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Enhanced Bodies for All Ages and Genders + Penis + Male underwear bulges + Sliders 4.8.0

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About This File

Boys and girls! Allow me to offer you my version of improved geometry meshes for sims bodies.

I wish men's bottoms looked nice too, and not like square blocks.

I was inspired by the great work on female anatomy by the author CHboom!

I have been working for a long time on creating improved geometry for male bodies. I hope this work will please you!


I took as a source many of your works (I can't list all the respected authors here, whose work I used, I just don't remember) as well as the works of the respected Cmar and carefully reworked and combined them into several packages.

This archive includes male and female geometries, male penis, completely new bulges for male underwear from the standard game and all add-ons, as well as penis sliders and rigs, also many custom body sliders. All geoms have all seams, texture referrers, bone weights and normal maps rechecked. SexyFeet is also included in the pack.


Important note:

This is default replacements mesh mod. You can only have one default replacement mod per mesh.


This mod won't interfere with other mods and shouldn't cause any major issues, but if you don't check for other default replacements for nude body meshes, you might not see changes to sim bodies.


Please, when testing this pack, make sure you remove ALL default custom geometries from your mods folder. Including fixes of male and female top and bottoms, all penis mods, all muscle fixes and similar mods. You need to remove all default replacements geometry mods from Cmar, bulges, muscle fixes, penis mods of all ages. You will no longer need them as they are included in this pack, slightly tweaked or completely redone.


Or just put my files in the override mod folder.


You are free to use my work as you wish and where you wish. Many thanks to all for all your work, and thanks to everyone who wants to test mine. And sorry for the mistakes, I'm not good at English.


Edited by Jvsmith

What's New in Version 4.8.0


Update in version 1.5:

1. Slightly tweaked the bulges of teens and adults.

2. Meshes of teen and adults male, as well as teen and elder female, are now compatible with pregnancy.


Update in version 2.0:

1. Adult male now has butthole.

2. Added penis package for teens, adults and older shemales - fBottomAltNude_penis.package. Works great with futanari from KinkyWorld.

3. Penis sliders redone to work with futanari penis.


Update in version 2.5:

1. Now teen and adult male has 3D nipples and bellybutton.

2. Minor fixes.


Update in version 3.0:

1.Adult and teen male nipples now morphable by same slider as female.

2.Added slider for belly button depth for adult and teen female. Located in the mouth section of CAS. Requested by users of nonstandard body skins. Need testing.

3.Added cute feet for child and toddler.

4.Minor fixes.


Update in version 3.5:

1. The adult male tops has been improved, the number of polygons has been increased. I don't really like 'Astronomically Better Breast Augmentation' by simbouquet, so I made my own version.

2. Minor fixes. Fixed gaps in the seams between the top and bottom of teen and elder females in some combinations of naked tops and bottoms with some clothes.


Update in version 3.6:

1. Slightly adjusted male tops. Waist added.

2. Minor fixes. Found some errors in the seams of the tops and bottoms in female bodies.


Update in version 3.9:

1. Fixed found errors in the seams of teenagers.
2. Futanari meshes have been slightly reworked. They also found errors.

Phew, I hope there will be no more gaps in the seams of the meshes, it turned out to be very difficult to ensure that body parts are correctly displayed in all combinations of naked body parts with different clothes.


Update in version 4.0:

1. Fixed nipple slider that messed up some bras on female teens and elders a bit.

2. Added mesh with nipples for burnt top for male teens.

3. Minor fixes


Update in version 4.2:

1. Adult female top now based on Geck.O's mesh. It has better breasts.

2. Shemale penis now rigged.

3. Minor fixes.


Update in version 4.4:

1. The rig for futanari penises has been corrected. Somehow it turned out to be wrong :)
2. Meshes for detail levels lod2 and lod3 have been reworked. 90% of users won't notice the difference, but these meshes have a significant impact on the rendering of distant objects in the game.


Update in version 4.5:

1. Added some meshes for children.

2. Various minor bugs have been fixed.


Update in version 4.6:

1. Fixed pregnant morphs for teens.

2. Fixed some bulges for adult and teen men`s underwear.


Update in version 4.7:

1. Fixed tangents for muscles definition.

2. Slightly changed bone weights for females.


Update in version 4.8:

1. Added chest sliders that KW uses.

2. Minor fixes.

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