0 is still avalible for download and includes the old version.



What is included?

what is included you may ask? well let me tell you, in your .rar file you will find

- a WARNING png which i plead you to read

- a folder labelled 'BathTub Suicide Overhaul (v2.0)'

- inside the folder:

'BathTub Suicide Overhaul Posepack(V2.0).package'

'NA_bathtubwater (1).package'

razor 2.0.package

Vertical cut wrist.package


List of poses/Anims


1) Looking At Blade Contemplation

2) Looking At Mirror Contemplation

3) Running Bathtub (Left)

3) Running Bathtub (right)

4) Sat In Bath Staring At Wall

5) Sat In BathTub Staring At Wrist

6) Going To Cut Wrist

7) Blade on Wrist 

? Cutting Wrist (Start)

9) Cutting Wrist (Wrist)

10) Cutting Wrist (Forearm)

11) Pain, Watching arm Bleed (Finish)

12) Breathing Heavily

13) Laying Back

14) Look Down

15) Look Up

16) Look Foward

17) Dazed Last Breathe

18) Passed Away

19) SIM 1) Lifted Out Bath

20) SIM 2) Lifting Out Bath

21) SIM 1) Last Hug

22) SIM 2) Last Hug

23) SIM 2) Walking into Bathroom Gasp

24) SIM 2) Shocked Holding onto Tub

25) SIM 2) Shaking Head Anim


yep! a total of 26 poses. i am planning to add more in the future for example, another parent coming to help and animations of the whole scene.




- the vertical cut wrist is a tattoo and can be found in the tattoo section

- the blade can be found in the bracelet section

if you have any questions please feel free to ask them

if you have any posepack ideas please feel free to leave them in the comment section i will make anything lol

if you want to collab please email me i would love to


Thnkyou so much for downloading and supporting always remeber that my patreon is https://www.patreon.com/SimmerAddictedsCC if you want to plegde and upport what i do, i love you guys, Happy Simming!

- SimmerAddicted x





Re-upload any of my work without permission or credit.

claim any of my work to be your own

personal changes for your own enjoyment is allowed just pleae do not upload it,

instead you can email me the package and i will upload for you and give you credit for your help.

do not leave any hate on my work you will be banned

do not harrass



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