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  1. Dyeable Stockings

    Dyeable Stockings
    by darkconsole
    A modular body slid set of nylons using the RaceMenu dye system for arms, legs, and a panty. You can craft them at the tanning rack using leather or linen.
    The arms and legs are broken into two pieces so that you can wear them with armours. For example if you wear them with a normal pair of boots the stocking foot will get replaced with the boot but the leg will stay on in most cases.
    1 set of Nylons (Hands, Arms, Legs, Feet, Panty) 1 set of Latex (Hands, Arms, Legs, Feet, Panty) 1 set of Sports Cottons (Hans, Arms, Legs, Feet, Panty) [new in 1.1.0] 1 pair of reinforced pantyhose (Legs, pairs with Nylon Feet) [new in 1.1.0]  
    Skyrim Special Edition

    SKSE 2.0.16 or Newer

    Racemenu 0.4.7 or Newer

    Dye Manager 2.0.0 or Newer

    BodySlide 4.6.1 or Newer

    Turbo Important
    You must build them with BodySlide after installing or you won't see jack in-game.
    If you are using ENB, you must update to the latest version or the dye system will lock the game up.
    The RaceMenu version is non-negotiable. Anything older than 0.4.7 and you will begin to experiences crashes n shit.

    To dye them you go to an alchemy station. If you installed Dye Manager correctly it will ask you what you want to do. See the Dye Manager page for a list of the ingredients that can be used to dye. You need to have the items equipped for the Dye Manager to find them if they have never been dyed before. Plus then you can preview the colours.
    The Dye UI takes some getting used to. On the bottom of the Dye UI there are 15 diamond shape things. Starting from the left they are numbered 1 through 15. Select either slot 1 or 2 depending on what you want to colour. Then choose some ingredients from the list in the next column. You can choose up to 3 different ingredients to mix their colours together. Once you are happy with the colour make sure to hit whatever key it says is Dye to finalise it.
    Arms and Legs Slots
    1. Colours the main arm or leg.
    2. Colours the stocking top.
    Feet Slots
    1. Colours the main foot.
    2. Colours the the reinforced toe.
    Hand Slots
    1. Colours the main hand.
    Panty Slots
    1. Colours the main panty.
    2. Colours the trim.
    For Minor Clipping
    Keep in mind that if the armour base body is the wrong shape even slightly the stockings will clip them the tollerance is so tight. I have had to "fix" a lot of armours. Here are some reasons why:
    It was a UNP shape someone ported from Oldrim. It was an old CBBE shape someone ported from Oldrim. It was just a really old Bodyslide Project so it was actually missing some modern sliders, like Knee Shape, which, BTW, only exists because I bitched about CBBE having no knees lol. For some stupid reason or another they just unsmartly modified the base shape.
    Here is a quick How-To fix armours that are slightly off. You are fixing the armour to be correct, not the stockings.
    Load the BodySlide Project in Outfit Studio Delete the green base body shape from the list File > Load Reference... CBBE Physics. Fix any minor clipping you see as you would normally. Slider > Conform All File > Save Project  
    After that reload the project (select something else then select the correct one again) and rebuild the armour.
    For Major Clipping
    Known Issues
    The arms do not show in normal First Person because they are using an off-slot so that they can be stacked with gauntlets. Use of one of those immersive first person camera mods probably would probably show it however.
    They are very close to the base body so clipping may be unavoidable in some poses.
    Because the hands and arms, legs and feet, are two pieces, a bit of a seam is unavoidable. In most of my tests it is generally unnoticable but your milage may very depending on how weird your BodySlide shape presets are.



  2. Darkwood Manufacturing Toys

    Formerly "Jeweled Butt Plugs [SSE]"
    Following the successful launch of our Jeweled Butt Plug campaign on Rimstarter we have officially formed the Imperial recognized corporation: Darkwood Manufacturing. We look forward to being able to continue to provide our customers with, and expand upon, a catalog of the most safe and highest quality sex toys septims can buy.
    6 Jeweled Butt Plugs of various colours.
    Craftable with steel and gems.  
    6 Glowing Jeweled Butt Plugs of various colours.
    Craftable with steel and flawless gems.  
    3 Anal Beads of various materials. (SMP physics, Dyeable)
    Craftable with steel, wood, or leather.  
    Skyrim: Special Edition  
    HDT-SMP for Skyrim: Special Edition DyeManager for Skyrim: Special Edition  
    Additional Information
    If you were already using "Jeweled Butt Plugs [SSE]" this version of it now contains a new ESP and file paths. You may run both versions at the same time if you are in the middle of a save you do not want to fuck with. However I personally recommend uninstalling the old version. If you do, any plugs your characters currently have will vanish and you'll need to craft new ones.  
    The plugin is already an ESP-FE (fake ESL).  
    The Anal Beads will just stick straight out of your ass if you do not have HDT-SMP working.  
    The Anal Beads will not be able to be dyed if you do not have a working DyeManager AND install the additional Dyes file on this file. The dye slots are numbered 1-15 starting from left to right. Slot 1 will dye the balls. Slot 2 will dye the string.  
    Change Log
    201 - 2020-02-04
    Due to a logistical error we accidentally shipped everyone who ordered anal beads the metal chrome variant regardless of if they wanted plastic or wood.
    Fixed the crafting patterns for the plastic and wood anal beads.  



