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Orangewood Cove - A For-Rent Apartment for Poor, Druggy Sims 1.0.0

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Do you like torturing your Sims? Have your Sims been a bit down on luck? Well, do we have the apartment complex for you! Orangewood Cove is a hovel ran by a slumlord, with guaranteed black mold and bugs! Each unit comes completely unfurnished asides from the bathrooms and kitchen to guarantee your sim runs out of money. Have kids? No problem! All units have two bedrooms and two bathrooms, with a water heater in the front bedroom, guaranteeing your kids get brain damage! Or roomies! The popcorn ceiling has asbestos, guaranteed! Rats in the bushes, algae in the pool, and methlords bathing in the hot tub comes at no extra cost! Neighbors? Up to the landlord! You may get crackheads beating eachother at 3 in the morning, or alcoholics hosting a rager in front of the pool! The nice furnishing in the leasing office was from a long-bygone era before it became a slum. Ah, memories...
First of all, this has a LOT of pack requirements, listed on the download page under 'Requirements.' I'd recommend Basemental Drugs and Basemental Addons for the lot traits, but neither is needed to function. Other than that, there's zero CC! It's mainly unfurnished so you can put your CC furniture, or any furniture, really. I must stress FOR RENT is a hard requirement due to the lot type! I'd also consider City Living, High School Years, and Laundry Day hard requirements. Everything else is replaceable. I should add, Jungle Adventure has a lot of floors and ceilings used in this, but it won't break if you don't have it.


Second of all, PLEASE FEEL FREE to TAG ME in uses and screenshots of this! I don't mind, and even APPRECIATE it! thank you!

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