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About This File

Hello and Welcome!



This file is another "HdtPhysicsExtensionDefaultBBP" which I *modified* for my personal tastes.

I tried finding one but it soon dawned on me, that there is not one that has piqued my interest.

(Dont get me wrong here, I found more than a handfull of them and they were good, even better than good, they were awesome! Unfortunately just not to my liking.)


NiKoRo - Explained in the description (original)

Freedom - A lot smoother and softer (original)

FVHrc0E - Enchanced butt bounciness (based on NiKoRo) (yet to be perfected)


--- A Modification, Of What Exactly?

I used two HdtPhysicsExtensionDefaultBBP.xml's as quide lines which were closest to my ideal:


http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/822-hdt-dampened/ <-- Made by "ppkkpp" Thanks to him!


-The breasts on this one were a bit too rubbery/gum-like, but the perkiness and solid bounce really stood out.

-The butt had been really shut out by dampening it to great extent, but had a solid perkiness to it.


http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/866-hdt-breast-physic-and-collision-for-sevenbase-unpunpb-cbbe-and-topmodel/ <-- Made by "clp2011" Props to him aswell!


-The breasts were very bouncy and did it for quite a while even when the character stopped moving. the bouncing itself was smooth and the breasts had a feeling of weight to them, which is rather difficult to achieve.

-The butt was rash in it's movement, it wasn't as smooth or bouncy as the breasts, but it was also very well made giving it a soft feel.


--- What Does This .xml Feel Like?


Like i said before, i made this for my personal tastes, but seeing as I did not find others of the same type, I though it might be allright to post it here. :P


- The breasts were made slightly less bouncy and wobbly than Top Model, but giving it perkier feel while still trying to remain soft.

** A 3-4 bounce with a very slight jiggle at the end

** Dampening to make sure the breasts dont rip or deform in fast moving actions. (Crouching and jumping.)

** A slight sway/rippling when walking or running. (NOTE! heavily depends on the animation, might not do this with defaults!)


- The butt was given alot "mushier" feel than Top Model, with added soft jiggling.

** A 1-2 bounce with smooth settling

** Dampening to make it feel soft and "mushy"-like

** Very slight wobbling when walking or running, the effect is gorgeous on big butts


On a side note, I tried making this feel good with small and big bodysizes.


--- Installation


Same old copy/paste technique works, but you do need to rename the file:

As you download it, it will be named "hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP - XXX.xml"

Simply remove " - XXX from the file name, and replace your older .xml file with it, overwrite when prompted to do so.


​--- Miscellaneous And Rambling


Unfortunately, I cannot provide screenshots or videos of my work, as I am an idiot when it comes to recording devices and programs.

This is also the reason to me explaining and comparing in attempt to give an understanding of what my file actually does.


By no means do I downgrade or judge "ppkkpp"s or "clp2011"s .xml files!

They did awesome work but as I have stated, it's due to my personal preference!


Give credit to where it's due, to "ppkkpp" and "clp2011". Without them I would've not gotten this built!

Give feedback and such, if you dont understand, or have trouble using this, or plan on modifying this, or just simply like it. That would be awesome actually!


Oh, and if I dont answer within the first day or two, apologies on my part:

Im usually on every third day or so, a few times a week, but I'll give an answer when I notice I am needed!


And last but not least, this is my first upload on Loverslab, so please be gentle with me, I'll try to do the same.


[EDIT 2014 8th day of the 4th month]


Bugfixing and Optimising, A must have update if you liked the original!


- 5 Followers on the file? Amazing! I love you guys!

- Read the changelog for exact knowledge of what's been done.

- Dont be afraid to download the file, it has the same name again, because i though that as an update, I wouldn't need to rename it.


*** Im lazy and i am not afraid to show it. :P Also! starting now, I'll be taking common requests and making other HDT files out of them, sound good? great! Then start suggesting things! Might take a while to make/change them though, so have a bit of patience in reserve when requesting something. Okay? Awesome, thanks!


[EDIT 2014 22nd day of the 4th month]


New optional file is out! For those whom like a bit more jiggle!


- 7 Followers? Are you serious!? Thanks guys!

- Changelog is your friend again, to see and read what has been changed in the new file.

- This time it's called "Freedom", Install as instructed before.


*** No requests so far, I'll take it that you guys like the file! Yeah... That's what I'll do! Anyway, i was off for longer than i said i was going to be, sorry about that. "The Guy Upstairs" decided I am not allowed to go home for a few weeks, and that's that. But i should be officially back, And for good this time. So I'll be sticking around more closely and see how things are! Allright? Thanks!


[EDIT 2014 30th day of the 4th month]


New requested optional file added to the list and optimizing the other two, + There's a surprise addition for all 3 files, can you find it? Yayy!


- 12 Followers!? This is growing out of hand guys! Stop... Actually please don't! Thanks fellas!

- Read the changelog, I dare you! Lots of things on it this time!

- The new file is named as "FVHrc0E" after it's requester, TEST FILE, keep that in mind, Okay?


*** Well damn, 3 files done and I am just getting pumped up... Not even parking tickets can bring me down now! Unless they cost 60€. Ouch! In any case all bugs and greenie meanie glitchies should be fixed in NiKoRo and Freedom, Unless someone points something out. AGAIN! Take care guys! Thanks for the attention! Cya!

What's New in Version 1.32017


  • *** 30.4.2014 >> New Request-File is out!
  • --- A separate file called FVHrc0E is free for the taking!
  • --- TEST VERSION! because it ain't finished till the customer says so.
  • --- Allowed more butt deforming, as requested.
  • --- Gave the butt more power, making it jiggle slightly longer.
  • --- >> Optimized Freedom
  • --- Allowed a bit more sway to breasts and butt, again, yes, again.
  • --- Added springs to apply slightly smoother bouncing. A very minor change.
  • --- >> Collision Support!
  • --- Added collision support for NiKoRo, Freedom and FVHrc0E. Surprise! Didn't surprise you? Damn... Well I tried yeah?
  • *** 22.4.2014 >> New File is out!
  • --- A separate file called Freedom is out!
  • --- Added larger areas of movement for both breasts and butt.
  • --- Made jiggling last longer for both as well.
  • --- Allowed breasts to have more sideways sway. Yup, definitely a yes!
  • --- Allowed slight deforming of butt to get smoother jiggle effects.
  • *** 8.4.2014 >> New version with the same same, because why not.
  • --- Fixed the immersion breaking buttshake, yuck! How'd I miss that!
  • --- Optimized constrictions of the breasts and butt. You know what this means.
  • --- Added a bit more sway to both, hopefully a good thing!
  • --- Added a bit more softness. To make staring more hypnotizing.

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