  3. I'll Take The Display Model

    This mod allows you to charm nearly any NPC in the game to lure back to your house to use as bondage decorations. Also contains a furniture building and placement system for all the animations exclusive to this mod.
    Now Introducing... The Long Awaited...
    I'll Take The Display Model II
    ~ Current Version: 206
    ~ See the Change Log at the bottom for important notes. Nothing you have to do just something I need you to know.
    ~ If you are just now joining us from a version 202 or older, check out the special section titled that.
    ~ No, this mod will not work on SSE any time soon. (SKSE, SexLab, NiOverride, FNIS)


    SKSE 1.7.3 or newer. ZaZ Animation Pack 6.1 or newer. UIExtensions (not, Extended UI). SexLab 1.6 or newer. FNIS 5.4 OR NEWER AND THEN RUN IT AFTER INSTALLING DM2. Racemen 3.4 OR NiOverride 3.4  

    Features of DM2
    This is a 100% new codebase. ALL of the spells have been replaced with dialog. It contains all the under-the-hood advancements made during Soulgem Oven and Untamed, including persisting anonymous actors and the like.
    119 Poses - 19 Exclusive Furniture
    The ZaZ Animation pack is huge and awesome. Using his resources I was even able to cobble together some pose combos that did not currently exist already. There are still more that can be added, including a few I intentionally skipped because they are bugged, but Xaz seems to be on it. As of version 203 there is also furniture I made that is in no other mod.
    Dialog Command
    In order to engage the DM2 dialog options you need to craft an Amulet of Control for 1 leather strip and 1 ingot at any forge. You do not need to equip it, merely having it in your inventory will be good enough to allow you to use the DM2 dialog options. Afterwhich any NPC which you can engage dialog with normally (even if they didn't have dialog before) you will gain new dialog options to control them with. The only known NPCs so far that are out of bounds is the Courier and of course children. Simply leave the amulet at home when you no longer wish to have your dialog menu cluttered.
    Getting an NPC under your control.
    The first step is to charm an NPC to be under your control. You do this by walking up to them and saying "Come with me..." at which point they will be unable to resist your Amulet of Control and immediately begin following you anywhere you go. That will be your only dialog choice at this point. They will not fight. They will not do follower things. They will only go where you go. Once they are following you can talk with them again and many more dialog options will be available. To the opposite, telling them to go away will turn DM2 off for this actor and they will go back to whatever the crap they usually do.
    Come with me... (Engage DM2 for this NPC) Stay. Lets get you rigged up... (Engage Pose Mode) Move... (Engage Move Mode) Remove Outfit / Replace Outfit. I Want You To Wear These Things... (Open Inventory) I Want You To Do Something... (Begin Vanilla Command/Favor Mode) Go away. (Disengage DM2 for this NPC)
    NPCs as Mannequins
    There is a dialog choice now which will open a bound NPCs inventory and they will wear what you give them. They are not true mannequins in that they will wear the last thing given to them - they still attempt to wear what they think is the best thing for them, so if you want them to wear something specific take away things they should not have.

    Pose Mode
    After engaging pose mode you will be presented with a list of pose categories. Select one, and you will begin cycling through the poses. You will know you are in pose mode because the screen will tint blue. Tapping your SHOUT key will go to the next pose, while tapping your SPRINT key will go back a pose. Long Pressing SHOUT will cancel pose mode, where Long Pressing SPRINT will re-open the menu allowing you to choose a new category. You know when you have long pressed enough because the screen will flash.
    Move Mode
    After engaging move mode you can tap SHOUT and the NPC will walk over to that exact spot AND angle you were standing in. You will know you are in move mode because the screen will tint blue. So the trick here is you can stand exactly where you want them, align your self straight to whatever you want their bondage aligned to, hit SHOUT and then get the fuck out of the way so they can get in that spot. Long Pressing SHOUT will cancel move mode. You know when you have long pressed enough because the screen will flash.
    Self Bondage
    Crafting an Amulet of Repose at the forge and equipping it will engage Pose Mode on your player character. You can unequip it if you prefer for whatever reason like if you are screenshotting yourself. To release yourself, unequip and equip the Amulet of Repose again. This feature is currently a testing preview, doing nothing more than letting you see yourself in bondage.
    Placeable Furniture
    As of version 203 there is some craftable furniture. Currently only the furniture I have made for DM2 are placeable due to the tricks required to make it work, meaning, none of the ZAP stuff at this time. You can craft them at the forge they are prefixed with [DM2]. They will show up in the MISC section of your inventory. To place them, attempt to equip them (just like how you attempt to equip AddItemMenu to open the menu) and close the menus. The furniture will show up where you were standing and now you have kinky home decor. You can talk to the furniture to use it (self bondage), move it with the same DM2 move mode as you move NPCs, or pick it back up. You can also command NPCs to use it. I've left sandboxing enabled so there is a chance a follower could accidentally get themselves stuck on it! You can talk to them to release them... if you want.
    INTERESTING NOTE ABOUT PLACEABLE FURNITURE - because of the way the game handles occlusion planes, if you place something in one room, then move it to another, it is possible that the object will be invisible in that new room, unless you are standing in the old room looking into the new room. It's weird, I know. If you intend to move the device more than a few meters or to a different room, I highly suggest you pick it up and redrop it in the new room rather than use the move mode.
    Updating from DM1
    Updating DM2 from 202 OR OLDER
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Packaged Assets - Meshes (nif), Animations (hkx), Textures (png, jpg, dds)
    All assets which are exclusive to Display Model are to remain as such. You may require DM2 be installed as a dependency and then reference the assets in your own mods, but I ask you do not copy the files into your own mods.
    Packaged Code - Papyrus (psc)

