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Easel Art Catalog - Paint Anything! (v1.1) 1.1 (Build_20240229)

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We all know how annoying can it be to hunt down and paint all the  different paintings that are available in-game (of which there are  hundreds of!)... but your sim keeps painting stuff you already have...  so to alleviate this pain, let me present you...


This new "Paint from Catalog" pie menu option lets sims choose  and craft any In-Game paintings on the easel, that are available at their present Painting skill level... so no more scraping and re-starting, you're in full charge of what your sim will paint!


To unlock this feature your sim needs to fulfill at least one of the following requirements:

  • Have an at least Lvl.5 active Painter Career.
  • Reached at least Lvl.8 Painting Skill.
  • Purchased any relevant Painters' Reference Guide Books.
    (they can be bought from: Purchase Books > Skill for §1.000 each)
  • Purchased Rob Russ' Magic Deluxe Easel.
    (can be bought from: Build Buy > Activities and Skills > Creative for §25.000)

Once your sim met one (or more) of these conditions, you'll see more themes and options getting unlocked.

Some notes:

  • This feature was originally part of Sensual Studio, but due to its popularity - and the fact that some people don't want NSFW stuff in their game - I've decided to completely separate it from Sensual Studio, and make it its own completely standalone mod.
    Subsequently, this SFW 'Paint from Catalog' feature is now removed from Sensual Studio, as of version 3.0b, so if you have Sensual Studio installed as well,
    please update it, so there's no possible compatibility issues.
  • The Painter Reference Guide Books don't need to be read to unlock the relevant paintings on the Easel, it's enough if your sim has them in their personal or bookshelf inventory, or even if it's just placed somewhere on the lot.
  • While the Rob Russ' Magic Deluxe Easel unlocks all options straight away, there are still some necessary level requirements in place where needed. (for example, the Surrealism option unlocks only at Painting skill Lvl.5, simply because there's no in-game surrealist painting that is available to paint below that level.)

The Paint from Catalog option is also compatible with any third party  paintings replacer mods you might have, so no worries there!


Apart from the English default, localization is also available for the following languages:

🇨🇳 Chinese translation by ABonnie

🇨🇿 Czech translation by phetrick

🇫🇷 French translation by Angelus75

🇩🇪 German translation by Jorak84

🇯🇵 Japanese translation by Kurzweil

🇷🇺 Russian translation by pumpkin4u

🇪🇸 Spanish translation by RoshySims


Please note that these third party translations are not made/maintained by me, I only link to them.
Always check if the translation is updated for the latest version, otherwise you could end up with missing/mismatched text.



2024-FEB-29: Tested and working with TS4 game versions 1.105.332 or later
(Please note that this does not mean that this mod doesn't possibly work with game versions older than that - it most likely will - I just can not guarantee that it will work perfectly.)



2024-FEB-29 ~ Easel Art Catalog Mod Framework updated to ver. 1.1

IMPORTANT: If you already have this mod from MTS, and you're updating the mod from v1.0a, make sure to DELETE the following 3 files from the mod's directory, as they are no longer needed by this new version:

  1. PECO_Easel_Art_Catalog_DLC_EP04_Cats_&_Dogs.package
  2. PECO_Easel_Art_Catalog_DLC_EP08_Discover_University.package
  3. PECO_Easel_Art_Catalog_DLC_GP01_Outdoor_Retreat.package


patch-compatibility.png.20a2c4886620422701462eae56e039a2.pngINSTALLING THE MOD

-IMPORTANT:- When updating the MOD FILES to a newer version, always overwrite older files when prompted to.

  1. Download the latest mod version by clicking the #DOWNLOAD THIS FILE# button.
  2. Unzip it with 7zip or other compatible zip/rar software.
  3. Copy the whole "Easel Art Catalog Mod" folder AS IT IS straight into your Sims4 "Mods" folder.
    THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, as the PECO_Easel_Art_Catalog.ts4script file can not be more than one folder deep within the Mods folder!
  4. Make sure you've enabled both "Content and Mods" and "Script Mods" in the game's Game Options > Other settings.
  5. Done!



Feedback is always appreciated!
If you liked this mod, found a bug or in general have something to say,
you can leave a comment in the mod's official forum thread.


translation.png.03e18f9c504fb50d2a8d424521bc602d.pngFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:

  • Q: Does this mod works with XY painting replacers?
    A: This mod is totally independent, it does not replace or override anything, so yes, it should be compatible with ANY and ALL other painting mods.
  • Q: Why are the thumbnails for some paintings just flat images instead of the default 3d ones in the Paint from Catalog picker dialogs?
    A: This not technically a bug, but more of an in-game limitation and only affects the object thumbnails in the picker dialog, and not the paintings themselves.
    (To explain it a more in-depth: the picker dialog can only render thumbnails for existing objects, and paintings are one of the few craftable objects that do not technically exist until the crafting process is actually started by the sim. Basically all paintings are just empty canvases until the crafting interaction applies a texture to them, so if I would have gone and let them use the default auto-generated thumbnails, then all of them would have just shown up as an empty canvas in the picker dialog... which would literally defeat the whole purpose of having a picker... And while I could have "cheated" and pre-render a thumbnail for each painting to circumvent this, that would have killed compatibility with third party painting replacer mods - which are quite popular. Maybe there's a way around this - i dunno - but it's definitely something above my present skill level to solve, so I suppose this is a minor cosmetic annoyance you just have to live with ?)


 For personal use only.

✘ DO NOT re-distribute this mod or any parts of it on LoversLab or other 3rd party sites.

✘ DO NOT include this mod in bundles. Just link to this site please.



Edited by PECO.
2024-03-06: Updated link to ​🇵🇱 Polish translation.

What's New in Version 1.1 (Build_20240229)   See changelog


Mod updated for game patch 1.105.332

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