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  1. Colored Labia and Nipple Tattoos

    Tattoos for coloring in the detailed female bottom made by CHboom!. Channels to recolor the lips, interior, vagina, and anus. Comes with 3 presets.
    Plus nipple tattoos for when you don't want to edit a whole skin.
    You need cmar's "Expanded Tattoo Locations" to place these properly.
    There are 2 tattoos in the package, "upper" and "lower". You need both for the proper effect.
    The "upper" tattoo is a PUBIC tattoo meant to be at MINIMUM SIZE.
    The "lower" tattoo is a LEFT BUTTCHEEK tattoo meant to be at MAXIMUM SIZE.

    There are 2 tattoos in the package, "A" and "B". You need both for the proper effect. These are meant to be LAYERED in one tattoo, one for the nipple and a larger one under it for the areola. They are very slightly offset from each other, so if one isn't lining up the way you want, try switching them.



  2. Fantasy Genitalia

    Edits of fantasy skins by Niobe Cremisi to have fantasy penis skins attached. Both male and female skins are edited.



  3. Replacement for Oniki's Undies

    Replacement for Oniki's Undies from KinkyWorld
    Just replace ONIKI_Undies.package



  4. Enhanced Bodies for All Ages and Genders + Penis + Male underwear bulges + Sliders

    Boys and girls! Allow me to offer you my version of improved geometry meshes for sims bodies.
    I wish men's bottoms looked nice too, and not like square blocks.
    I was inspired by the great work on female anatomy by the author CHboom!
    I have been working for a long time on creating improved geometry for male bodies. I hope this work will please you!
    I took as a source many of your works (I can't list all the respected authors here, whose work I used, I just don't remember) as well as the works of the respected Cmar and carefully reworked and combined them into several packages.
    This archive includes male and female geometries, male penis, completely new bulges for male underwear from the standard game and all add-ons, as well as penis sliders and rigs, also many custom body sliders. All geoms have all seams, texture referrers, bone weights and normal maps rechecked. SexyFeet is also included in the pack.
    Important note:
    This is default replacements mesh mod. You can only have one default replacement mod per mesh.
    This mod won't interfere with other mods and shouldn't cause any major issues, but if you don't check for other default replacements for nude body meshes, you might not see changes to sim bodies.
    Please, when testing this pack, make sure you remove ALL default custom geometries from your mods folder. Including fixes of male and female top and bottoms, all penis mods, all muscle fixes and similar mods. You need to remove all default replacements geometry mods from Cmar, bulges, muscle fixes, penis mods of all ages. You will no longer need them as they are included in this pack, slightly tweaked or completely redone.
    Or just put my files in the override mod folder.
    You are free to use my work as you wish and where you wish. Many thanks to all for all your work, and thanks to everyone who wants to test mine. And sorry for the mistakes, I'm not good at English.



  5. af Goddess Mesh Heaven

    This is Swimwear but can be used for anything, even questionable carrier choices.  Made on the Goddess Body so go easy on the Body Sliders. 



  6. af Goddess Daisey Duke - revisited

    Yes, Daisey Duke revisited. On the Goddess Body this time.  She has some high-cut Shorts with folded cuffs & a Tied shirt. A little higher quality.  FYI: the Goddess body is very sensitive with body sliders and you most likely won't need or want them.



  7. af Sexy Future Formal 2

    Just a sexy, shear, lacy, outfit with an ample use of highly polished metal. 



  8. Leather Crop Jacket & Low-Riders

    This is for Both Adult and Teen Females.  They are separate Tops & Bottoms and use EA matched Body Meshes 



  9. Hall of Records Building

    This is a building you put on your lot. It is recolorable, has a fairly small footprint, and includes the Rabbit Hole Door.  It will also accept the Jynx's Rabbit Hole Door.
    As with placing any door into a Shell Building... you must have TestingCheatsEnabled True, and MoveObjects On, in order to place the Rabbit Hole Door properly. 



  10. Conant Science & Industry Labs Building

    This is a recolorable building to place on your lot. It has a small footprint, is high resolution , and includes the Rabbit Hole Door. it will also fit Jynx's Rabbit Hole Doors. It also is accented with Neon. 