    The source code is released under the MIT licence with the following provisions:
    I ask you do not fork it while I am still an active member of the community. Some sort of reasonable attempt to contact me should be made before you even consider it. It will be hard for you to find parts of code that are really copy-paste-win. The spirit of open sourcing it is so you can look and learn from it, and hopefully avoid any pitfalls that took me a long time to engineer around.
    Other Permissions
    This mod is not to be re-uploaded to any other sites without permission. It is exclusive to LoversLab.  

    2017-02-16 - v206 Interaction Mode - when an NPC is in the chair bondage they now offer an Interaction Menu in the dialog, which will allow you to do various things like sit on them, fist them, etc. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS FEATURE EXPERIMENTAL. I suggest hitting QUICKSAVE before you try it so you can QUICKLOAD if something fucks up. I am confident it is fine but the amount of foolery that has to happen for this mod to work is staggering it would take me an entire day without bathroom breaks to explain all the things that it has to do. THE CHAIR IN THE MISC CATEGORY IS THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS INTERACTION RIGHT NOW. Added 4 new poses - suspended tear drop (free and secured), directional post stylized after the captured dreams logo (crisp and relaxed) to the dm2 misc category. Fix for move command with NPCs refusing to change the direction they are facing. Fix for when NPCs would walk away when you told them to stay here. The inventory menu will now automatically close when dropping DM2 furniture instead of showing the message to close the menu. When telling NPCs to do something, and that thing you told them was to mount DM2 furniture, they will now automatically end command/favor mode. Before you'd have to manually hit ( to cancel it. You can test if an actor has interaction ability by seeing if they are in my interaction faction. I repeat, currently, only that one chair pose has interactions.  



  4. Plugs of the Commonwealth

    This is a collection of things (24) I found laying around the Wasteland and decided I wanted to stick up my butt. They are craftable at the chem station under the Utility category for 1 of whatever you want to stick up your butt (except baseball bat, it wouldn't let me set a weapon as the component, so 1 wood). They currently use Slot 56 (or 57, or 58) "Unnamed" so if unclaimed (by sexy mods) I plant the "this is the butt plug slot" flag here. Nexus modders have already claimed all the slots for non-sexy things.
    [ Please stop asking about outfits and just go shopping at Nexus already ]

    [ Current Version 112 (still, butt...) ]
    2018-06-26 (navi-v2) - a fix for the NAVI plug not giving the dual core perk and/or not switching the power frame after getting in. as before, grab the navi zip that is the same slot as your main potc file. you only need to update your navi file not the main file. if you already have one, and its not working, you might have to throw it away and craft a new one.  
    2017-05-26 - Added optional files for NAVI Power Armor support. NAVI is a custom "feminine" shaped power armour which includes its own custom power armor frame. Normally you have to wear the special NAVI bodysuit underneath to tell the game to load the special frame which does not clip the armour. This optional file adds a 2nd Fusion Core (Plug - Fusion Core NAVI) which you can craft and will trick the game into loading the custom NAVI frame without having to wear the bodysuit, in addition to the normal Fusion Core plug perk. Install the one with the same slot number as the main PotC package you installed. NOTE: some outfits also have power armour frame keywords - for example, the vault suit, so that you see blue underneath. Rader outfits, Atom Cat outfits, and BOS outfits, also, have custom keywords. 9 times out of 10, the keyword on the outfit will win. Your choices are to go in naked, pick an outfit without the keywords, or remove the keywords from the outfit.  
    the feather duster plug is now enchanted for sneakity sneak granting the Dusting For Prints perk complete with Pip Boy and HUD animations.  
    added optional file for alternate feather duster textures - the black bunny.  

    [ Armor Mods ]
    All plugs can be modded at the standard armor workbench. They have a SPECIAL mod slot where you can select a +1 of your choice for 10 Prewar Money.
    [ Special Plugs ]

    [ Plug Manifest ]

    [ Settings ]

    [ Installing ]
    [ Updating ]
    [ Positioning ]
    [ Tweaking Positioning ]
    [ Changing Slots Yourself ]
    [ Coming Soon ]

    [ Planned Enchantments ]

    [ Source and Resources ]
    Max files, FO4Edit Scripts, etc, are on Github.



