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Note: I am now condensing similar mods into one same category download master thread, to suit some particular members at LL, due to some of my mods contain sensitive contents. I will condense all mods in the future continuously. 



I have been professionally diagnosed by doctors with Dissociative Identity Disorder, which was caused by early childhood repetitive severe traumas, including sexual, physical and psychological abuse. Making all of these trauma-based contents, had been a journey for me, whilst seeing my psychologist every week, my psychiatrist every month, my recovery coach every month, my support worker every week, my support coordinator once in a while and my occupational therapist frequently. I take psychiatric meds daily, have frequent hospitalizations and frequent appointments. I am on full-time permanent disability for the seventh year now in 2023 and been homeless once in 2020 November. I am on disability support income currently. (Entirely From Sexual Abuse Survivor's Inspirations)


Here is a Massive Mostly Trauma-Based Careers Collection from August to October 2023 mods. We (INFINITESEQ, H-Core, Suffering Angel, EPK1-23, Polyfractal) have made this Wiki webpage to explain the details (if need further help, seek support thread): https://polyfractalwiki.wordpress.com/


If you love my free mods, please support my partner HERE. I am her third partner. 





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