  11. 2023 Ferrari Daytona Sp3

    Another day, another Ferrari ladies and gentlemen, I gave you the 2023 Ferrari Daytona Sp3 for the sims 3 for more Ferrari and other cars look at the profile page or the links below



  12. Theater in the Round

    is a small Theater building. It is NOT a LOT! You place this on your lot.  Recolorable with 3-Color Chanels.
    One of those rare builds where Sims seem to flock to it.  It is a glass-domed Old Round Barn converted by the locals into a theater.  It has an I-MAX TV that functions as any TV would - even through the glass dome.
    It comes with the building (SHELL) and the Rabbit Hole door that will make the Theaters name show up in the bubble tags. 
    The Shell is found in Build mode, Community Objects, Buildings.  The Door is found in Build Mode, Doors.
    Although you can place either the Building or doors initially - you cannot place both together without "TestingCheatsEnabled on" and "Moveobjects on".
    The front opening of the building is wide open and designed to take three (3) doors - side-by-side. You do not need a wall to place the doors as everything was designed to snap together... just use "Moveobjects on".
    First Place the Rabbit Hole Door in the center slot then place the others. The other openings were designed for the "Modern SLAT" double door. 
    The Floor Plan is "Open and allows ample space to decorate the floor, Put Plants, Furniture, added lighting... what have you. 
    The building will not vanish and doesn't have levels... it's a Shell. It doesn't have food or a bathroom. Part of a series of Buildings being made for my new World.



  13. af Goddess Gee-Wiz String Bikini

    This outfit uses the new Goddess body. It is Adult only. 



  14. The Goddess "Borat" Swimwear

    An outfit made on my new Goddess body. Both Adult and teen.  Let me know what you think of the augmentations. 



  15. Italdesign Da Vinci for sims 3

    Hello, again have you heard about Da Vinci no not the book, I mean the car well here it is the sims 3 Italdesign Da Vinci, you can park another Italdesign outside the gallery for more stuff have a look at links below or the sims 3 section or my profile.



  16. Pininfarina H2 for sims 3

    Good day to all it has been a while, let’s get down to business today we have a carbon neutral vehicle for your sims. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the sims 3 Pininfarina H2 for more stuff have a look at links below or the sims 3 section or my profile.



  17. Stereo High-End Retro-Modern

    Stereo High-End Retro-Modern - 

    Has Klipsch Studio Speakers with "Gabriels Own" Horns and Dome Tweeters.  A nice addition is the Harmon-Kardon Vinal Turntable.  Housed in a fine Red-Oak enclosure with horn supports as high Polished Mirrored chrome.
    A fully functional High-End Audiophile's Dream!



  18. City Green Forest

    The last city of my authorship at the moment. Not populated, not built up, but, as usual, all the necessary lots are attached in the "lots" folder. You can upload them and place them in the city at your discretion (EXCEPTION: BEACH, LAGOON AND WATER LILY PARK). If you place them incorrectly, the landscape of the town will be disturbed. Have a nice game if you liked the town! 
    P/S/ My version of the game is 1.67, all addons (I don't know if the town will work if there is no addon).



  19. Stargate Atlantis Set 1

    Stargate Atlantis Set 1
    BTW - MOST... means most every object was made using a Base-Game Doner so - should work with any Sims World or game configuration. There is also a ZIP file containing all Packages to ease total Download efforts. 
    This set consists of 25 Items/objects plus a bonus of “Skull” Texture (for any object) and Terrain Paint for large ground coverage) – a total of 27 items. High-Rez images were used to assemble these objects.  Some objects are the same but different sizes; some are the same but come in left & right variations.  I’ll note below. All objects are NEON and glow brightly at night.
    The Stargate:

     This is the Atlantis version of the Stargate. All is recolorable.
     The Stargate IRIS:

    If you’re Smart – you have an IRIS!
    Three Iris’ are in this set. One the standard Iris you see to the left; one that is a transparent Gem; and one that is the Hall Deck of Thor’s Ship. These are not recolorable.
    The Dialing Device 1:

     Can’t Dial Home without one of these!
    Recolorable and 2 variations of this style.

    The Dialing Device 2:
     This is more along the lines of what you’d expect around Atlantis.