  5. Mana Tanks [SSE]

    This mod will control the breast size based on how much Magica, Health, or Stamina the character has. It is fully configurable via MCM. Maybe you aren't playing a mage, perhaps you're playing a shield basher. You can go into the options and tell it to use the Stamina bar instead, or even the Health bar.
    Mana Tanks SSE works exactly like the original mod for old Skyrim, the only difference is that we are defaulting to use NetImmerse until Racemenu comes out for SSE. I'd mention that it will fight with other mods trying to change the size of the tits but pretty sure as of writing this, this is the only mod that does it for SSE
    Current Version: mana-tanks-103
    Ayy SSE



    SKSE64 XPMSESE SkyUI SE Armours that actually have breast weighting.




    Install it. I ain't your mom you can do this.

    You must open the Mana Tanks MCM at least once after INSTALLING or UPDATING to update the effect on you.


    Featured In Videos

    FAQ / Stuff


    Change Log
    2017-10-17 SSE version defaulting to NetImmerse until Racemenu comes out.

    Older Changes:




  6. DCC4 Male Chastity Device

    The mod that has made so many people flood all my inboxes for the past few months. This adds a male chastity device. It fits both male and female body. I modeled it from scratch after the real life devices I have called the Bon4. There are 3 versions: a metal cage, a solid metal tube, and a red silicone version.
    Schlongs of Skyrim


    So that the common texture replacers work out of the box without having to support this mod specifically it reuses two common texture paths that will need to exist or you will experience blue balls.
    The male uses the textures from the VectorPlexus Regular addon, which is part of SOS, but you'll need to install it if you didn't before. The female uses the textures from Equipable Schlong.


    It DOES NOT have Devious Devices attached to it. I was on the fence about DD support because the sex blocking filters don't really work well to deny male use of penis, in addition to just in general not being able to really get DD to behave lately. After I posted about my issues the general response was "thats fine we dont want that anyway" So this will not stop your dudes from trying to Sex.

    It DOES have SexLabNoStrip attached, so they will try to dry hump everything. I am still looking at trying to do my own custom animation filter.

    It uses the same slot as SOS, so it will properly replace the penis.

    It scales with the genitals base bone, so you can make it larger or smaller by scaling that bone in Racemenu.

    They are craftable at the forge for something I am sure you have piled in a trash barrel somewhere. Like an iron and a coridnduafufum ingot IIRC.


    Devious Devices
    Vel rigged up DD for both Viv's and mine chastity cages. You can get it over here.
    Packaged Assets - Meshes (nif), Animations (hkx), Textures (png, jpg, dds)
    You may require this be installed as a dependency and then reference the assets in your own mods, but I ask you do not copy the files into your own mods.

    Other Permissions
    This mod is not to be re-uploaded to any other sites without permission. It is exclusive to LoversLab. This mod is not to be converted to anything without permission.


    Fun Facts
    My penis was used in an ad on Fetlife for the red silicone Bon4 chastity device for about a year.



  7. Remove Helmet In Dialog

    Have a face to face conversation. Let your companions really see what you think of them. Any helmet/hat which removes your hair, which is more or less any helmet, will be removed when dialog camera kicks in. Things like Faded Visor which does not remove the hair should stay on. This also works on Power Armor.
    No Vanilla Edits. No Duplicate Helmets To Craft. Just Works. I'm reasonably certain.


    Fallout 1.9.4 F4SE 0.4 or newer.


    It should just work after installing. If not check your F4SE.



  8. Jeweled Butt Plug

    The classic Jeweled Butt Plug. The highest poly butt plug ever made, probably. Fits both male and female. Male asses kinda suck it clips a lot more on them. Also has the most realistic butt plug physics, personally tested by throwing them down stairs for over an hour tweaking the havok data. Get plugged or bust.
    None. No, really.


    6 colours, Diamond, Ruby, Topaz, Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, all which have glowing and non-glowing variants - plus gold and ebony, so 14 different colours.

    Craftable at the forge for 1 steel and 1 of the thing that makes it what it is.


    Packaged Assets - Meshes (nif), Animations (hkx), Textures (png, jpg, dds)
    You may require this be installed as a dependency and then reference the assets in your own mods, but I ask you do not copy the files into your own mods.

    Other Permissions
    This mod is not to be re-uploaded to any other sites without permission. It is exclusive to LoversLab. This mod is not to be converted to anything without permission.


    2017-02-23 - v101
    fixes crafting


    2017-02-21 - v100
    shove it up ur ass



  9. Milk Slave Experience (MSE) Mods

    This is a collection of mods (currently 3) I am working on which allow you to pick and choose what components of a milk slave experience you would like. Because there are multiple mods that make up this mod, some of the files may have different version numbers than others. They do not need to match, and any minimum requirements will be noted.

    See the section titled Change Log at the very bottom for... changes.


