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The Main contributor to this project wishes to remain anonymous.  I do want to thank them for contributing all the Mesh Objects and original Graphics from the Fallout Game.  All the Objects are reduced about 70% from their originals so a lot of detail has been lost. The Sims 3 is one of the first 32 bit games - after all. 


Now, on to the main course!


There are Seven (7) Armor Suit Sets.

  1. Powersuit
  2. Enclave Powersuit
  3. Enclave Hellfire Powersuit
  4. T-45 Powersuit
  5. T-51 Powersuit
  6. NCR Pwersuit
  7. Sierra Scorched Powersuit


In CAS the first slot is the Original Suit from the Fallout game. Occasionally you will find slot one in CAS has one, or two, color channels active. This is for the "Meat" of the suits, the suit joints, or lights, etc. on helmets. The second and subsequent slots are the fully (mostly) recolorable Objects. 


Every Object included is set for nearly all CAS categories. 

Naked, Child imagination, Preg, Random are not set. 


Each Armor Suit Set is in its own ZIP folder. Just unpack into its own folder then place the entire folder into your Sims 3/Mods/Packages folder of your Game. 


All Object Donors are from the Base Game.

If you have modified your CAS - The Gloves may be under RINGS, the Helmets under Earrings, and the Backpacks under Necklaces all in Accessories.


Due to the mass of the suits, there is going to be some minor clipping where the hands rest at their sides. Some solid pieces became flexible, but I kept as much rigidity as possible for those components. Also, due to the tight fit of the helmets to the suit - there may be some clipping. 

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