    The Mirrored Triangle:

     This Ornament has a mirrored center section with the Eye of RA floating in its center. The Eye, mirror,  and Bronze facing are not recolorable but everything else is.  Yes, that’s Egyptian Hieroglyphs’…

    The Pass Gate:

     The Pass Gate is exactly that – a Marker to begin or end your Journey.  The lettering seems to be written in an Ancient form of the G’ould dialect – for some reason.
    The Column 1 & 2:
     These Columns, #1 for a single floor and #2 for a 2-story, are recolorable except for the Gold Trim which is optimized to reflect a dark chamber lit by torch. They are Tapered and are set so they show nicely from both sides of the wall or all by themselves. They have a bright Neon insert illuminating the inscriptions. The Inscription and Trim are separate color channels and both are NEON.
    The Wall Tablet:

     Found behind a Dialing device, it’s said to contain the instructions for using the Stargate system. Two NEON color channels for Text and one for the frame. 100% recolorable. 
    Crystal Growth 1 & 2:

     Number 1 is Tall, number 2 is ½ height. The white crystals you see below are set as Gems and are recolorable – but, as Gems, do not color well. The main Spire and smaller crystals are set as either Phong Alpha or Subtractive Shadders so the lightness of the color plays with the output color… only way to get them translucent/transparent to my liking. Each is recolorable.
    The Glow Tree:

     The Glow Tree is large… and it Glows!
    A bit Gnarly and twisted, but still puts out a nice NEON glow when fully grown.  There are two types grown – a left and a right.

     The bulreeds have a natural path worn through the center. Even if not on a path – a Sim can walk through this stuff. 
    It comes in both a NEON and Normal version.
    The Glow Plant 1 & 2:

    Number 1 is tall, number 2 is short. There are faint neon veins running through the large leaves and a neon ball/flower at the top.  
     Glow Flower 1 & 2

    Number 1 is tall, number 2 is short.  These do not have any foliage with the flowers. All recolorable except the stalk. All is NEON except the stalk. Takes a Pattern very nice.
    NEON Flowers 3 & 4

    Number 3 is taller than number 4. Both objects flowers are 100% NEON and recolorable. Takes a Pattern fantastic and is very high resolution. 
    The NEON Bush A, B, & C

    You’d think you would find this growing in any Desert but it lights up at night. The leaves and center bulb are recolorable, the center is Neon.
    This comes in three (3) sizes from taller than a Sim to at a Sim’s knees. The Trunk of this thick succulent cannot be recolored though.
    SKULL Pattern & Terrain Paint:

    Really… Nuff Said.



  20. Household Blake

    Blake's House for the Sims 3 game. Contains additional materials. Along with them comes a house that matches the theme of the family. The house is not fully built up, only a small part. The download is given in three types:
    1. Family only
    2. Family with a house
    3. Separate house When downloading the family, do not forget to add the package file to the folder with mods (the hairstyle of one of the girls goes in this format).



  21. Water city

    Another small town for the Sims 3 game. I did it on the middle card. The city is not built up, but all the lots from the screenshots are attached in the "lots" folder. You can build them up or create your own. Game version 1.67, all addons. I don't know if the city will work if you don't have an addon.



  22. City Free Island

    Another town of my authorship for the Sims 3 game. The version of the game is not lower than 1.67, all additions. I don't know if it will work if you don't have an addon.
    Now a little bit about downloading:
    1. The city is not built up, but most of the lots needed for it can be found in the "lots" folder. If desired, they can be downloaded and placed in the city. Be careful, my lots contain additional materials.
    2. If you want the city to look like in the screenshots, first upload all the lots, and then place them so that the name of the lot completely coincides with the name of the plot.
    3. The city is not inhabited, but in the "family" folder there are several ready-made families that I created for my game. If desired, these families can also be downloaded and placed in the city. Attention! My families also contain additional materials.
    Enjoy it if you like the city.



  23. Home is a private corner of Paradise

    Big house for sims 3 (lot size 50/50). Has additional content.



  24. House Egypt

    House of Egypt for the Sims 3 game. Contains additional content. The lot size is 30/30.



  25. House of Sims

    Home for Sims 3. Contains additional content. The lot size is 40/40.



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