    Cow Girl Outfit
    file: dcc-mse-cowgirl-v104
    This is a collection of cow themed armors. They are built with UUNP and default to the UNP shape. If you wish to change that, check out the Bodyslide file. All the texturing has been redone by me, but the meshes come from elsewhere see the credits section. I hand sew those stitches. Literally, photoshop and drew them by hand with the stylus on my microsoft surface.
    i ask that you don't release versions for different shapes like UNP, 7B, Demonfet, Leito, whatever, rather that you just use the Bodyslide to make whatever shape you want. both for unity reasons and the permissions on the various meshes of other authors.


    Cow Girl Outfit Bodyslide Files
    file: dcc-mse-cowgirl-bodyslide-v103
    Contains everything you need to build the aforementioned Cow Girl Outfit to whatever body shape you want.



    Cow Girl Outfit Cowbell Alternate Sound 1
    file: dcc-mse-cowgirl-cowbell-alt1
    In case you needed more cowbell, this replaces the collar sound effect with a straight up legit cowbell sound, like the kind on drum sets. This was also the original sound in the first release. No ESP for this just place below the cow girl outfit in your MO mod order, or overwrite.



    Bodyslide Preset: Moo
    file: dcc-mse-bspreset-moo-v104
    This is a Bodyslide preset I have spent forever tweaking. It is designed to create a wide range of bodies from "zero" to "oh my god so chubs so cute" - you can use it to mass produce all your armors (granted they are in the UUNP group) to fit my range with this preset.



    Things Coming Here "Soon"



    Change Log
    Cowgirl Outfit v104 Re-exported textures for all outfits to have proper mipmaps, fixes a glitch where sometimes a piece would go invisible or start tessellating. Tweaked Brown set so pieces match better. Also matches SBF Lydia more. Added Colours: Blonde, Ginger, and Red.

    BSPreset v104 Added 2nd bodyslide preset "Moo (Cleavage)" for use on outfits where you need the boobs lifted and smushed a bit. Use the original for the naked body, use the cleavage version for any outfits that have tops.




  10. Soulgem Oven III

    If you are just now tuning in, this is a pregnancy mod. Every time you sex about in Skyrim there is a chance you will get pregnant - with a soulgem. You can get pregnant with up to 6 gems, and over the course of 6 days they will slowly grow from nothing to black gems. Additionally, while pregnant, you will begin producing milk that when farmed will provide buffs. Each race produces milk with different buffs, which can be used as alchemy ingredients or cooked into stronger versions which provide the actual racial powers from the origin race. You birth the gems and have filled gems filled. I say filled, and then flavour it saying its the soul of the baby it isn't. Unless that's too morbid.
    Soulgem Oven: The Third
    ~ Current Version: 310
    ~ See the latest change log for IMPORTANT NOTES.

    These are non-negotiable.
    SKSE 1.7.3 ZaZ Animation Pack 6.07+ (6.11+ suggested) UIExtensions (not, Extended UI) SexLab 1.6.1+ OR SexLab 1.59c with PapyrusUtil 3.1 overwriting. Racemenu 3.4.4 OR NiOverride 3.4.4 FNIS 5.4+ AND THEN RUN IT AFTER INSTALLING SGO3.


    New Features of SGO3
    This is a 100% new codebase.
    Upgrading From SGO2 to SGO3
    How to perform a reasonably safe and clean upgrade.

    Feature List
    All the things this mod does.

    My Body Is Not Scaling
    Here we go again.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Please check this list before hitting the support thread.
    Race Milk Powers
    What the milks do for alchemy and cooking.

    Modding API
    How you can alter the way Soulgem Oven operates without editing any of it.
    2016-11-24 - v310 - Happy Thanksgiving Gobble Me

    holy fak have i been sitting on this update for a while. .

    detect a character's gender if it has sos applied to it - meaning attempting to detect tg/futa automatically better. code to make this happen contributed by cetuximab.

    determine who is pitching and who is catching during sex - meaning attempting to prevent futas from inseminating themsevles and other weird things like that. code to make this happen contributed by tanookitamatachi.

    if those two features make your day better please thank those two community minded incubators for contributing the code two months ago. both are features i have been putting off for forever.

    stats tracking. sgo now tracks how many gem stages a character has incublated, how many they have birthed, how much milk they have produced, how many milks have been milked, how many gems have been inserted, how many gems have been transferred, how many gems were conceived naturally.

    stats page in mcm to view gamewide sums.

    stats option on wheel menu to view per character stats.

    per character achivements:
    ~ Moo Moo - Milk 100 bottles of milk - character will produce milk 10% faster.
    ~ Incubator - Grow 100 levels worth of gems - character will grow gems 10% faster.
    ~ Unbirthing - Insert 100 gems - character max gems increased by 1

    milk should drop from the front of the character rather than pop out their ass.

    weight scale dampener options. looks at the characters current weight (think: racemenu weight slider) to dampen the math that does the scaling of the belly and the breasts a bit. this will help prevent characters which are max weight from having breasts the size of jarl balgruuf's ego while characters at min weight from having little effect. the result should be that bellys and breasts scale more reasonable across the board.




