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Note: I am now condensing similar mods into one same category download master thread, to suit some particular members at LL, due to some of my mods contain sensitive contents. I will condense all mods in the future continuously. 


Unattractive System Collection Contains:

Reward traits, must apply for both parties and cheated via shift clicking your active sim, cheat sim info, add trait.


  1. Unattractive System: Obese Body Mod (Reward Traits) - Sims Being 600-1000 Pounds
  2. Unattractive System: Big Breasts Mod (Reward Traits) - Beyond Average Sized Boobs
  3. Unattractive System: Fat Body Mod (Reward Traits) - Sims Who Are at least Over 150 Pounds
  4. Unattractive System: Pubic Hair Mod (Reward Traits) - Sims Who Dislikes Pubic Hair


If you love my free mods, please support my partner HERE. I am her third partner. 



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