  11. Solitude Home Relit

    This is a personal edit I did to Mak's "Solitude Home" house to redo all of the lighting to better fit in with how things look when using ELFX. All lights come from actual light sources, rather than the traditional ghost lighting system that was common in games for so long. Over all this makes the house darker, more mysterious, and a lot less flat. The I love this house because it has lots of crap in it, but you can actually walk around without running into all the crap. It was designed very well.
    The last update to this mod was in 2013, and there are no permissions on the file that says I cannot do this. I also sent a message to the original author over a month ago to check for permission without a reply. I only take credit for making the lighting better. The layout, the features, the clutter, the over all making a cool place to live, is all credit to Makaro.
    TL;DR Basically, I ELFX'd the house and fixed a few game breaking dirty entries. But you do not need ELFX to use this. Just the original mod.





    I also removed the door to the cave, first because he never finished it, second, because that cave will lag your game out to hell. Dunno what glitch it has, but its terribad. There was literally nothing in there anyway other than a chest full of gold you couldn't even pick up. Additionally, I removed a handful of dirty edits that I noticed, so you shouldn't have any of the issues people mentioned in the comments on the original mod.
    Warning, the entrance of this house is *inside* Solitude. That means there may be compatibility issues. I do not run any mods that alter cities very much so I have noticed no problems.
    The original Solitude Home by Makaro.

    Install the original Solitude Home. Install this version overwriting the ESP.

    (map from the Elder Scrolls Wikia)




  12. Handcuff Bracelets

    You have the right to remain sexy.
    Flaunt your freedom with these broken symbols of not freedom and let the world know you are just a bit kinky.
    Craft bracelets from handcuffs which are laying around everywhere in The Commonwealth. You can craft left wrist, right wrist, or both wrist. They use slot 51 which CreationKit labels as "Ring" because all the other slots are used by bags n shit. They are craftable under the UTILITY category of the Chemlab since all the Hot Topics seem to have been obliterated.
    Under no circumstances is this to be uploaded to any other sites by anyone other than me.



  13. Molotov Cocktail Nerf

    Mazel Tov Molotov
    This mod lowers the explosion direct damage radius and removes the stagger effect from molotov cocktails. You should now be able to fight raiders without accidentally picking up your keyboard and beating your mother with it. The fire damage and damage over time is unchanged.
    First I looked at trying to make people throw grenades less - but all the CombatStyles have Throw set to 0... all of them... So then I said fuck it, and did a little research based on some common sense and probably getting me on a few national security watch lists. Molotovs don't really have that forceful of an explosion. And they sure as hell shouldn't 1 shot you... They are incendiaries, they light shit on fire. They don't explode with the force of a super mutant that ate ten million cans of beans.

    Under no circumstances is this to be uploaded to any other sites by anyone other than me.



  14. All Followers Range

    You There. Take Point.
    Makes all followers range ahead similar to how Dogmeat does. Handy for making them be the tank too by having them be the ones enemies see first. Also gets them out of the way more which was a pain in the ass since I play in third person. I usually go solo but I have been told they say funny shit so I started dragging them around.


    The game doesn't always make them always be in front as well as Elizabeth in Bioshock Infinite, but it's better than having them derping around behind, IMHO.
    Under no circumstances is this to be uploaded to any other sites by anyone other than me.



  15. Take Your Cores

    This mod automatically pulls all Fusion Cores out of your power armor when you get out of it. It has two modes, timer (default) and distance. Because we have no MCM yet for Fallout, you will have to update and change its settings through the console. Don't worry, I've made it easy. See the Settings section for more info.


    Timer Mode
    Gives you the cores from the power armor X seconds after getting out of the frame. This mode is the default. Note that pulling the core before the shut down sound finishes, causes the shut down sound to stop. See the settings section for more info if you are using shorter animations or longer sounds, and you wish to hear it.

    Distance Mode
    Gives you the cores from the power armour after you walk X meters away from the frame. This allows you to keep the core in while staying nearby to do your charisma checks or whatever, and hopping back in without having to reinsert. Or if you are Eric and apparently constantly just accidentally jump out of your armor on accident. Honestly depending on feedback distance mode will probably become the default in future versions.

    Because we have no MCM all settings are done through changing variables from the console. The pattern looks like this:

    set VariableName to Value


    So you literally type set, the variable name, the word to, and then the value you wish to set. Then hit enter.
    Switch to Timer Mode set PALockMode to 1

    Switch to Distance Mode set PALockMode to 2

    Timer Mode: delay before removing core. (in seconds) set PALockDelay to 5.5 This is the value (5.5) I use for Car Sounds for Power Armor, the most immersive mod on the Nexus, to get that beep beep at the end. If you aren't using that mod you might as well just go throw your power armor in the ocean and give up ever being accepted in the Atom Cats.

    Distance Mode: Distance before removing core. (in meters) set PALockDist to 8


    Update Notes and Instructions
    Because we have no MCM I have included two bat files with the mod. Every Time You Update you should run the PALockUpdate file, and if you want to reset the options to defaults then you can run the PALockReset file. These are TXT files which sit next to the ESP file, if you care to inspect them.

    Under no circumstances is this to be uploaded to any other sites by anyone other than me.



  16. Double Barrel Shotgun Suppressor/Silencer

    Because why the hell not?
    Everything about it is exactly like the Combat Shotgun suppressor. Only on the Double Barrel Shotgun. Also using the word silencer so people searching poorly can find it.
    Kill raiders with a gun that looks like Wall-E.
    The End.
    Under no circumstances is this to be uploaded to another site by anyone other than me.



  17. Sandman Kills Give XP

    I Will Cut You
    Where does that knife even come from?
    Sandman kills now give XP like they should have. It scales with your Agility and other perks using this formula:
    (iXPRewardKillOpponent * (Agility / 10)) + WhateverTheGameGiftsYouViaOtherPerksAndRandomAndShit
    The vanilla game iXPRewardKillOpponent = 20, so my Agility 4 character should have been gifted 8xp for that kill, she got 13 because of Int and whatever else. I feel this is on-par with generic kills where I seem to get anywhere from 6 to 16xp, plus rewarding you for high agility and having been able to successfully sneak up on someone.
    There is no ESP for this mod. The Sandman perk uses a script fragment to perform the kill which in it, hilariously uses the Skyrim StartVampireFeed function, followed by a 3 second delay, and then the Kill function, which is why the vanilla game gives no XP. This mod should be compatible with everything, unless it modifies that one perk entry point fragment, which I seriously doubt will ever happen. This also means it should scale with any mods that dick with the XP giving like lower xp or higher xp or whatever.
    Under no circumstances is this mod to be uploaded to any other site by anyone other than me.



  18. Untamed

    Build Your Pack.
    Command Your Pack.
    That Was Dramatic.
    This mod aims to handle two main gameplay mechanics:
    Nude Play.
    How do you play nude and be a tank without getting slaughtered? Every time you lay with a beast you get stronger, more resilient, you will find yourself not depending on armour for too long. The whole reason I came up with this was because the game does not put your armor back on after you revert from werewolf form, and I got super tired of equipping it. Obviously, the logical solution was to make the game so I can play without armor.
    Animal Companion / Pack Mentality.
    Beasts will follow and fight for you. The more experience you gain with them the more you will be able to control and use the pack. From the start you get the Mating Call shout which will charm any of the animals who heard it, and perhaps engage in some sexy times. Just as you get stronger by the beast, so does the beast by you. They will get stronger in a similar mechanic as you do for nude play the more time you spend with them.
    Current Version: untamed-124
    Recent versions added:
    IF you encounter any issues, I highly suggest you MCM > Untamed > Repair > Reset Mod !!!Settings!!! before posting about it on the forum.

    Added Optional File: dc-untamed-stfu-wolf.zip This is an extra ESP which will greatly reduce the number of times Wolves howl. By default there was like a 30% chance they would howl every 20 fucking seconds. Now its like 5% every 2 minutes.

    [124] (From Lost 123) Adds Catch Up Mode (default on) - This allows you to level beasts up to your level faster. If you are super high level taming a new beast, the new beast get the difference of half the Untamed levels between you and it each encounter, until the math no longer works and it just goes back to 1 level per boink.

    [124] Switches back to the clone method of taming to attempt to prevent vanishing animals. You probably won't care. Unless your animals were vanishing. [[this only affects newly tamed animals. existing ones still have the possiblity they could vanish on cell reset or something]]

    [124] Fixes "Post Sex Heal" option in the MCM. The problem with this option was that everyone thought it did something different than what it did. What it used to do was heal everyone to full after sex with a beast, including the beast. What everyone thought it did was disable the Beastial Health and Beastial Stamina buffs which increase heal and stamina rates. So now it disables Beastial Health and Beastial Stamina. You will no longer get those rate buffs after your current ones expire, with that option disabled.

    [124] Fixes buffs "Thick Hide" and "Arcane Breeding" - these buffs no longer stack with chest armor. It should still stack with chest clothing though. Basically if you are wearing anything with the ArmorCuirass keyword, it wont stack. These buffs are only to support naked and mage play, as was the intention by design since day one. [she says, 24 releases later]


    SkyUI SexLab UIExtensions FNIS Creature Pack If you are not leveling, PapyrusUtil 2.8 or newer. This is probably due to your SexLab being old or you installed SOS because SOS is bad.

    Various Features
    Charm animals. Seduce Animals. Build a pack. Control your pack.

    Shouts to command the entire pack to stay, follow, or summon if they got lost.

    Heal your pack in combat via Last Stand shout and passive healing which scales off of your restoration. Heal Other on your pack! Sexy time after combat will heal all parties involved.

    Grow stronger as you run and play with your pack, strong enough to be able to shed that heavy armor and run free.

    Pack members will get stronger in the same way you get stronger when you engage sexy time with them.

    Give your animals names. Make them legend.

    Birth / Spawn little animals that will "slowly" "grow".

    Beasts can loot corpses for you.

    Aggro Management (Taunt and Cower)

    Shapeshift into an animal form (bear or cat).

    Optional Files
    These are additional files you can use. I add them when things piss me off but don't belong in the main mod for whatever reason.
    dc-untamed-stfu-wolf - lowers the chance a wolf will howl by a lot, so that they are not howling while idle every 20 goddaym seconds. they will still howl, just not as much. does not require untamed you can actually use this on its own if you want it.

    dc-untamed-stfu-spriggan - removes the buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz spriggans make just by being alive when idle. does not require untamed you can use this on its own if you want it.


    How It Works

    Building A Pack

    Untamed Level Progression

    Beasts and Beast Forms


    Frequently Asked Questions
    If the question is on here, I am probably going to stop responding if you ask me, because these are things I am getting super tired of repeating. And I mean SUPER tired.


    Suggested Other Mods
    These mods are not required, but I suggest them to make the game more interesting to play as a full on Untamed.


    Gamplay Ideas
    Here are some ideas for you to consider for your Untamed RPG experience if you are going to start a new game.


    Known Issues
    These are known problems that may not really have a solution that I can do anything about right now.


    Change Log




  19. Idiot Savant / Slut Sound - Softer and Quieter

    Current Version: 101
    This replaces the sound effects for the [idiot/Intellectual] [savant/Slut] perks. I didn't like any of the sounds that came with Idiot Slut (sorry mate) so I just internet searched around the royalty free free sounds until I found some softer less dramatic sexy moans. Then I made them even a little quieter. The result is now I don't feel like I have to turn my game volume down so low so that the perk proc isn't overbearing all the things.
    - Added silence to the beginning of the sounds to padd them so that they don't get fully overrun by all the other sounds that happen the moment you kill shit.
    - Actually increased the volume a tad on the two softest.



  20. Craft Bag of Cement

    Craft bags of concrete at the chem lab in the UTILITY category.
    1 Fibreglass 2 Asbestos+ 3 Ceramic-----------------= 1 Bag of Cement= 5 Concrete
    "Why <material>?"

    because thats what you have to deal with in the wasteland.



  21. CVRIE

    Renames her robot form to CVRIE because that is her actual name and I think that that is cute and I like CHVRCHES and I think that she is cute too the end.



  22. Skyrim OneChest

    Skyrim's Premiere Cloud Storage Provider.
    Pick a chest, any chest. Just one chest though, because it says so in the mod title. Cast OneChest Set on it and it will be accessible anywhere by casting OneChest Open.

    Your Options
    Buy the spells from the court wizards. They show up in your alteration list after learning.
    Find the spells laying around maybe as loot.
    Craft one-time-use incantations (scrolls) at the tanning rack if you'd rather not clutter up your spell list.
    Find the incantations laying around maybe as loot.
    Cheat with the console. "help onechest"

    Crafting Incantations (Scrolls)
    Set Chest: 1 Roll of Paper, 1 Inkwell, 1 Sapphire Gem
    Open Chest: 1 Roll of Paper, 1 Inkwell, 1 Blue Butterfly Wing



  23. Topaz

    All of these years, ALL OF THESE YEARS, one of the most annoying thing to me was that Skyrim had two red gems. Red (Ruby), Red (Garnet), Green (Emerald), Blue (Sapphire), Purple (Amethyst). And I mean this really bugged the shit out of me. Double so when you craft a Garnet ring out of a red gem and get a ring with an orange gem in it. Hnnnnnnngggg! I am well aware there are different coloured Garnets (and Topazen) but its pretty damn annoying when its red and then orange after crafting.
    This mod names Garnet gems to be "Topaz" and retextures them to be orange. That is all. Anything that requires Garnet as a material will report Topaz instead. Just pretend Garnet was never a thing.
    Also Skyrim modding isn't dead as long as I'm not so stop making stupid threads asking that.



  24. Mana Tanks

    This mod will control the breast size based on how much Magica, Health, or Stamina the character has. It is fully configurable via MCM. Maybe you aren't playing a mage, perhaps you're playing a shield basher. You can go into the options and tell it to use the Stamina bar instead, or even the Health bar.
    Current Version: mana-tanks-103
    You must open the Mana Tanks MCM at least once after updating to update the effect on you.

    Now uses NiOverride by default. This means it will not "conflict" with other mods using NiOverride such as RaceMenu and Soulgem Oven 3 Beta. You can change it back to NetImmerse in the MCM with the "Scale Method" slider. But don't do that, because that is stupid.


    Installing and Setup
    Install with your manager of choice. After installing for the first time, you need to open the Mana Tanks MCM menu at least once to set up the effect. Then the first time your selected power is less than full, you will see the breasts react.


    A skeleton and body/armor that has proper weight painting for the breasts. RaceMenu 3.4.4 OR NetImmers 3.4.4


    Featured In Videos


    FAQ / Stuff


    Change Log
    2015-10-22 -102 Supports both NiOverride (also default now) with a fallback for NetImmerse if you are a terrible person.




  25. Grow Tomatoes and Apples

    Grow Tomatoes and Apples
    foreach([ 'Tomato', 'Red Apple', 'Green Apple' ] as $Thing) {

    Hearthfire DLC. Without it you cannot even plant plants anyway. That is it.



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